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Morning Clicks

Michael Brown's campaign missing $113,000, some of which disappeared last year [Post]

But Brown did survive a ballot challenge [WAMU]

Howard Brooks was super snitch, probably won't get prison time as a result [Examiner]

Colby King explains how D.C. government works: "So, you know, I sort of see this [Jeff Thompson] was recycling. I mean this was money that we gave to him, and he just recycles money back out to our politicians. And they just kept giving him more contracts." [Q & A]

Somewhere Mark Plotkin is smiling, as the House votes to put a Frederick Douglass statue in the Capitol to represent D.C. [Post]

Jack Evans blames MLB for Nats' cheapness [Post]

OPEFM breaks city contracting rules the city auditor says, again [Examiner]

  • drez

    The entire Colby interview is excellent.

  • name

    Except for the transcript, which needs an editor.

  • Drez

    Is the audio available?

  • Anonymous, Too

    "KING: No. No. None at all. No scandal (of them). They were all talented people. I mean I liked the previous chief who went to Philadelphia. But I think that our current chief of police is just fine."

    Get a grip, Colby. You're supposed to be independent, not pushing the WaPo agenda, which is clearly to hobble any attempts Vince Gray is making to move forward.

  • how bout this?

    Haven't had time to read the transcript but I plan to.
    However, I already know the drill: King is carrying the water for WaPo which pays his check. He is a graduate of Dunbar HS, probably a little before Vince Gray's time, but I guess that means nothing to King. Even if the two had been busom buddy classmates, when Massa said do it, King asked is this good/bad enough for you? Independent? Not on your life. Colby King is so dependent upon his WaPo bosses, he'd probably turn on his family members if they told him to. He has forgotten who he is and thinks he has become one of them because he has a seat at the table. Does he also attend the proverbial meeting after the meeting? Bet you didn't know about those did you, Dawg?

  • Typical DC BS

    Sure how bout dis. Why don't you accuse Colby of being a "Tom" while you're at it? Because you don't believe in ethical behavior? Typical bullshit comment by bringing racist claptrap to calling out crooks for their crimes.

  • Drez

    Colby is right.