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Lorraine Green’s Daughter Vouches for Howard Brooks

In the lead up to sentencing for lying to FBI agents about making payments to Sulaimon Brown, former Gray campaign Howard Brooks has sent a letter asking to be spared jail time. "This is a fall from grace I would not wish on worst enemy," Brooks says of the punishment he's already received from having his names in the newspapers for more than a year and having pleaded guilty to a felony.

It's likely that Brooks will be granted his request. The U.S. Attorney's Office isn't seeking jail time because Brooks turned into an uber-cooperative source once the feds nailed him. It was Brooks who helped put a case on the Gray campaign's de facto treasurer, Thomas Gore.

Brooks' attorneys also submitted several letters from friends and family members vouching for Brooks' character. One letter sticks out: that from Gray campaign chairwoman Lorraine Green's daughter, Leslie Green

Leslie Green says she's known Brooks—"Mr B." as she calls him—and that he's been like a second father figure to her. "He is one of the kindest, most generous people I know and has served as a superb role model for both me and my brother," Green wrote.

It's no surprise that Leslie Green would be close to Brooks. Her mother, Lorraine Green, testified to the D.C. Council that she has a "close, personal friendship" with Brooks as well.

But the letter is a little surprising from a public relations standpoint, in light of Brown's version of events that has Green facilitating the payments from Brooks. Court records filed in Brooks' case indicate that an unidentified campaign aide—who both LL and the Post have reported is Green—knew of the payments to Brown, something Green has denied under oath.

Reached by phone today, Leslie Green confirmed she wrote the letter but declined to comment further.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • name

    No sh-- she likes him, she got her cush job at the D.C. Office of Motion Picture and Television because of his shenanigans.

  • Typical DC BS

    Hard to believe he'll do NO jail time. I knew a woman who lied to the FBI in Chicago about show horse-killings in Chicago (she was afraid of the mob members running the scam), wasn't involved or benefited but suspected something was wrong, and she got two years in the pen.

  • Truth hurts

    I'd give his atty 10 days in jail for submitting a sentencing letter from Lorraine's daughter. Duh...

  • southeast lady

    The gene pool is tainted. Who would believe her. Let us throw the bums out. No more dynasty election. The gene pool is tainted: Harry Thomas, jr. Kwame Brown, Michael Brown, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

  • Tom

    The real question is when are the going to arrest Gray for getting elected by fraudulent means? They also need to get Holmes-Norton for doing the same thing...these two politicians in DC are in power based on illegal donations and illegal shadow campaigns...but yet no one is arresting them because why?