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Brown Survives Ballot Challenge

At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown will be on the November ballot, having survived two petition challenges. The Board of Elections ruled today that Brown has the 3,000 needed signatures to qualify as a candidate, dismissing challenges brought by challenger David Grosso and activist Dorothy Brizill.

In a statement, Brown scolds Grosso for doing what almost every politician does.  "This gamesmanship and shameless attempt to disenfranchise voters represents the most unethical kind of dirty politics," says Brown.  “Now that these distractions are behind us, I look forward to talking about issues that matter to District residents like jobs and housing."

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    I don't like At-Large D.C. Councilmembers Michael Brown, David Catania, Vincent Orange, and Phil Mendelson. However, Michael Brown and Bull Frog Vincent Orange is up for re-election. I am seriously considering voting for A. J. Cooper. We need some new blood on the D.C. Council because all D.C. Councilmembers and Eleanor Holmes-Norton have been too complacent in office as career politicians.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich


    Michael Brown and Bull Frog Vincent Orange are up for re-election. I am serious looking at David Grosso and A. J. Cooper as the next D.C. At Large Councilmembers.


  • Sally

    Anyone else have a feeling that there's a shoe about to drop?


    Ha, not surprised.

  • AntiDCPioneer

    David Grosso needs to get a life and go somewhere and sit down.

  • Huh?

    So beng in officce 1 term is a career politician?

    Brown will get my first vote and maybe Grosso my second but "Hey Hey Ho HO....VO has got to GO!"

  • capitol hill

    Anybody but Orange

  • SEis4ME

    DC idiots didn't like when Vincent won the last time, citing all sorts of unfounded "Pepco" connections and other sundry matters.

    These idiots have been chomping at the bit w/their "anybody but orange" rhetoric and fail to realize that this faux outrage is part of why he will win once again. Some of us see it for what it is.

    David Grosso?...Uhm...no thanks. Haven't seen anything even remotely appealing.

    AJ Cooper is a nonstarter.

    Orange has my vote.

  • dan

    Orange has my vote

  • El Perro Sato

    VO's done nothing for the city in his new term except for try to give himself more power.

    Grosso's not a "pioneer." He's originally from DC and has a passion for the city. He's got Council and Congressional experience, which is, IMHO, the best of both worlds.

    I'll ask those in SE, who somehow seem to view VO as a crusader, the following: What has voting for VO and his ilk gotten you? Has unemployment disappeared east of the river? Has it gone down? Has VO sponsored any job fairs? I know Michael Brown and Eleanor Holmes Norton have. Has VO helped reduce functional illiteracy east of the river? Has he helped to decrease crime?

    At least with skeezebags like Moten you can point to projects he's done. I don't agree with Moten or much of his work, but at leas you can point to it and say "he's done this" or "he's done that." Same thing with most of DC's elected officials.

    But VO? All he's done is make money for himself. Does anyone think he's going to represent anyone's interest but Pepco's when the questions come up of who has to pay for the burying of power lines?

    Anybody but Orange.

  • DC Guy

    Just say "no" to Brown and Orange. DC can, and must do better.

  • SEis4ME

    @El Perro, let's step back for a minute. If you're really interested in finding out the logic behind decisions of those EOTR, you need to find another approach..ASAP because what you're currently doing is lying. I don't know any EOTR who sees Orange as a crusader. In fact, I don't know anyone EOTR (even the ignorant among us) who consider anyone (other than Barry) as a crusader.

    Now my guess is that you really don't want to know why. Rather, you want to make blanket statements attacking those of us EOTR just because we vote for a candidate of which YOU disapprove.

    Now to your points, I consider myself politically saavy. What At-large member has EVER and I mean EVER made unemployment "disappear" EOTR? No politician has...Gray nor Fenty. When has an At-large member reduced crime and functional literacy EOTR? In the history of DC, when has this ever occured? Hell, people supported Mendelson for Chair and some might even support him for Mayor..and his record EOTR is what again? Scarce to none but unlike the VOrange req's you and others impose, you likely won't, to a person, require that Phil has a resume of EOTR accomplishment. Frankly, you won't care.

    So while you're on your anti-Orange diatribe, it's apparent to clearmninded people like me your intentions here are not just, message is not convincing, and why I should go to the polls and reelect Vincent Orange for his well-deserved at-large seat.


  • Ward 6 Resident

    If you want change on the DC Council, you need to skip both incumbents and vote for two of the three remaining candidates. And avoid old timer Anita Bonds if she decides to be a candidate.

  • Bob Summersgill

    "This gamesmanship and shameless attempt to disenfranchise voters represents the most unethical kind of dirty politics," says Brown.

    There is nothing unethical or dirty about openly using a one of the checks in our electoral process. Challenges to petitions isn't a new process or in anyway unexpected. It was the system that found the fraud in Mayor Williams petitions a few years ago. There is nothing in the process that disenfranchises voters.

    Michael A. Brown knows first hand what real unethical and dirty politics is about firsthand. He plead guilty to campaign finance violations in 1997. http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/1997/August97/352crm.htm

  • Bob Summersgill

    @Ward 6 Resident: It is too late for Anita Bonds to get on the ballot. Her re-election as Chair of the DC Democrats will be decided at a caucus, not a ballot.

    In addition to the incumbents, there are five others running for the at-large council seats. There are three independents in addition to Brown. Of those, I have not seen any evidence that Leon Swain is running. Does he have a campaign? I would like to know.

    I wouldn't right-off the Republican in the race. Mary Brooks Beatty is running a serious campaign. I am not sure that she is doing enough outreach to Democrats, who dominate at least by registration numbers.

    While I do not care for Orange's job as councilmember; I don't think that anyone will come close to beating him. Short of an indictment, he is a shoe-in.

  • John NE

    Michael Brown in an angel of god. Please vote for his ticket.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    @John NE; faints at computer!

  • NE John

    Daddy Fish, I'm just being nice to see whether I'm still banned.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    OIC@John; LOL

    The Washington City Paper is not censoring comments like the Washington Post and Prince of Petworth. There's no more free speech in America, NE John.

  • southeast lady

    Throw the bums out! No more dynasty children! We need fresh meat!(smile) Maybe, just maybe we can make DC a different town if we can get most of the crooked politicians out of politics. I dislike like every politician on the board (I am blessing myself here). I got to feel what I feel and like what I like.

    They have disrespected our youth: Harry Thomas,Jr.,Kwame Brown, Marion Barry (Is he still around?) Michael Brown--a disgrace to his father's name with his crooked grinning self, et cetera, et cetera. Catania with his shenanigans.

    Vincent Gray, the Maya, disappointed in him. I thought he would improve the education syste, but oh no he got all tied up in campaign finance crap.

    What to do, what to do. Where to turn, where to turn.

  • L Glenn

    Leon Swain is running for council member at large. He was the former DC taci commissioner and ANC commissioner of Ward 8. Its time for a change from the other crooks.