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Morning Clicks

Michael Brown ordered to show how he spent some of his campaign money, but not all. [Post]

Eleanor Holmes Norton feels snubbed and says someone in the Obama administration is to blame. [Examiner]

Marion Barry's Twitter account: "Does D.C. have to get 'gentrified' to get voting rights?" [Post]

D.C. Dems have horrible seats at convention. [DCist]

Lotto trial set for 2013. [Examiner]

Norton takes aim at the GOP. [Informer]

Cop illegally took someone's phone, ACLS says. [Post]

D.C. agency "grades" are up, surprise. [DCist]

Norton wants more local residents on federal jobs. [Afro]

  • Green Eyeshade

    That would be "ACLU" (yew, not esss) which filed the lawsuit against the MPD for unconstitutional seizure of a cell phone. "ACLS" would be a misprint for "American League Championship Series" or "Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery" or something like that.

  • adrian

    Elanor is irrelevant. That is why she was not included, also she speaks for too long and puts people to sleep.

  • Green Eyeshade

    I like the ACLU's own write-up:


    They have a link to their own PDF of the court filing. WaPo gives a nice ScribD link, as usual, but the ACLU gives a one-click path to the original. Also, WaPo links to the wrong ACLU website. DC chapter is ACLU-NCA dot Org.