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Morning Clicks

Intralot lottery memo describes politically "toxic climate" around lotto deal; Kevin Chavous and David Wilmot lose their cool with Times reporter. [Times]

Marion Barry wildly popular at DNC. [Examiner]

Barry explains why he's a Democrat. [NPR]

Post labels Mayor Vince Gray a "pariah" at convention because of the D.C. delegation's crappy seats. [Post]

Feds state obvious in court: They are still investigation da mayor. [Examiner]

Ward 3 schools overcrowded. [Examiner]

More pay for good teachers [WAMU]

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    They are still investigation da mayor.

    Huh? Little choppy on the English there this morning.

  • nana

    "Post labels Mayor Vince Gray a "pariah" at convention because of the D.C. delegation's crappy seats."

    No it didn't, an "Outlook" writer did. If it would have been an article by Milloy, you would have mentioned him by name and not as the "Post."

    Are you aware of your bias and the big shoes that you stepped into as the current Loose Lips in a long line of LLs? You are not serving the line well.

  • Mike Madden


    Ann Gerhart, who wrote that item, is a staff writer for the Post, not "an 'Outlook' writer," whatever that's supposed to mean.

  • Nana

    My point is it was an opinion piece by a single person, not by the editorial board. And not reporting. it should be labeled as such with the nam of the person making those claims and not be called the Post.

    It was also a very unfair opinion because dc had the same seats in 2008. Something worth noting by responsible journalists. Not that the Post has many which is why many of us look for other sources. LL used to be one.

  • Nana

    Also here are her "Outlook" articles. they are actually labelled "Outlook." isn't that a definition you should know as a "journalist"?


    Try working a little harder on your reporting and learn your basic definitions. I promise it won't hurt and will actually do the public good.