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Oops: Police Activity Prevents Gray, Norton from Speaking At Convention Rally

A massive police shutdown outside the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., meant that Mayor Vince Gray and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton were unable to speak at a pro-D.C. budget autonomy rally today, according to D.C. Vote spokesman James Jones.

Gray and Norton were supposed to be the headlining speakers at today's rally, which Jones says was held at a designated "free speech zone" near the convention. But those plans went awry after a small army of police responded to a couple dozen Occupy protestors who occupied an intersection nearby.

"It was locked down, totally locked down," Jones says of the area around where the pro-D.C. rally took place. He says the police presence prevented would-be rallygoers, including the mayor and Norton, from getting to the rally in time. The mayor eventually showed up, Jones says, but apparently not in time to give a speech.

A pro-D.C. rights event that didn't go nearly as planned. What are the odds?

Photo courtesy of D.C. Vote

  • Jonathan

    LOL; this is so funny. Gray and Norton can't win for losing.

  • Sally

    Perfect. Simply perfect.

  • iknewthehellbetter

    Awww Tommy! I was going to agree with you and then you had to go there...I'm Black, man!!!


    Holmes and Gray.....LOL. That was a blessing in disguise, these 2, with their combine age of 145, are going to speak about what? Who has the better hair dye? Dracula black on Vinnie or Foghorn Leghorn red on Ellie. This is a HOT MESS in DC, sad days are turning into sad years. And where is Mendelson? He defaulted to the Chair of the Council and he got even quieter, there is no leadership in this town, white or black, the elected officials are HORRIBLE!!

    DC needs new leadership now! You got Barry running around the convention trying to get his joint sucked, I mean this is some bullshit leadership in DC.

    Old Geezers, screwing DC up and they keep getting re-elected....SMH!!

  • Ward-8

    These two trying to convince folks to vote for statehood for DC. I have one question, how the hell are you going to take on the responsibility of statehood when they can't master the responsibility of the every day running of the city. What, all of a sudden they are going to have an awakening on how to run a city, I am still waiting.

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  • AntiPioneer

    Lets face it. The drive for District automony is gong to have to come from it's residents. What say you racist pioneers.

  • Carl

    Get a life people. DC will never get statehood, especially not with the clowns at the Wilson Building.

  • Nana

    What's most troubeling is we have a huge influx of new residents that thanks to people like the author of this article increasingly could care less about autonomy or the city divide in inequalty.

    The city could change for the better with new people coming in. But this way it changes fo the worse. We are becoming a city without local pride or regard for important local issues.

  • hah

    Nana is exactly right. Best comment that I have read on the CityPaper related to the demographic changes in D.C. The idea that the city does not know how to govern itself is fallacious and intellectually dishonest. The city balances budgets, is in better fiscal condition than almost any other states, and has a booming real estate market. Should California lose its statehood, because of its budget crisis? That is more appalling example of inept governing than D.C. We (D.C.) are our own worst enemy. We think bad about ourselves, so why should anyone else think otherwise?

  • GJ

    Unless you lived here before 1790's you cannot bitch about statehood or voting rights. Why was DC established?.. Everyone in DC new this when they moved here. Sorry, but that's the fact. Dont like it move to Virginia or Maryland

  • GJ

    Sorry that is knew this. Also wanted to add I understand a situation that would be similar to PR or some other US Territories

  • Typical DC BS

    That picture makes it look like Mayor Gray is doing a perp walk.

  • drez

    We think bad about ourselves, so why should anyone else think otherwise?
    30% of our legislators have been under federal investigation in the past 2 years. 2 have pled out and will do time. A COS for another has done time.
    The Mayor is under investigation and top aids are pleading and cooperating.
    These facts are strongly contributing to the divisions in this city. Especially since every single one of those politicians plays some version of the race card in their own defense. They talk unity, they practice decisiveness.
    Time to clean up and more on.

  • SEis4ME

    Especially since every single one of those politicians plays some version of the race card in their own defense. They talk unity, they practice decisiveness.
    Time to clean up and more on.

    Anyone interested in DREZ's real motivations, look no further than the above.

    Paraphrase: Think about the fact that 30% of our legislators (who happen to be black) have played some version of the race card in their own defense and these facts are strongly contributing to the divisions in this city.

    In other words, we nonblacks believe these black people practice divisiveness and that's why we think so bad about ourselves. Yes, it's the black people who made us do it.

    The silliest part of this argument is likened to our current political landscape. That is, we dems think republicans play the race card and are divisive and THAT's why we think so bad about our country and have no sense of patriotism.

  • mizluvsco

    SE4me: Right on the money as always.

    Drez: Please enlighten this tired old soul and tell me exactly who said The Mayor is under investigation?

    Which 30%? Which 2?

    Which "every one of 'those' politicians" plays the race card?

    You're slippin' Slim. I think you're a nom de plume anyway.

    'Talk unity, practice DECISIVENESS'? Whas wrong wit dat? Could this be a Freudian slip, Mr. Drez?

  • Drez

    My comments are true. They're straight facts, not opinion. And the facts speak for themselves.
    You can impute whatever motive you want to me, but it doesnt change the facts and, really, your inventions about me are more telling of you than me.

  • SEis4ME

    My comments are true. They're straight facts, not opinion. And the facts speak for themselves.

    Really? Gray played the race card? Orange, Thomas?

    Can you post examples of these "straight facts" you mention here?

    Your motives are what they are...is what it is and if you aren't able to come up w/examples of these "straight facts" that all of the black pols play the race card...then my point is proven...

  • Drez

    I am not going to run around the Internet collecting quotes to educate you. Uou're just not that important to me. But since I happened to come across it anyway, here's an excerpt from an interview Colby King recently did on CNN. It's on-topic.
    KING: Well, it’s interesting with Kwame Brown and it tells you something about the institutions that we have here. His campaign, his reelection campaign was under investigation by the Office of Campaign Finance for various violations. The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics looked at the report and referred the matter to the U.S. attorney for prosecution, the Kwame Brown campaign for prosecution.

    As so often is the case, and which is happening here, as they looked at Kwame Brown, they discovered other things. In this case, and this is a bank fraud where he obtained a loan from the bank, from the federal institution, misrepresenting himself, the amount of money he had, the jobs he had, his ability to pay it back. And he did it on – got the loans primarily on the strength of his name and being a council member.

    But he also lied when he said that he had X amount of money (also) from another source when he didn’t have it. And that was a felony. And so, they got him on a felony conviction and some other misdemeanors as well in the (inaudible) campaign finance.

    LAMB: But you had talked to him in the middle also. And he told you that he had been …

    KING: No. But yes, not one person I’ve talked to said Colby, I want to take this opportunity to tell you I’m guilty; not one. They all said look, I don’t know what this is about; I’m clean. They’ve all said that, all of them that I’ve written about.

    And to me, this is the other thing that’s bothersome. And it sounds like a stretch, but OK, you can tell that to me. I’m a journalist and my job is to do what I do and you do what you do. But they turn to their supporters, people who really believe in them and say you’ve gotten this wrong; they’re lying; they’re out to get me. They’ve done it good because I’m black. They’re trying to do it because I care about you. They’re trying to do it because I fight for poor people.

    They use all those arguments and their supporters believe them. To me, that is despicable, to misuse people like them. It’s one thing to commit a crime. (Inaudible) you turn around and take the people who want to believe in you, I didn’t do it; they’re wrong; I’m right; believe in me. And they say we will and they invested in you. And you know doggone well you’re misleading them. That’s despicable.