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Gray Campaign Projections Way Off East of the River

LL just received a batch of internal documents from Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 campaign that show not even Gray's aides were expecting the high levels of support he got in some parts of the District for his successful bid to defeat former Mayor Adrian Fenty.
The campaign set a goal of winning 32,701 votes in Wards [...]

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Mary Cheh, facing "crucial" test of her image and her friendship with Mayor Vince Gray, says she's the big cheese on the council. "This last session, most of the big bills that pushed through were mine." [Post]
Michael Brown campaign cryptically suggests that challenges made to his petitions "were not made in good faith." [Examiner]
Post ed board [...]

Those Greedy, Greedy Nats

The Washington Nationals, one of the District's biggest corporate welfare recipients, sure are one greedy ballclub. WTOP's Mark Segraves had the scoop yesterday that the Nats want the city to pick up the tab for Metro when games run late and the club's fans want to get home using public transportation.
Segraves reports that other pro [...]

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The Nats are super greedy. [WTOP]
D.C.'s process for challenging petitions is completely broken. [Examiner]
Marion Barry now prefers to be called mayor for life... [Post]
... or "jobs czar." [Examiner]

CFO Declares Jihad Against the Post

Fight! Fight ! Fight!
D.C.'s Office of the Chief Financial Officer is throwing punches at the Washington Post over—of all things—its efforts to pay less in property taxes.
You may have read the Post's big investigative story on the CFO's Office of Tax and Revenue settling commercial property tax assessments at a much high rate than in [...]

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Mayor Gray not going RNC convention as promised because the DNC is being less helpful than he imagined on statehood issues [Post]
Gray's big smart taxi meter unveiling upstaged by contracting dispute and Marion Barry [Times, NBC4]
OCF audit finds that some supervisors could change tax assessments without a trace [Post]

Mr. Second Best

David Grosso has that look crazy people get when they’re absolutely convinced a miracle is about to happen. The expected miracle: Grosso will upset At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown in November’s election.
Conventional wisdom says the little-known Grosso, a vice president at a health insurance company and former council staffer, doesn’t have much of a chance. [...]

Gray to DNC: Let Eleanor Speak!

Mayor Vince Gray and local Democratic Party leader Anita Bonds are concerned that Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton won't get to preach the gospel of "citizenship rights" for District residents at this year's Democratic convention in Charlotte.
Gray and Bonds sent a letter to Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, asking that Norton be [...]

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Republican Party platform will have no talk of statehood, thank you very much, thanks to a delegate from Indiana who says D.C. gets all the representation it needs from the Democratic Party. [PFAW]
VO completes visits of all nine city BIDS. [@VincentOrangeDC]
Fancy neighborhoods on the "edge" of less fancy neighborhoods seeing spike in violent crime. [Examiner]
Mayor [...]

Looking for a Construction Job? Tell Eleanor

If you're D.C. resident looking for a construction job on a federal project and feel like you've been given short shrift, head on over to the Rayburn House Office Building tonight at 6 p.m. and tell Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton about it. Or at least listen to her talk about it.
Norton is hosting a roundtable [...]