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Gray Administration Fires Environment Boss, Announces It

Here's something you don't see everyday: a news release from the Gray administration announcing that it has shitcanned an agency head.

The fired official: now former Department of Environment Director Christophe Tulou. His dismissal was announced today via email from Chief Administrator Allen Lew's office. Their statement:

District of Columbia City Administrator Allen Y. Lew today announced the dismissal of Christophe A.G. Tulou as director of the District Department of Environment (DDOE). Keith Anderson was appointed interim director of the agency, effective immediately.

“Mayor Gray and I thank Christophe for his service,” said Lew. “We will immediately commence a search for a strong, innovative leader of this vital agency to continue Mayor Gray’s Sustainable DC Initiative to transform the nation’s capital into the healthiest, greenest, most livable city in the world.”

Gee, thanks for all the info. More as LL gets it.

  • KathySinzinger

    The public has an absolute right to know the reason why any director of a city department is fired. If the reason is in dispute, the dismissed director has a mouth to speak for himself. Shame on the Gray administration for not telling us why this happened.

  • iknewthehellbetter

    Now Kathy Sinzinger, you know Gray doesn't know why the director was fired. He knows nothing. EVER!

  • Susan Carpenter

    Tulou was fired simply because he ticked off the power players in community development circles. The regulations he passed were too costly and burdensome to implement, and will hinder development projects. He never solicited input during the regulation development process. Developers put pressure on the Mayor, so he got rid of Tulou and will probably replace him with someone much more in favor of development and less in favor of stringent environmental standards. The EPA Stormwater story is probably just a cover.

  • IMahdi LeroyJ. Thorpe, Jr.

    Mr. Tulou has the right to speak for himself. The work on the street is that Tulou was not a tram player in the Gray Administration and certainly not in favor of the "One City," concept. I don't represent or speak for Mr. Gray, but it is safe to say that Tulou a hold over from the Fenty Administration was given an opportunity from the Gray administration to perform and could not cut the mustard. The word on the street is that Tulou did what he wanted to do in his position without boundaries and many folks in is agency was pissed with him.

  • John Miller

    Maybe Thorpe is right. He couldn't cut the mustard, or maybe just didn't have his head in the game. Even Mary Cheh said something like "he often didn't seem to understand the nuts and bolts of his agency." I'm afraid that other higher ups in the agency, like the deputy directors and lawyers are also lacking. Maybe they need to be replaced. The air quality programs are in shambles. Asbestos inspectors are busted in sting operations for taking bribes. Remedial activities at toxic sites on the Anacostia River are not moving along, although DDOE promised they would years ago. Maybe DDOE itself cannot cut the mustard. They can pick off the low hanging fruit, talking about green roofs and green alleys. But the tougher problems seem to linger on and on for years.

  • Alex

    A year later, Keith Anderson is in place as permanent Director, so much for the search for the strong innovative leader for such a vital agency. DDOE is marginal at best, and the Sustainable DC initiative is a joke. It was a marketing exercise for Gray and will eventually fall off the radar since there is no money to implement the plan.