Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Walmart foes on Georgia Ave. try again. [WBJ]

Also, see where Walmart's been spreading its cash. [WBJ]

Washington Informer: We're just as much "general circulation" as the Times. [Informer]

Brown v. Grosso, the one to watch [WAMU]

So long, Col. Brooks' Tavern. [Post]

Anita Bonds: Let Eleanor speak, please. [Informer]

Post to hold public forum on city leadership with no current city officials. [Post]

Robberies up 10 percent in D.C. [Times]

Three DPW workers exposed to hazardous vapors. [Informer]

Tap water will be available at inauguration. [Post]

  • This is how you feed animals

    Sidenote: I cannot believe an idiot at the RNC threw stuff at that woman and said "This is how you feed animals"

    Someone should have beat his ass into a coma.

    That Grosso vs. Brown election should be interesting. I'm sure Brown will regret changing his affiliation from Democrat to Independant this time around.

    Im probably going to write my own name in for this slot. Nothing exciting about these candidates.