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Gray’s COS Marks One-Year Anniversary

Chris Murphy, the mayor's chief of staff, is celebrating his one-year anniversary today. That's something of an accomplishment in this town, as many of his predecessors  haven't been able to last nearly as long. LL wrote about the short shelf-life of top mayoral traffic cops last year after Murphy was appointed as part of an effort to reboot Vince Gray's flagging administration.

Gray's first chief of staff, Gerri Mason Hall, famously flamed out after three months after a string of embarrassing headlines involving high salaries, nepotism hires, and some dude named Sulaimon Brown. Murphy, a Harvard grad and former top official at the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, was supposed to bring a certain degree of professionalism to the job.

So how's he done? Murphy's tenure hasn't been marked by any embarrassing hiring or pay scandals, so that's an obvious improvement. But as for fresh starts, that's not happened either. If anything, the cloud over Gray has only gotten darker since, as federal authorities have been able to secure three guilty pleas from associates of the mayor who helped his allegedly super illegal 2010 campaign. Their investigation is ongoing. Murphy can't help what the feds do, of course, but LL assumes he's had a role in crafting Gray's sometimes tone deaf response. Just this week, the mayor bizarrely held a news conference where he tried to present himself as good government guru on a mission to clean up the city's broken campaign finance system.

LL's asked Murphy for his thoughts on his one-year mark and will update as needed. Update: Murphy stays on message:

It's been an honor to serve the mayor and the people of the District to help create jobs, reduce unemployment, grow the economy, put the city’s fiscal house in order, expand opportunity, improve city services, and get the homicide rate on track to be the lowest in 50 years — to name just a few of the accomplishments of the mayor and his administration.

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  • Dr. Van Helsing

    Wow@Ward 4!

    Not only is your comment disgusting, why the anti semetic comment? However, I support freedom of speech and you have a right to your opinion.

    So far, I am impressed with Mr. Murphy and he has brought professionalism to the mayor's office and he's held Agency Directors accountable for responding back in a timely manner to D.C. taxpayers.I don't know him personally, however, he's been very responsive.

  • And . . .

    Man, Ward 4 got up on the wrong side of the bed today.

  • Dr. Van Helsing

    Correction: The correct spelling is anti-semitic.

    @AND, I agree, Ward 4 must be a bitter human being and they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I am a long time Ward 4 resident living in the 16th Street Heights neighborhood and I'm a black man.

  • cutthecrap

    Ward 4 is an idiot...we all know that. I must say that all white staffers in the EOM and on the Council are overrated. If he were a brother, everyone would be calling for his dismissal by now or demanding a demotion because he has not turned the mayor's image around. Gray's shoes have quite a bit of dog doo-doo on them. I don't think anyone can clean that excrement off.

  • mizwillis

    Dr V & And...:

    Ward 4 is a small minded bitter and very unhappy individual. Read some of the comments from this unfortunate soul and you'll realize there IS no right side to his bed and pity the person who has to share it with him. If said person exists at all.

  • Sally

    Well, he hasn't been indicted or pled the Fifth, so, by default, that makes him a success under the One City standards.

  • Char Murph

    @ Ward 4- Alan Suderman is not Jewish. Chris Murphy is not Jewish. You on the other hand are a despicable, ignorant and stupid individual. What a sad and sorry person you must be.

    I hope you are not a brother or sister.

  • mizwillis

    @Sally #7: And neither have Fenty, Nickles, Skinner, Evans, Catania or Graham. Have YOU????

  • Dr. Van Helsing

    KeepinitReal, what makes you think we all are Democrats? The Democratic Party have pimped blacks for 40 years. Neither the Democratic or Republican parties aren't worth nothing. I don't put my faith in Barrack Obama, Mitt Romny, or any politician. Politicians are all liars and self serving. They serve lobbyists, developers, and the wealthy in Hollywood.

  • Dr. Van Helsing

    By the way KeepinitReal, D.C. will never get Statehood. This is a federal city and this ciy belongs to all U.S. citizens. Many within the Democratic and Republican parties will not support Statehood for the District. Most still have the memory of Marion Barry smoking crack in the Vista Hotel and recent corruption within the Wilson Building with Harry Thomas and Kwame Brown. Mayor Vincent Gray is a weak mayor and there's a dark cloud over his head. If he serve his term, he will not get elected. The racial demographics in the District are changing rapidly and most white voters will not vote for the current losers in the Wilson Building.

  • very outraged by comment

    Please City Paper strike the despicable comment --it is anti-Semitic and we are offended. it is not appropriate to flame authors or commenter or people based on religion, ethnicity, sexual preference.

  • cutthecrap

    @keepinitReal...the Democratic Party wouldn't touch Vince Gray with a 10 foot pole. Nor would they do him with your piece. He is an embarrassment to the national party. Do yourself a favor and ditch that loser and put your support behind someone worthy.

  • drez

    what cut the crap says is true. Gray is ethically-damaged goods. He won't be allowed anywhere near Obama. Especially not in an election year.

  • topryder1

    He has to be the worst pile of crap I have evr come in contact with. He need to be indicted with Gray.

  • topryder1

    The Mayor is crap and so is Murphy, but not because of their race. Ward 4 does not represent us.

  • Lexus

    @ Ward 4 You're pretty stupid. You just lost credibility about any statements you make henceforth. Prety doggone stupid!

  • Lexus

    @ Ward 4 You're pretty stupid. You just lost credibility about any statements you make henceforth. Pretty doggone stupid!

  • Sally Hemmings

    Chris Murphy is a good and intelligent man. Mayor is blessed to have him at his side. They compliment each other. And Alan Suderman is not Jewish, not everybody is perfect. Alan is a good guy, this is his beat. Chill the F-out.

  • cutthecrap

    @KeepinitReal...you really need to live up to your moniker and "keep it real". The one thing that your mayor knows is that he is "Persona Non Grata". This is a title he conferred upon himself. Don't blame us for the mismanagement and ineptitude. Since you seem to know so much, why hasn't he hired yo azz to help run things? That way he wouldn't need to go on the Hill and hire the white boy to straighten things out.

  • mizwillis

    @Dr V #'s 11 &12
    "......aren't worth nothing"????
    "Barrack", "Romny"???
    "If he serves his term he will not get elected"???

    Where did you get your Doctorate????
    You had me fooled for a minute, now the real you is seeping out of that self promoting box you live in.

  • mizwillis

    @ #21: '....YOUR MAYOR'?????
    '....HIRE THE WHITE BOY"????



    Dr Van Helsing and Ward 4 included.

  • KeepinItReal

    It isn't "my azz" that was elected to be Mayor asshole. It doesn't matter how people feel about Vincent Gray. He is still the Mayor. He has a job to do. Until that changes he needs to do that job. He is the leader of the Democratic party in the District of Columbia. Scandal has damanged his effectiveness but that is no excuss for him to cower away from his responsibilities. Many people loathe Marion Barry, but he still has a responsibility to represent the interest of the citizens of Ward 8. Do I think the Democrats will welcome Vince Gray. NO! But so what. He must try. He must try and have them turn their back on him so that the citizens of the District witness how easily they turn on their own. Obama and the Democrats had plenty of opportunity to embrace the District his first two years in office. They did nothing. They take this city for granted. Every mayor, popular or unpopular, in the District must take it to them over and over and over and over again.

  • Drez

    Grays job is to do the best for the city and the people in it.
    That means setting aside his own ego, recognizing that in his damaged state he will not be able to effectively represent DC at the convention, and ensuring someone who can effectively epresent the city attends in his stead.
    Of course, this is happening already without him. Plenty of DC representatives will be there. It's just that Gray is irrelevant in the process.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Does the City Paper have a policy on comments like the first one here? Do you just let them go, or does hateful speech get culled at any point?

  • cutthecrap

    @keepinitreal...you need to get some. Your shit is backed up. You sound like a frigid woman.

  • mizluvsco

    IMG: While I too find it offensive, there has been much worse printed here. Are you new to the blog or is it just that one particular post that offends you? I wonder why?
    But then again, who cares why it offends YOU?

    ctc: I see you're back to your old sordid and filthy tricks. You come across as someone who is fixated on sex. Maybe YOU need some. But then again, maybe you're just addicted to it.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    mizluvsco: I've been reading the City Paper and posting here since 2004. It offends me, as it should anyone, because it uses an offensive slur to address a person.

  • capitol hill

    Every single post by the very bitter, grammatically challenged noodlez guy is racist and homophobic. Yet, they never get deleted.

  • mizluvsco

    @#27: Ahhh, noodlez may not be saying what you want to hear, but some of us find his posts right on the mark. Not grammatically challenged at all. This is after all a blog.

    Heaven Forbid!!! Methinks ole LL and MM make a few grammatical mistakes on occasion and they're supposed to be professionals.

    Please forgive any errors, I don't have time to edit my post.

  • KeepinItReal

    @cutthecrap: You have me mixed up with that bitch of a mother of yours. Dead or alive. Lets hope the previous.

  • AntiPioneer

    Holmes-Norton is in North Carolina isn't she? Hasn't she always been in the best position to push for the insterest of the District of Columbia at DNC Conventions? She has the ear of the politicians that can actually do something about it. Not concerned about the Mayor or Council members who may be there. If Anthony Williams was unable to sway support for the District there is no reason to think the current cast of characters could be any more effective. Question is, what are the people of the District willing to do/sacrifice to achieve true representation in Congress.

  • tony

    @KeepinItReal, you are right on point...don't let these people influence you to say or think otherwise.

  • Mike Madden


    We only delete comments like that if we see them, so feel free to flag them for editors and reporters here if you notice something in the comments you think needs review. In this case, I'd missed it.

  • AntiPioneer

    I don't advocate the deletion of any comment. It is what it is. If you don't like it don't read the comments. I think they are repulsive, but so what. If the Ku Klux Klan can organize a march on the Nations Capital then what a retard wants to post here is free game.