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Morning Clicks

Mayor Gray not going RNC convention as promised because the DNC is being less helpful than he imagined on statehood issues [Post]

Gray's big smart taxi meter unveiling upstaged by contracting dispute and Marion Barry [Times, NBC4]

OCF audit finds that some supervisors could change tax assessments without a trace [Post]

Washington Informer protests contract ruling [Informer]

  • AMF

    Mayor Gray should consider going to the RNC Convention and advocate for full representation, voting rights and budget independence. Mitt Romney could be our next president. If memory serves me right, GOP candidate Jon Huntsman is supportive of full voting rights and budget autonomy. It is worth a shot. We do not owe President Obama anything, he has done nothing for the District.

  • iknewthehellbetter

    Vince Gray should be too ashamed to show his face anywhere outside of an outhouse.

  • Frank Lee Mahdear

    The "One Citayyy" crowd might not get this, but Gray's support hurts much much much more than it helps. The best thing he could do for the cause right now would be to resign. The second-best thing he could do is to stay very quiet until the nice men come to haul him away.

  • mizwillis

    Mahdear, you need to stay in drag and stick with comedy that is comedic. Tyler's stuff is funny, your's is downright pathetic.

    Resign for what? You think you know better than a very powerful, high profile attorney whose never lost a case???

    Watch out now!!!! Those nice little funny men of whom you speak are knocking at your door with a hook to snatch you off stage.