Loose Lips

Contest: Name This Crew

LL needs help nicknaming the group of like-minded politicos who seem to be taking turns running unsuccessfully (so far) for office. The gang includes Sekou Biddle, David Grosso, Pat Mara, and Bryan Weaver.

Leave your suggestions in the comments. LL reserves the right to ignore them all.

Photos by Darrow Montgomery

  • Scotch

    The GooGoo Bros.

  • TM

    Umm, Mara has successfully run for office.

  • Truth hurts


  • http://twitter.com/kcivey Keith Ivey

    If they're taking turns, why were three of them running against each other last year?

  • Yes..More Haters

    A four pack of airheads. These guys clearly dont have what it takes to win an election nor contribute anything positive to the city!

  • OMGeeee

    Losers... From the election to the petitions they have taken huge Ls. WIll those lessons ever manifest into something great..... doubt it

  • Krispy Kremer

    The Four Dorkmen.

  • Sally

    The Four Fredos.

  • JB_DC

    The Uninspirables!

  • JB_DC

    ...and I voted for two of the four and will probably vote for a third this year.

  • RealDC

    Moe, Larry, Curly and Shemp.

    How about the Sidestreet Boys? or Close but No Cigar Crew or The DC Expendables or 4 Robins and no Batman Crew or The Runner Ups or VO's Bytches!

    Need more?

  • RealDC

    ...and a picture of Weaver drinking PBR. LOL. PBR? He is keeping it real! LOL.

  • jtedc

    Rock, I mean split, the vote

  • nofatty4DC

    Steppin Fetchit, W.C. Fields,Rodney Dangerfield and Tom Green.

  • Teddy Loza

    Weaver's pussies

  • mizluvsco

    Loza, is that really you?
    If so, don't you think you should stay on the LO-side?
    Don't you know it ain't over til the Fat Lady Sings????
    Or did YOU sing enough to feel comfortable steppin' out witcho real name????? Just askin'.

  • noodlez



  • Raoul

    The DC Stassens

  • Nana

    The Run-Until-You-Get-Enough-Name-Recognizion-And-Demographics-Change-So-You-Can-Finally-Win-Asshole-Crew

    Shorten it if u like

  • mizwillis

    'DA WHO???? CREW?'

  • DC Antics

    Canfidates For Life

  • DC Antics

    Oops, Candidates For Life.

  • Anonymous

    Grosso hasn't run before. This is his first time and I'm sure he will win. You should get your facts straight before you paint everyone with the same brush.

  • StrangeFruit

    The Pretenders!

  • DC Voter

    The Dream Team

  • Lexus Variance

    Sekou should send the City Paper another photo of himself to use for publishing. It is obvious why no one would want to vote for him.

  • Pete

    @krispy The Four Dorkmen of the Democalypse.

  • Pete

    The Velour Fist.

  • @krisy @pete

    The Four Dweebmen of the Gentrifapocalypse

  • MJ

    The Four Tops. Or the Four Seasons.

  • itsjustamess

    The 'Forever Run' Group

  • DC guy

    The Perennial Contenders, though I'm hoping Grosso becomes Lee Perry, aka "The Upsetter"

  • mizwillis

    Lex Var: Now you know damnm well Biddle didn't select the pic we see above. That's LL's little passive agressive dig at the only chocolate drop in the bunch. Course now Biddle doesn't know he's a chocolate drop.

  • james ward 2

    @LL make a correction to your article to get the facts right. Grosso has not run for Council office

  • DC Antics

    I hope Grosso wins!

  • tony

    White folks are running black folks out of this town... these plastics negros think that white folks love them. Michael Brown is next on the list....DAVID GROSSO, WHAT IN THE HELL HAS HE DONE FOR THIS CITY TO BE CONSIDERED A serious candidate for office...Oh, he's white.

  • Ward 2+2

    Who is Grosso?

  • Anonymous

    @Tony: Why don't you read Grosso's bio to find out what he's done for this city. You'll find his contribution is substantial and CITY-WIDE.

  • Anonymous

    @Tony: I looked the link up for you. http://www.grossoatlarge.com/about

  • Anon4

    Grosso has not run unsuccessfully for office. He is running right now.

    LL, you should be more circumspect in your bias against his candidacy.