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Morning Clicks

Tony Williams takes a crack at the city's tax code. [Times]

Serve on Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority board, get a contract. [Examiner]

Taxi boss Ron Linton: "I don’t think five years from now you’ll find very many people standing out on a street trying to hail a cab" [Post]

Jonetta also misses Michelle Rhee. [Examiner]

Giant gun billboard coming. [WBJ]

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    Ron Linton is a buffoon.

    By 3/4 of the way through the article he sounds like the poverty pimp hack that he is. His logic is completely self serving to the taxi industry and defies common sense.

    Reform the tax code: force all the churches in DC to pay taxes on the vacant commercial land that they're sitting on so people can have some god damn grocery stores within walking distance. I'm talking to you Ward 7 and 5.