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Morning Clicks

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Mary Cheh and Vince Gray, frenemies without the friends part [Post]

Michelle Rhee hagiographer imagines if she were still here. [Post]

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Voucher program gets 300 new kids. [WAMU]


  • Lady in the streets Snake in the council

    I can't take Cheh serious, this is the same lady that endorsed Gray. She is nothing more than a two face opportunist that thinks she can be the watchdog for the council.

    I have a hard time accepting the fact that you claim to have the best interest of the residents of Ward 3, yet your property of George Washington University.

    You arent loyal to the council, the residents, nor the university. What a shame!!

  • Truth hurts

    Cheh's comments on Kojo are dumb. She calls for Gray's resignation, yet insists he's a man of integrity who wouldn't lie or cheat. If she believes he's honest, then why demand he resign? If, on the other hand, she believes he's dishonest, then say so, and say that's why he should stepdown. As it stands, she just sounds plain silly.