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Another Clinton-Era Connection to Mayor Gray’s Troubles

All we need now is  Linda Tripp.

Here's another connection between Mayor Vince Gray, who is under fire for getting elected with the help of an alleged off-the-books shadow campaign, and former President Bill Clinton, who was under fire for fooling around with an intern and lying about it. The AP has the scoop that Gray's chief of staff, Chris Murphy, recently met with Judy Smith, a crisis-management expert who advised Monica Lewinsky and inspired the television drama Scandal. D.C. Chamber of Commerce President Barbara Lang helped put the two in touch, the AP reports.

Murphy and Smith corresponded by email later in June and set up a breakfast meeting for July 11, in the middle of what turned out to be a tumultuous week for the mayor. On July 10, the mayor's longtime friend Eugenia "Jeanne" Clarke Harris pleaded guilty to conspiracy and obstruction charges and admitted her role in the shadow campaign.

Smith, old-timers may recall, is no stranger to District politics. She was U.S. Attorney Jay Stephens' spokeswoman during former Mayor-for-life Marion Barry's drug trial.

The full AP story here.

Photo illustration by Brooke Hatfield

  • SEis4ME

    Alan, I've been laying low w/this stuff. But you deserve every bit of criticism for posting this crappola.

    A DC mayor has a connection to a Clinton-era connection w/in the DC region? Really? How's that possible? How is it possible that someone who worked for Clinton in DC may end up doing work w/someone else (Gray) who lives in DC. How does this shyt keep happening.

    It's a conspiracy I tell you!!!!

  • AM Next

    So who pays Ms. Smith's consulting fees?

    Vincent Gray? The Mayor's office? The Gray for Mayor campaign? Jeffrey Thompson?

    Same question about the fees for Robert Bennett's legal services.

  • DC5

    I thought this comment on the news4 website captured part of her tenure a little better than you did... Judy Smith earned her stripes running down the halls of U.S. District Court for U.S. Attorney Jay Stephens to distribute to waiting reporters the video evidence just admitted in court moments before of Mayor Barry hitting the pipe. Shortly thereafter she moved up to the White House press shop of Bush I (where Stephens had been WH counsel). The rest is history...

  • mizluvsco

    AM Next: Don't know about Smith's consulting fees, but you and I will probably pay for the Mayor's fees to Bennett. According to a Forbes article, it appears he can write off the fees on his income tax.


    Why wont the old lizard resign already. He has been proven guilty by his association with a long string of criminal campaign operatives. ONE CITY OF FOOLS

  • iknewthehellbetter

    @Peter Rosenstein - You are always such a patient, tolerant man. I really like your style.

  • Cat-Like

    The media wants a story and wants it so bad they are pre-empting the US Attorney's office. Gray may never be indicted or he may down the line--absent that there is no story.

    What the public won't tolerate is the members of the 4th estate pushing past their oversight role to create a story.
    The media is taking our collective disgust with having to live with this embarssment as a license to take on Mayor Gray, it is not.

    Mayor Gray is smelling the citizens disgust with the overly push press as a possible opening for support --it is not.

    We all just have to let the US Attorney conclude his case and hopefully it is SOON.

  • LOL

    Okay Suderman find another photo.

    I'm sick of seeing those stinky looking bodies. And with Gray's bobble head makes it even more undesireable. I'm gonna puke already.

  • Jes sayin’

    News from nowhere, Alan.

    A big nothingburger.

    If you can't advance the story any more than this, don't bother.

  • seEDCdude

    SEWERman did the same exact hack job with Mr. Marion Barry.....lazy, disrespectful, antogonizing, unethical, trifling, BIASED opinion launches comparable to the boogers slung in a kindergarten class!