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Evans Meets Fenty to Talk Mayoral Election

Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans met with former Mayor Adrian Fenty this afternoon to chat about whom the former mayor might support in any upcoming elections, according to a person familiar with the planned get-together.

Evans confirmed that he and Fenty met, but declined to discuss the details of their conversation, saying the two had a "good general discussion" about the state of affairs in District government.

Evans has said he's running the next time there's a mayoral contest. He endorsed Fenty last time around and probably would like Fenty to return the favor, or at least say out of the race altogether.

A more natural fit for Fenty, who has stayed the hell away from local politics since leaving office, might be endorsing his hand-picked successor for the Ward 4 council seat, Muriel Bowser, who is also said to be considering a mayoral run.  Bowser was Fenty's most reliable ally on the council when he was mayor and enjoys the support of many of Fenty's former backers.

  • StrangeFruit

    Fenty will be true to his complex and endorse either Evans or Wells over Bowser.

  • mizluvsco

    Strange: Jack and Wells will be back-pedaling fast if theres any truth to the rumors floating around about his campaign. Not even Bowser will want to lunch with him.

  • Truth hurts

    Sorry, folks. I was there and Fenty said he's not endorsing anyone except for NOODLEZ


    LOL@Truth Hurts

    I would never vote for Jack Evans, Muriel Bowser, and Tommy Wells.

    Faints at computer!

  • LOL

    I'm not looking forward to the next election cycle.

  • Grier Francis

    Muriel Bowser does not have a record of any kind. No accomplishments. How much has her tenure and staff cost DC taxpayers? She continues to ride AMF's coattails. Same leeches bundling for her, took advantage of their friendship with Adrian.

    Evans has served the city well. He has devoted his life in the service of others. Has never stolen or embarrassed the city. Was a single dad and widower for sometime. He has a record of service and Fenty despises Muriel Bowser.

    She should remain as W 4 Councilmember.

  • Honest Abe

    I agree with StrangeFruit.

  • mizluvsco

    I understand Grier Francis is correct in stating that Fenty depises Muriel Bowser. Seems she has been distancing herself from him for some time now.

    ....Well maybe she's not as clueless as some people think after all.

  • just sayin

    She might not be clueless, but she damn sure isn't responsive to many of her constituents. I've never voted for her and never will.

  • Northwesterner

    Fenty is the kingmaker because he was the greatest mayor this city ever had.

  • noodlez





    noodlez, I made a big mistake by voting for Vince Gray. However, I hated Adrian Fenty and I held my nose by voting for Vincent Gray. I will never vote for the lessor of two evils again.

    Faints at computer again!

  • mizluvsco

    W4NDC, looks like you won't be voting again....EVER.
    Here, sniff this smelling salts.

  • Marian Berry

    Muriel Bowser is not bright at all. Residents are right she is terrible at constituent services.



  • Born Yesterday

    "Evans has served the city well."

    ROFLMAO... especially when he led the charge to repeal term limits, overwhelmingly approved by DC voters.


    "He has devoted his life in the service of others."

    Saint Jack. Patron Saint of billionaire developers.

    "Has never stolen or embarrassed the city."

    Actually, has just never been punished for all his hinckey giveaways to high-end friends and family.


  • Born Yesterday

    "Evans has served the city well."

    ROFLMAO... especially when he led the charge to repeal term limits, overwhelmingly approved by 70+ percent of DC voters.

    "He has devoted his life in the service of others."

    Saint Jack. Patron Saint of his Patton Boggs law partners and their billionaire clients.

    "Has never stolen or embarrassed the city."

    Actually, has just never been punished for all his hinkey giveaways to high-end friends and family.

    D.C.'s Evans Wielded Control Over Finances of PAC Account
    By Serge F. Kovaleski
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Monday, October 10, 2005

    D.C. Council member Jack Evans has controlled the finances of a political action committee for the past 11 years, using it to make political contributions and reimburse himself thousands of dollars in entertainment and travel expenses while regulators believed that others were operating the fund.

  • Grier Francis

    @ Born Yesterday. Wait until the dirt comes out on Wells. Bowser's bundlers and Mendelson's loyalty and fidelity to his former wife.

    Jack is no saint, but he is the best we got and will be a transformative Mayor. What's wrong with billionaire developers? Have you seen our city lately? DC is a great place to work and live in because of Tony Williams and Evans and of course billionaire developers.

    Who do you think is building our city up, creating jobs and a vibrant economy, while the rest of the nations municipalities declare bankruptcy?

    Look around, love or hate him Evans has done DC right. I can't wait to see him as Mayor. Anybody who gets in the way will just get burned like everybody else that has tried to run against him.

  • mizluvsco

    Grier Francis: Surely YOUR'RE not advocating votes for the evil or lesser of other evils (surrounded by the walls of wealth): Jack 'the knife' Evans!!

    Whom do YOU think is benefitting from the building up of this city? Surely not the likes of me and my fellow African American citizens of Washington DC who have called it home all of our lives even though it has not always been a great place to live and work nor been the recipients of even precious little of the vibrant economy of which you speak. To the degree that is HAS become so for us has not much to do with Williams and Evans and the newly gentrified residents.

    MUCH TO YOUR CHAGRIN, I'M SURE: That kudo belongs to the much maligned Marion S. Barry, Jr. who continues to rise from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix even though the proverbial THEY tried to burn HIM.

    As I look around, neither loving nor hating Evans (or anybody else for that matter), all I see and hear about is how Evans, Wells and Catania have managed to snooker the people who vote them into office time and time again.

    Here!! Borrow an asbestos suit from the DC Fire Department and send it to Jack. He's gonna need it IF he manages to stay out of Machem's sight and tries to run for Mayor of this city.

  • mizluvsco

    And GF: WTF does Mendelson's loyalty and fidelty have do with ANYTHING????? I like the guy and hope he will become Mayor once Vince Gray decides (or not) to run again.

  • Born Yesterday

    @Grier Francis--You've been hanging around the Wilson Building too long and drinking the koolaid they hand out there.

    Billionaire developers and financiers are the 1-percenters and don't create anything but more for themselves and their cronies.

    Jack Evans is their water boy--handing out multi-millions in public assets and tax breaks and saddling DC with all the risk and the long-term debt which will still be with us when he is long gone.

  • Grier Francis

    I like like billionaire developers, they give me pretty toys.

  • Grier Francis

    You are just jack haters.

  • mizluvsco

    GF they don't give you shit. YOU'RE EITHER ONE OF THEM OR THEIR WATER BOY HIMSELF!!!!!!

  • ward 2+2

    F*** Evans and the horse (Grier Francis) he rides around ward 2!

    Evans does NOT have the stones to run for mayor, did not have them in '98 and does not have them now. He is just another pretender looking for an easy way to the big chair.

    The road to the mayor's office is through wards 4 & 5, Evans will have NO support there. Mr. Baseball Stadium will get his a** kicked in 4 & 5.

  • mizluvsco

    DAMMMMNNNNN!!!, 2+2: What the Hell will he get kicked in 7&8?

  • Wait, What?

    I just think it's adorable that Noodlez thinks he'll be able to vote for Vince Gray again - unless you mean as a write in!

    Indictment Summer 2012.

  • sticktoyourguns

    they had a lover's spat so they are mad at each other right now is all...but bowser doesn't need to stay as the ward 4 councilmember she needs to give back every dollar she was paid to serve ward 4 because she is a joke.
    and for all considering voting for her just look at her campaign finance records and you will see she is in every developer's pockets and under the table with everyone...then follow her voting record and you will see she is pay to play

  • noodlez





  • AntiPioneer

    When snowballs freeze in hell, I'll consider voting for Evans.

  • Frank Lee Mahdear

    Evans' base is white people over 60. Sure, sure, every single last one of them votes, but there aren't enough of them to win, unless it's a really crowded primary.

  • Ward 2+2

    F*** Bowser, too. She is the Accidental Councilmember if I ever seen one. Fenty puts her in office, gets her re-elected in '08 and now her mediocre behind is electric sliding into office,again. She is lousy on every level, it is baffling that no credible person Is challenging her. She is very beatable because the Fenty green team is barely supporting her, they know she sucks!! For real.

    Ward 4 needs a hero or savior, Bowser is the worst!

  • Ain’t From Here

    maybe jacko will "at least sTay out of the race altogether."

  • Trent Warner

    Jack is the best thing going for this city. The prospect of his candidacy is exciting. Sooner or later Wards 5, 7 and 8 will be truly diverse and that electorate will vote intelligently. Instead of the sheep electorate we have now.

  • iknewthehellbetter

    @Trent Warner - Contrary to popular belief and ignorant rantings, Ward 5,7, and 8 have voted intelligently at least twice in the past decade or so, when each soundly rejected the 1998 notion of a Jack Evans' administration in the Wilson Building and more recently, the re-election of Adrian Fenty. Very intelligent voting indeed!

  • HomeSchooled

    evans can secure this if he runs in a special election, in which independents and republicans can vote. its about time for a white mayor anyway, and tommy boy definitely aint up for the job.

  • AntiPioneer

    @homeschooled. Most intellgient people prefer quality over race. Don't get me wrong, I am not accusing you of being intelligent.

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Don't count Vince Gray out for a second term. If Gray decides not to run I would support and work for Jack Evans. Each time Jack ran for re-election in Ward 2 it was Black voters in Shaw that overwhelmingly supported him in contested races.

    The challenge for Jack is to get out in Wards 4,5, 7 & 8 and let voters know that when he represented the majority Black Shaw - he worked hard to get a new Kennedy Recreation Center, Washington Convention, City Market at O (Old O Street Market), Jefferson at Market Place and (Old Kelsey Gardens Apartments). Jack also played a major role in Chinatown with develpoment of the MCI Center and now under construction new Center City Project(Old Washingtron Convention Center site).

    White voters would have the best chance in decades to elect a white Mayor in Evans if they don't spilt the vote with other white voters running. Evans, has demonstrated in Shaw that he had great numbers with Black voters - his challenge would be to get that data out to Black voters across the city and get the needed 20% Black votes needed to be elected mayor.

  • OLeroyplease!

    @LeroyThorpe - You or anyone else will ever be able to sell Jack Evans to us in 5,7, or 8. We see plainly what he did for the Black community in Shaw - turned it damn near White. Since when did you all become such good buddies. It was well known he hated you and you purportedly had no love for him. Did the Massa let you come out the fields and into the big house? Feed you chicken backs instead of chicken feet? How many pieces of silver did Jack give you to promote his sorry, thieving ass? We didn't want him in 1998 and we want even less now. Who cares whether white voters would have the best chance in decades to elect a white mayor in Evans? What does race/color have to do with it? Slavery is over. Stay the hell off of Massa Jack's plantation. You's free now!