Loose Lips

Ron Moten, Author

Go-go impresario, political consultant, T-shirt maker, anti-youth violence advocate and Republican Ward 7 Council candidate Ron Moten has a new book coming out. In Drinking Muddy Water: The Evolution of a Civil Rights Republican, Moten promises to "name names" about local political corruption and ruminate on the Democratic Party's relationship with African-Americans.

From Moten's news release:

Meet the National Democratic Party and the black "Pimpocracy” led by the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who do all they can to maintain the “class ceiling” so that they can live the high life off the backs of the dependent class. Meet the smiling white liberal do-gooders condescending to help “the poor little black folk.” Find out why the author claims that Bill Clinton, which only blacks with no sense of self-respect for our people call the first black president, did more damage to the black community than any other modern president with legislation like “three strikes and you’re out.”


Vincent Gray, political coward that his is, declared his hatred from freedom, opportunity and individual responsibility by tweeting that people were buying “hate chicken” at Chick-fil-A giving the impression that he cares about gay rights.

Moten says the book will be released either at the end of this month or the beginning of next month. The book will be about 240 pages, Moten says, and will be available in both dead-tree form and as an e-book.

Photo courtesy of Moten

  • Brian

    I have to say I'm impressed yet thoroughly confused. I might have to read this book.

  • HomeSchooled

    dear lord - comparing himself to lincoln and douglass. man he smokin some seriously good stuff.

    ron moten talks. and talks. and talks. he aint even very good at doing THAT. he had a free ride with fenty, has been at the back of the bus for the last 2 years, and is trying his damnest to stay relevant.

    alexander will crush him, but he will never fade away. too bad too!

  • cutthecrap

    Did Ron Moten include himself in this book when he was putting together a list poverty pimps? You have to have a command of the English language in order to write a book. I didn't know he possessed that...

  • Green Eyeshade

    I don't care

  • SEis4ME

    Have mercy!

    Vincent Gray, political coward that his is,

    I hope that Alan simply mistyped here and that the error wasn't in the actual press release.


    Oh, sorry I forgot.


  • Darren

    He must have a ghost-writer.

    Did Moten include his own history with drugs in the book? Don't illegal drugs hurt the black community? He shoud re-title the book "Reflexions of a Hypocite."

  • mizluvsco

    What happened to that property Moten and his co-ho(s)rts bought from the DC Housing Pimps? Is anybody investigating THAT??? Talk about the skillet calling the
    frying pan black!!!!! At least Jackson and Sharpton can put the handle REV before their names.

    Moten and the rest of the Fenty crew, along with the DC Housing Pimps, all have a tremendous Karmic Debt to pay. If I was one of them, I'd be somewhere hiding under a church pew asking God to please deliver me from evil AND THE FEDS.

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Whatever happened with that bootleg "magazine" of his that used to be scattered all over the sidewalks of upper MLK?

    At some point all that Peaceaholics money will run out...

  • CityRez

    And so Ron Moren joins the political party with a history of black voter suppression, the party that never considers government too big to interfere with private, consenting adult relationships, the party that has had a goal of criminalizing abortion, the party that has as its number one goal the transfer of wealth from working and middle class people to the most prosperous, the party that has worked the hardest to reduce federal funding for drug treatment programs, education, affordable housing, the party that has worked the hardest to combat civil liberties.

    Brilliant! DC needs more of the demagoguery that passes for leadership exemplified by Ron Moron. Guess Ronette is still furious that the Fenty gravy train and millions for PeaceWhoreHolics came to an end.

  • Hmmmmm

    Moten needs to go to the GOP Convention so he can be one of the 5 black faces in the crowd of thousands. He'd be guarenteed to be on TV like that lady with the cowboy hat from their 2008 convention.

  • SMH

    WOW. I have no words...I am not sure how Mr. Moten has transcended from illegal pharmacist to youth advocate to author but I guess its better than returning to a life of crime. I guess I will buy the book on Kindle to see what he has to say. It may be informative or entertaining maybe both... I wonder if there will be vampires, werewolves and witches in the book...LOL. If so, I'm sure it will make the NY Times Best Seller List...

  • capitol hill

    @SMH could you be a more obvious shill for this crap by that moten guy or what? or are you that moten guy?

  • Nana

    "Reflexions of a Hypocrite."


  • Max

    Some people will do anything for a few minutes of attention. He doesnt realize the more things like this he does he looks crazy...no respected publisher would publish such mess. Has he ever heard "Those who are without sin cast the first stone" cause hes throwing alot of bricks.

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