Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Effort to restrict late-term abortions fails. Arizona congressman wastes everyone's time scoring. [Times]

Post squeezing every little bit of juice out of its poll, finds that D.C. residents don't like Pepco. [Post]

Harry Jaffe unimpressed with Mayor Vince Gray's stance against Chick-fil-A. [Examiner]

Gray "thankful" that some of his supporters have created a pro-Gray website. [Examiner, Onedc.us]

Gray dancing like a ballerina [NBC4]

City that can't operate a working breathalyzer program now has stricter DUI laws. [WAMU]

British wire service pays attention to Gray's troubles. [Reuters]

  • Hmmmm

    @suderman You said Juice and PEPCO in the same sentence. Is this a veiled reference to Vinny "The Great Citrus" Orange who worked for and prob still benefits for PEPCO?

  • watchingtoo

    In ATL, Chick-Fil-A gives away a mass amount of coupons so the homeless can get huge meals. They go to the shelters to do this. DC has no REAL food banks and never has for those in need like fresh fruit, fresh vegies, cakes, pies, juices etc...