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Gray Administration Fires Environment Boss, Announces It

Here's something you don't see everyday: a news release from the Gray administration announcing that it has shitcanned an agency head.
The fired official: now former Department of Environment Director Christophe Tulou. His dismissal was announced today via email from Chief Administrator Allen Lew's office. Their statement:
District of Columbia City Administrator Allen Y. Lew today announced [...]

House Oversight Committee Probing Gandhi, Former Employees Say

The U.S. House committee tasked with oversight of the District government is taking a close look at the D.C. Chief Financial Officer Nat Gandhi's office, according to former OCFO employees.
The attorney for Eric Payne, the former contracting officer who has sued the city over allegations that he was fired for resisting political pressure over the [...]

Morning Clicks

Remember that big announcement a while back about a printer-cartridge factory in Ward 8? Not likely to happen. [WBJ]
Stadium Club is popular with the ladies. [Post]
Judge to decide whether anti-corporate giving initiative will be on ballot next week. [Times, Examiner]
Leave Walmart alone, obstructionists. [Post]

Gray’s COS Marks One-Year Anniversary

Chris Murphy, the mayor's chief of staff, is celebrating his one-year anniversary today. That's something of an accomplishment in this town, as many of his predecessors  haven't been able to last nearly as long. LL wrote about the short shelf-life of top mayoral traffic cops last year after Murphy was appointed as part of an [...]

Morning Clicks

Walmart foes on Georgia Ave. try again. [WBJ]
Also, see where Walmart's been spreading its cash. [WBJ]
Washington Informer: We're just as much "general circulation" as the Times. [Informer]
Brown v. Grosso, the one to watch [WAMU]

Take My Statehood — Please!

Poor D.C.: It can’t get no respect in national politics.
The Republican Party, which is hosting its convention this week in Tampa, Fla., went out of its way to kick dirt in the District’s eye. The party’s platform committee wouldn’t even tolerate the vaguest hint of allowing D.C. to spend its own locally raised tax money [...]

Michael Brown: I’m Street Legal

At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown has enough signatures to stay on the ballot, according to to a preliminary count by the Board of Elections.
Brown's signature-gathering effort is being challenged by competitor David Grosso and watchdog Dorothy Brizill. In a statement, Brown's campaign declared those challenges totally bogus.
"Fair-minded people reviewing the petitions and the challenges will conclude [...]

Morning Clicks

Marion Barry spending $12,000 in public money for a documentary about Ward 8, to be produced by same documentary maker who once chronicled Barry. [WAMU]
Board of Elections says it's the D.C. Public Trust folks who can't count or follow directions. [Post]
Gray on his proposed campaign finance reforms: "I don’t think the most useful thing is [...]

Gray Unironically Expresses Support for Good Government

Mayor Vince Gray has an odd way of showing his support for good government.
Instead of responding directly to allegations that his 2010 mayoral campaign was a hotbed of corruption illegally funded by a city contractor, Gray had his attorney general draft new legislation aimed at undoing the city's "pay-to-play" culture. Yeah, you read that right: [...]

Morning Clicks

Phil Mendelson wants to revise city's gun laws to allow for "honest mistakes" by nonresidents. [Examiner]
GOP platform takes a big dump on D.C. [TNR]
Judge says taxi-meter installation can proceed. [Post]
Michael Brown's awesome backyard for sale. [Sotheby's]