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The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, on whose board Jeff Thompson used to sit, paid Thompson's old accounting firm more than $1 million. Also, former lotto boss Leonard Manning won a no-bid contract from the board to import flowers from Ethiopia [Examiner]

Former CFO contracting officer on the lotto contract Eric Payne doubles down, sues CFO Nat Gandhi for defamation [Post]

Jonetta backs Payne [Examiner]

Ed board: ban on late-terms abortions in DC is "a cynical exploitation of the District to advance others’ political agendas." [Post]

One mother's heartbreaking story of a late-term abortion and why they should be legal [Post]

One of Jeff Thompson's two vacant Crestwood homes sells [Curbed]

Jack Evans loves Darrell Issa [Times]

  • Truth hurts

    The city council should adopt an "emergency resolution" advising arizona republicans (and their ilk) to f.... off! Smug assholes.