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Jeff Thompson Part of Small Group That Gave to Gray’s Cousin

Jeff Thompson, the D.C. Medicaid contractor who allegedly funded a $650,000 illegal shadow campaign and gave more than $40,000 in straw donations to help get Vince Gray elected mayor in 2010, was part of a small group of Gray associates who donated to a Maryland campaign by the mayor's cousin.

In late 2007, Maryland Del. Jim Proctor threw a fundraiser in D.C. He says Gray, his first cousin, suggested some potential donors Proctor's campaign might contact.  Proctor's campaign finance records show that Gray, who was then D.C. Council chairman, and several of his close friends donated on the same day. Gray gave $1,000. His closest friend and former campaign chairwoman Lorraine Green gave $150. Thomas Gore, another longtime friend and former campaign treasurer who recently pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, gave $200. Those are the only donations Green and Gore have ever made to a Maryland politician in the last seven years, campaign finance records show.

On that same day, Thompson gave Proctor $3,000. Thompson gave a $1,000 personal donation, $1,000 from one of his healthcare companies, and $1,000 from his accounting firm. Thompson has donated to a few Maryland politicians before (Gov. Martin O'Malley recently gave away some of, but not all, of the money Thompson gave his 2010 campaign). But this was his only donation to Proctor.

Other connected types who gave to Proctor around the same time as Gray include David Wilmot, who has lobbied on behalf of Thompson and helped him fundraise; Rod Woodson, one of Gray's favorite lobbyists, whose nomination to the D.C. Water board of directors was recently rejected by the D.C. Council; and developer Herb Miller, a former fraternity brother of Gray's who says he doesn't remember any details of his donation to Proctor. None of them gave more than $200. There's also a $500 donation from a company called D.C. Services, which shares an address and a similar giving pattern in D.C. politics with the former lottery company contractor controlled by Gray ally Leonard Manning.

Pedro Ribeiro, a spokesman for Gray, says the mayor doesn't remember soliciting any donations for his cousin but may have forwarded the fundraiser's invitation to some of his associates. Ribeiro adds that Gray hardly knew Thompson in 2007 and that Thompson would have been on the top of any fundraiser's list given his prolific giving in past campaigns. (Thompson's attorney has declined all media requests for comment ever since the FBI raided his client's home and office earlier this year.)

Proctor says he doesn't know Thompson and that he isn't sure who invited him to the fundraiser; he says it could have been Gray or any of his D.C. friends. Readers with good memories may recall that Maryland super lobbyist Bruce Bereano, an ex-con and another Gray fraternity brother, once raised money for Gray by telling potential donors that Proctor "would be very appreciative of any help or support you can give to his cousin Vince."

Bereano declined to comment when asked if he was involved in Thompson's donations. Asked if D.C. businessmen donated to his campaign simply as a favor to Gray, Proctor says, "They may have, yes."

In Thompson's case, that might have been a $3,000 favor for a guy he supposedly wasn't even close with.

Photo via C-SPAN

  • nofatty4DC

    City Paper of the 'former Chocolate City' should resign from bamming the mostly honest Black Vincent Gray and go find some 'white dirty polticians' in the District Building who mostly dishonest.Will not name names in Ward 2, Ward 1 or At-large Council caqsue they be white and almost 'right'.

  • Art

    "[Pedro] Ribeiro adds that Gray hardly knew Thompson in 2007..." Either Ribeiro is an idiot of he thinks we are. Who would believe that Gray - then council chairman and previously Ward 7 council man - did not know one of the cities biggest contractors and fundraisers? Please!

  • Art

    Also, I am sure somebody will be giving old Jim Proctor a crash course on how the Hatch Act applies to DC government employees before he answers anymore media questions.

  • Terry Miller

    I am confusted, Art. Who is the D.C. government employee here? The article says that Jim Proctor was a Maryland delegate. Is he also a D.C. government employee?

  • samantha

    City Paper cannot afford to expose it's benefactors Evans , Catania, Graham and Wells . Tell Ms Cheh and her Scott Walker Wisconsin Surrogate to hold a Rountable Cover Up on that !

  • Hank Callis

    Another piece of garbage article. Are any of these donations alleged to be illegal? No. Is it any surprise that people use political and family networks to raise money? Hardly. Get a life.

  • tony

    Jeff Thompson only crime is that he is too of a successful black man in America. Jeff Thompson is not a crook instead he is a successful black man who used his vast wealth to help other black folks and minorities. Black Professionals, like Jeff Thompson, who achieved greatness, never forgot their humble beginnings. I take my hat off to such giants.

    Black success should never be condemned.

  • Wait, What?

    Uhm, tony - no one is condemning success, for individuals of any color. Repeated illegal campaign donations are being condemned. Some day you'll figure all of this out - I won't hold my breath until then, though.

  • DCGovcorruption

    In America we have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Allegations can be made and must be proven in a court of law with evidence. Whether you like someone or not, your personal opinions will not prevail in superior court or federal court. I recalled all the allegations/charges made against Doug Jemal by the feds and I recalled that the jury didnot believe the feds except for a misdeameanor veredit. I recalled the allegations and charges by the feds and media against John Edwards, he beat the feds and the media. Jurors who hear the so-called evidence are much smarter than media pundits and over zealous prosecutors.

  • LOL

    and all of these people have donated to Muriel Bowser's campaign each time she has ran...so she is no different from Gray

  • Jason

    Well said Tony!!! Thats the real reason why the post dislikes Mayor Barry so much. His number one goal was to help minorities economically through government. It was government that had its "foot" on the necks of blacks/browns for 300 years. He was determined to use government to uplift blacks/browns. His personal demons are just that, personal...

  • Typical DC BS

    DCGovCorruption: Douglas Jemal was convicted of a FELONY, not a misdemeanor. He just didn't get any jail time because he had no serious criminal record before that.

  • Truth hurts

    Actually, Jemal was convicted of a felony. As was Bereano (multiple felonies). As were several additional Gray operatives. As will more Gray cronies eventually become convicted felons.

    Including Hawkins, Thompson, and Gray himself. Sterling role models all.

  • puleeze

    Truth hurts since you know who will be convicted of felonies, could you please give me the numbers to the next mega million lottery jackpot. I'll split it with you though that truth would really hurt me.

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