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Morning Clicks

Gray cheers rising school test scores [Times]

Salaries for Gray's MPD detail total about $1 million per year [Examiner]

Gray breaks ground on health center, is not bothered by reporters [NBC4]

Jonetta: "Earth to Gray" [Examiner]

Marion Barry, polarizer [Post]

Ed board: down with video inmate conferencing, up with plexiglass [Post]

Tommy Wells: are the speed camera fines too damn high? [Post]

Planned economic development spending by ward [Post]


  • Only for politics

    Tommy Wells does not own a car, so why is he concerned about the ticket prices? Since we do not have a commuter tax, it is only right that whoever comes into town abide by the traffic laws and if not pay that fine.

    Why vouch for something worthwhile like ban outside employment on the council?

    I would like for the next Mayor to devise a plan that will cut out the foolishness on the council and make residents proud of their vote!

  • Driver Ed

    Tommy Wells doesn't own a car but his wife does? Say what? The WaPo published that shit? I wish I was white.

    I don't have a baby but my wife does.

  • Dr. Seuss

    My kids dont have baseball equipment but Harry Thomas does!

    My car isnt bulletproof. But Kwames boat is!

    Vincent Gray didnt beat Fenty. But his Shadow Campaign did!

    Bill Clinton didnt have sexual relations with that woman. But Marion Barry did have sexual relations with that crack pipe!

    Fenty wasnt asked to resign, but Mary Cheh asked Mayor Gray to resign!

  • capitol hill

    @dr seuss: great

  • Bert

    DC will soon realize some cost savings on Vince Gray's security detail. It's only a matter of time before his security needs are assumed by the US Marshalls Service and the Bureau of Prisons.

  • AntiPioneer

    Go Gray!!!

  • Typical DC BS

    I want to know why any DC mayor needs security when they are outside of the general area? Nobody anywhere else in the world gives a damn who the mayor of DC is when he's not in this area. Just a foolish waste of money or another example of profiling to look fine.

  • Anonymous, Three

    #8 The way the nuts and kooks are acting on this blog, Damn right the Mayor needs security. EVERYWHERE. I guess it was okay with you when Fenty used his best bud as a driver to avoid close scrutiny of his whereabouts in DC. I doubt very seriously that the security makes one 'look fine'. If anything it probably cramps one's style and sense of freedom. Ever calculate how much it would cost if something happened to the Mayor. Say he was targeted by a terrorist to incapacitate the Nation's Capital's top leadership. It doesn't have to be fatal, any long term incapacitation would make the mil look like pennies. I don't have to be more explicit with you, you're a typical big BSer now. You just want to spout some bs.

    Oh, Now I get it; if there was some reason for you to have a security detail you would profile to look fine.