Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Mayor's security detail to make sure Hizzoner has a little more breathing room. [NBC4]

Ed board: If Vince Gray was such a lock to beat Adrian Fenty, then why all the sleazy stuff? [Post]

Gov't agencies getting better grades. [Times]

Phil Pannell running for Ward 8 school board spot. [Post]

Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown has a message. [@kwamebrowndc]

Cab upgrades could be delayed. [Post]

City given six more months to fix developmentally disabled care; David Wilmot close to getting out of the group home biz. [Post]

Marion Barry's first wife, Mary Treadwell, has died. [@marionbarryjr]

Write a comment, the city listens. [WTOP]

  • Sad Case

    Kwame has a lot of nerve, you and your brother were BALLING off campaign money, you have a boat name bulletproof, and you have a mistress that your wife caught you with.

    You are the prime example of your twitter note! We are watching the ugly results of your actions!

  • Hmmmmmm

    Will the Post release this "Housing" list or just throw out accusations wo proof? Have they turned it over to Ronnie and Co.?

  • drez

    Shorter Gray:
    We didn't break the law because we had to, we broke the law because we wanted to.