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Morning Clicks

Mayor Vince Gray has had enough with those pesky reporters: "Can you get the microphone out of my face, please sir?" [Fox5]

Housing agency to probe how Gray campaign got list of public housing residents. [Post]

Gray: I didn't need any list. [NBC4]

Gray heckled at AIDS convention. [Times]

Fiesta DC still looking for a home. [DCist]

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton mum on donations from Jeanne Clarke Harris. [Times]

Marion Barry's still got it. [NBC4]

Special election would help white mayoral aspirants Jack Evans and Tommy Wells. [Post]

  • Even The Playing Field

    Funny how people are trying to say "we need to drop this black/white thing" only because it affects the chance of DC having a white mayor.

    I for one do not want a crusty old white guy to run the city, because what we he have? All crusty ass white guy ideas.

    Jack Evans and Tommy Wells have no personality and do not inspire any DC children to be hopefull for the future. A white Mayor would be similar to a white guy receiving a full scholarship to an HBCU and becoming valedictorian. It just puts a huge dent in things, and you dont want that.

    I'd rather someone who identifies with the people and wants to change the gov't for the better than an old tired ass politician.

    Evans nor Wells are candidates the city will take pride in embracing..

    But its good to see the white candidates struggle for once, lets see how they overcome adversity!

  • Redskins Fan

    Starting off the morning a bit aggressive @PlayingField?

    I read the article on Norton, her worst mistake was opening her mouth about the Gray situation. It is definitely time for her to go.

  • Mayor Zimmerman

    If Evans or Wells becomes Mayor, you might as well expect for the crime rate and other issues to rise in the city. No one will take DC culture seriously.

  • KeepInItReal

    Give them HELL Vince.

  • mizwillis

    Mr. Evans has probably cleaned out that storage place.

  • Mr.Remember

    I will say it until I am blue in the face. It's not who you tell black people to vote for, it who you tell black people not to vote for. To tell us not to vote or support VG will just have the opposite effect in this city.

  • watchingtoo

    Too many high class black people in DC forgot the poor black people and as a result the poorer blacks are mostly gone from DC. Therefore, there are not enough blacks to vote the blacks back into office. You reap what you sow but worse!

  • Frank Lee Mahdear

    Another myopic twit for Wells and dead-set against Evans. I'd rather have four more years of Gray and his old-boy ineptitude than four years of Evans and his R******* fanboy fantasies.

  • And . . .

    Doesn't Gray's son work for DCHA?

  • Truth hurts

    I don't think any current CM's should become the next mayor. DC needs a leader untarnished by this mess.