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Morning Clicks

Did Gray campaign illegally obtain public housing records to assist in GOTV? How did they get those records? [Post]

Jack Evans, almost certainly a mayoral candidate [Times]

Mayor Mendo? It could happen [Post]

Ron Machen in this weekend's Grey Lady: “The large-scale shadow campaign we had here,” Mr. Machen said in an interview, “is unprecedented.” [NYTimes]

Must see TV: Fenty campaign strategist Ron Moten and Gray campaign consultant Mo Elleithee to debate on Newstalk at 10 a.m.

Colby King: Lock'em up, Machen [Post]

Cab shop operator stabbed [Fox5]

Council should stop using private email [Post]

Kenyan McDuffie is tired of all the flooding in Bloomindale [Times]


  • Gray Went Hard

    Mayor Gray gave Fenty a taste of his own medicine from what I can see.

    Although the method they went through to get Fenty out of DC is wild, I think this situation speaks volumes as to the toll DC politics takes on the native washingtonians and the residents that have been in the city during its dark days.

    The Fenty years left such a bad taste in the mouths of natives that they just got fed up and wanted any and everything done to get him out of office.

    Gray knew he would have had to put a full court press together to get Fenty out of office and thats exactly what they did..

    Sad that Gray was the sacrificial lamb to get Fenty's evil ass out of office.


    No, Fenty went hard, Gray just cheated. Let's just hope Fenty or perhaps Williams comes back to save DC from its 'natives'.

  • Contracts

    Fenty definitely went hard, all the scandals happen while he was on the council.

    @KDY you must have helped the BackYard Band make that weak ass please dont leave Fenty song ahahahah

  • Frank Lee Mahdear

    Could this be the week? Anyone know Ron Machen's vacation schedule?

  • Here We Go Again

    lol the Media is praying to GOD that we have a White Mayor by the end of the year

  • Mary-Austin

    ^ I think the media and MOST of the city just want us to have a mayor and city council that is not an embarrassment.

  • Here We Go Again

    I don't know whats more of an embarrassment, the council or the dummies that vote those fools in

  • KeepInItReal

    @RHC, Fenty IS a native.