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Post Poll: More than half the city wants Vince Gray to resign. [Post]

President Barack Obama and Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley give back Jeff Thompson cash. D.C. pols do not. (Though note that Carcetti is only giving about half of the Thompson-tied cash he took in on a single day.) [Times]

Bob McCartney: Gray is a bum, but those who would replace him are bums, too. [Post]

Rev. Willie Wilson: There are shadow campaigns everywhere. [WAMU]

ANC commish on Gray: "if he did something wrong, they should send his happy [butt] to jail where they do roadside pickup of poop on the side of the road." [Informer]

House passes D.C. abortion bill, much to Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton's dismay. [WAMU]

Leon Swain running to "shake up the well." [Informer]

  • Loose Fists

    Im confused about Obama and knowing since "March". Did he know the money was shady then, or was he briefed on the DC Politics situation in March?

    No if we applied the same pressure to Obama as we did councilmembers it would be ugly for him as well. How come no one questions how Obama can receive contributions and not know that they were fraudulent? Because he is our President, we let him slide? Do we know if Thompson donated in Obamas first election?

    All im saying is be fair and hold their feet to the fire as well.

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    I believe the Washington Post's article today was deliberately designed to target DC voter's and to influence public opinion to force Mayor Gray to resign.

    I question the sample for the survey. was the sample research inclusive of Wards 1-8, or did tarket mostly White voters in Nortwest or Capital Hill?

    Remember, the majority of White voters in DC did no vote for Mayor Gray, simueltaneously while the majority of Black voters supported Mayor Gray.

    It apppears to me that the White media is deliberately writing negative articles on Gray to prepare the way fro a White Mayor or weak Black Mayor such as Bowser of Ward 4. If this is the case if Vince Gray decides not to run for Mayor in 2014, here are some things to think about. Bowser, although Black, is not trusted by the majotity of Blacks in Warfds 1-8, of I will give her Ward 4. Bowser like Fenty is not Black enough and you wonder why a woman her age had never been married nor have any children which many Blacks want to know? I don't believe Bowser has the personality to connect to working class and poor people of color and they won't vote for her.

    Jack Evans, if Mayor Gray decides not to run in 2014,would be a logical and good choice to replace Mayor Gray. Jack Evans is smart, political savvy and helped Black people in Shaw. Evans took care of the seniors and made sure that Black youth's and adults had a new Kennedy Recreation Center at 7th & O. Evans, also supported the City Market at O project now under construction at 7th & O, which will provide jobs in the hotel and food industry as well as affordable living for seniors.

  • Here We Go Again

    Aint no way in hell you can convince me that Jack Evans would be a good mayor when the guy works for the city council and holds outside employment.

    You honestly aren't making decisions for the betterment of the city!

  • DC5

    @ Thorpe-
    It's difficult to believe you're actually a "social worker" what with your dinosaur-like attitudes about women (and others). Murial Bowser's family choices are her business and none of yours. Her marital and family status are protected categories under the Human Rights Act (have you ever read it?), and if you were hiring her your "wondering" would be illegal.

  • Mary-Austin


    Do you have any evidence to back up your allegations about the survey or are you just making shit up?

  • Jim

    Is this the same Leroy Thorpe who said the US deserved 9/11? is this the same Leroy Thorpe who jsut hustles bigotry? When did he move back to DC?

  • Jim

    Ignore him. He just likes attention. sad.

  • umis habit hummm

    McCartney is slippin. He drank too much of the 15th & M Sts NW kool-aid. "Gray is a Bum"?????? How far are these desperate sore losers willing to go. Please keep it up, eventually even a Helen Keller would pick up on your bias,
    without her miracle worker.