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Willie Wilson Calls for Investigation of Fenty Campaign

As far as rallies for embattled mayors go, today's affair in support of Mayor Vince Gray at the Wilson Building was pretty tame.

For starters, there wasn't heated rhetoric about a racially motivated witchhunt against a black mayor, a la pro-Marion Barry rallies back in the day. (At one rally for Barry in 1987, about 700 supporters showed up, a Washington Post story reported, some with signs saying "We thought lynching was outlawed.")

For another, hardly anyone was there. Were it not for reporters, the rally for Gray would have been more like an intimate gathering for Gray, in which diehards took turns at a bullhorn professing their support for the mayor and expressing their disdain for his opponents.

The Rev. Willie Wilson came closest to making news by announcing that he was going to ask the Board of Elections to investigate former Mayor Adrian Fenty's well-funded 2010 campaign. (Wilson said all the 2010 campaigns, but LL doubts he wants an investigation of Faith's campaign.)

"I can't help but think that with $5 million raised in the war chest in the opponent of Mayor Gray, you might find something. If you look at anything hard enough and long enough, you will be able to find something wrong," Wilson said.

Wilson said Gray's campaign has received an unfair amount of scrutiny and that the U.S. Attorney's Office was responsible for creating a "media frenzy" by leaking sensitive information that had tainted the good names of some of D.C.'s most respected citizens, including Thomas Gore (who pleaded guilty to destroying evidence related to improper payments to Sulaimon Brown), Vernon Hawkins (who used to work for Wilson and allegedly help run a vast off-the-books shadow campaign) and Jeff Thompson (whose longtime associate said in court last week funded that shadow campaign and was also behind thousands in illegal "straw donor" contributions).

In an interview after the rally, Wilson declined to speak to what the feds' motivation would be for such shenanigans: "I don't know what the motivation is. I know it's not right, I know it' s unjust and it's unfair. Period."

The campaign's other organizer, the Rev. Graylan Hagler, also had bad things to say about the Fenty campaign. “Fenty ran a nearly $5 million shadow campaign, except it wasn’t illegal," Hagler said. "It wasn’t illegal because basically grants from the city were given to certain groups who engaged in a shadow campaign, so that was on taxpayer money.”

LL doesn't know about that, but campaign records do show that the Fenty campaign took  a lot of money from Thompson's vast network of donors well before Gray got into the race. Some of those donations can be linked to Jeanne Clarke Harris, the Thompson associate who said in court last week that she helped direct $44,000 in straw donations to Gray's campaign.

Sudip Bhattacharya contributed to this report.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • name

    Fenty's not here man.

    Tit for tat just makes you look like a bozo.

  • And Another One…

    Everyone in DC Politics is corrupt, from the actual politicians, to the workers who lie on their time sheets for pay, the people who work the pols, and even the media. Everyone plays a part in the downfall of DC.

    Nobody called for resignations or investigations DURING the campaign or when people can feed their families by working over election season supporting a candidate.Nobody called for investigations when the supplies are being purchased and that money is being circulated around the city.Nobody called for investigations when Fenty's bum ass lost in the election...

    I agree with the religious leaders that Fenty's campaign should be audited. After all once he got in office thats when all the corrupt stuff started. Everyone got exposed once he lost the Mayoral Race, so its only fitting Fenty was fucking things up while in office and keeping the white people happy by putting up trolleys and bike lanes.

    Fenty definitely walks like and talks like white people, he sounded so out of place riding around in a green truck with Big G and all the people he left behind but claimed he didn't ahahahah.

    You want to fix the city? Jail every person who has ever touched money from Jeff Thompson. So wherever his dollar circulated throw their ass in jail! Eleanor Holmes Norton, Barack Obama, The Mayor of Atlanta, all DC Councilmembers, the election supply service companies, the workers and volunteers, throw all of them in jail.

    Because I'm sure Jeff Thompson's money contributed to everyone for good or for bad.

  • Typical DC BS

    Typical DC stupidity. Lots of hot air, but no worthwhile actions taken.

  • cutthecrap

    viewing the pics, it looks like the protesters are wearing the "illegal" tee shirts bought with "Shadow Campaign" money.

    @Tony...hit that spell check bruh.

  • tony

    @cutthecrap, thanks for the pull up, man.

    Maybe you can correct it whenyou finish sucking that white man's di*k.

  • Mark

    You would think people this ignorant would want to keep their heads down and avoid undue attention.

  • StrangeFruit


    You know exactly what Rev. Wilson is talking about regarding Fenty and his shadow campaign!

    FYI, There would have been more people at the rally if it wasn't so damn hot!

  • Truth hurts

    Priceless. About 50 people sporting shirts and carrying signs bought with dirty money, defending Gray's silence by calling for investigations of Fenty. And their leader's bff is Hawkins, Gray's frontman on the shadow campaign. One city, baby!

  • Mike Madden


    I've deleted your earlier comment for language (yes, even though you spelled it with an X instead of an E to avoid the computer filter). Feel free to post it again without using an offensive term.

  • blkwrestl

    fenty got what he deserved gentrifiers leave dc now. your time has come and nova wants u back. by the way take your smelly dogs, feces and piss

  • watchingtoo

    Fenty! Is he the one who beat his will all the time and stole 2.5 million from the disabled and elderly.

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    Fenty should be investigated along with Catania and Graham. The mentioned group were unfair to women in the workforce. Catania and Graham are jealous of women because they wanna be one. Fenty abused women.

    The era of mental health issues should be evaluated here in DC. Leaders with bipolar disorders/behaviors, split personalities seem to be on the rise since Fenty.

  • Ward 4 Voter


  • Ward 4 Voter

    Susan, I am laughing to keep from crying. This circus is enough to make someone become bipolar.

  • gitchafaxstr8

    @Mark #6: Any puns intended there?

  • WhoSaidWhat

    I am not taking anything a grown man named "Willie" says seriously.

  • betterdayfordc

    Gray is toast soon. This was such a waste of time. Happily nobody bothered to show up to make fools of themselves

  • CoHiResident

    Yes, Susan, let's devolve this thread into one involving disparaging remarks against the two gay members of the DC Council. Because that really bolsters your rant.

  • Really?

    So now the media has FINALLY heard what the streets have been buzzing about for about a year. This whole rooting "ethics" is BULL! Wasn’t nay media (i.e. Washington Post nor Washington City Paper) worried about ethics when Fenty was in office.

    They weren’t worried about how unethical it was to not nominate folks to the PERB board; or giving out 10 million in contracts with no requirements to report on any program progress or specific deliverables, or was ethical for his boy Keith Lomax to be his driver. And even with the Lotto contract ain’t nobody bring out the facts that his boy ,Warren Warrenton’s, wife was batting for the other team. And ya’ll know how the citypaper loves talking about folks wives. Yes folks I’m talking about Warren who was apart of Banneker Ventures and who scored major contracts as a developer for many Housing Authority projects.

    So just like it took almost a year for the media to find out that folks weren’t feelin Fenty’s BS and nope I aint talkin about behavior; the media has finally gotten word that folks ain’t feelin the lastest hanging of elecated officials for supposed crimes which were "Knick-knack patty-whack compared to the previous administration. So, what’s the media response? Try and change the narrative to say race hasn't been a non %&*ing factor. Now, they are reporting on polls and stuff b/c they know that this isn't playing well to the public.

    And why would anybody in their right mind believe a poll given by the Washington Post. Conglomerate who been hacking away at this administration since day one? These Mofo wouldn’t know don’t even know how to be unbiased.

  • BikeToday

    When in doubt, Blame it on the Man.

  • umis habit hummm

    Hey Biker: Stay off the sidewalks and in your little bike lane since you want to 'bike'. Ain't no doubt about it, the Man IS the Devil in these details.

  • southeast lady

    name: for background and historical information, it may be a good idea to check previous mayoral campaigns. This study may give us some insight into how mayoral campaigns have been run over a certain period of time. This shadow campaign business did not crop up under Gray's campaign (its time for Gray to go).

    We need someone to look at the history of how mayoral campaigns were run in the past in order to get a handle on how they should be run in the future.

    Yes, I believe that there is a conspiracy get Blacks off of the DC council by investigating illegal activity that is alleged to be going on now that will be going on when the whites take over the DC council (and they will take it over).

    Whites on on the rise in the district. They are young and dumb about DC politics. They got money and they don't care about other people except people in their own young, educated, transplanted selves.

    Old Black DC is in trouble!

  • seDCdude

    "did not crop up under Gray's campaign (its time for Gray to go).

    when the whites take over the DC council (and they will take it over).

    Old Black DC is in trouble"

    damn......whose side are you on, really!!??

  • LOL

    WOW, Willie Wilson remarkably reminds me of a Sambo, especially those bulging eyes and yes-sir smile.