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Cabbies have it rough. [Post]

EHN's money ties to Jeff Thompson [Times]

Gray supporter: "The prosecutorial targeting of Gray and other top D.C. officials also picks at the scab of colonialism." [Huffpo]

Tony Williams says sorry, Vince Gray doesn't. [Post]

Lobbyists talked to councilmembers. [Examiner]

Tom Sherwood: Remember, feds says official Gray campaign officials coordinated with shadow campaign. [NBC4]

Harry Jaffe to pro-Gray ministers: Don't play the race card. [Examiner]

  • Sulaimon for Mayor

    So now reports are coming out that Norton has received 50,000 from Jeff Thompson. Perhaps we should audit her campaign files and see if she can get some jailtime along with Gray.

    3/4s of the councilmembers have received money from Jeff Thompson, why is it that Catania, Cheh and others have not been requested to provide information..

    It will be a shame because someone is going to find a way to damage Catania, Cheh, Evans, and Wells reputation as well.

    Whether someone sneaks in a forged money order, counterfeit dollar bills or get paid under the table, im sure the political Gods have something in store for those that Suderman and the media are letting slide.

  • drez

    Receiving money and not reporting that money are two very different things and people who conflate them are either ignorant or act with ulterior motive.

  • Jimbo

    Don't worry about Wells. He'll embarass himself without any outside help.

  • Terry Miller

    Since Jeff Thompson gave money to a lot of winning campaigns (usually at the tail end of the primary), I suspect that most, if not all, D.C. elected officials, past and present have received money from Thompson in the same manner. Therefore, the U.S. Attorney will have a hard time going after one without going after them all. I am no fan of VO, but he is far from the only one with this issue.

  • Keith

    Ive said it once, and I'll say it again: Fuck DC taxis

  • Wipe Me Down

    DC will never get statehood

  • mizluvsco

    @Drez: What you say may be very true, but all of us are not aware of the rules and regulations of the game of big time politics. So it's a bit unfair to refer to us as ignorant or having hidden agendas. What we do know is that it seems a bit hypocritical for one politician to call for another politician to step down because he/she received what is perceived to be illegal contributions to ones campaign from the same alleged crooked donor. Its a fine line they walk. Especially since The Mayor has not been charged with illegalities much less indicted and found guilty as charged. The disruption of a Mayor stepping down is serious business and in no way shape or form would auger well for our fragile city.

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