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  • Ward 3

    I received an e-mail last night stating that Vincent Orange has been cleared of the OCF audit as well. Did anyone else receive that press release?

    If thats true, then we all have been fooled claiming that Orange is corrupt.

    Alan do you have any information on this?

  • KeepInItReal

    News Satan-man doesn't want you to know:

    Receipts & Expenditures Add Up

    Washington, DC - July 16, 2012

    The DC Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) Preliminary Audit Report on Orange At-Large Principal Campaign Committee 2011 Special Election represents a victory for Vincent Orange, DC Council Member At-Large.

    OCF has determined, per audit, that receipts and expenditures for the Orange At-Large Campaign were $331,324.71 and $331,347.62 respectfully with an ending cash balance of a negative $22.91.

    This marks the fourth examination of Orange's Special Election 2011 financial records. Previously, OCF performed desk review audits on Orange's March 10, 2011, June 10, 2011 and 8-Day Pre-Special Election reports.

    "I am elated to continue moving forward and preparing for the 2012 November 6 General Election. I am on the ballot and I'm working hard for victory. This is great news!" said Council Member Vincent Orange.

    Councilmember Orange will appear on NewsTalk tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM with Bruce DePuyt to discuss this matter. The show airs live at 10:00 am and replayed at 4:00 pm.

    For press inquiries, please contact Doug Sloan +1 202 529 1962.

  • Kathy8

    Very strange that you need to use one of four outside accounts to post a comment on Channel 4's website. No way to post anything unless you have one of those accounts...

  • Tformation!

    This sounds like a press release from VO, not OFC.... Ijs

  • Dont u kno I’m Loco?

    Besides being the biggest receipient of Jeff Thompson's illegally raised campaign money on the council, Vincent Orange also has ties to the major players (Jeanne Harris in particular) in the Gray shadow campaign federal prosecutors say broke campaign finance laws. Time for a change, his record is tainted and it's obvious.

  • Haterade

    @Loco save it for someone who cares, Orange had big haters because of this OCF stuff, and the dust has settled and he is clear of violations.

    Orange was never under federal investigation and this is the final piece that clears his name.

    Sorry you guys, an ethical and moral person cannot be broken despite you all praying Orange fit the description.

    Now its time to crack down on Catania and Cheh because they deserve all the heat!

  • Wait, What?

    I don't hate Vincent Orange - far from. Like most DC residents, I simply pay that grandstander no mind.

    Good for him being cleared though.

  • Haterade

    They should start paying him more attention in a positive way because his name has been dragged through the mud and has been cleared.

    Cant say the same for the other guys you all show your loyalty to.

    It makes the council, especially Mary Cheh look bad when you choose someone who neglected to pay their taxes over someone who is ethically and morally sound.

    I question Mary Cheh's ability to move the city in the right direction after she fully supports Kwame Brown and Michael Brown however you flip-flopped and now want Gray to resign.

    She is the reason the council has fallen apart. Now that Kwame Brown is gone, she has no one else to show her loyalty to and her true colors are coming out. She is no good for the city and will use her powers to smother the city council.

  • KeepInItReal

    Something for you Myopic Double Standard White Twits to pay attention to:


  • Corporate Love

    VO did a good job with his campaign despite what critics say. I was fortunate enough to look over his audit and everything was organized and there.

    What makes this even better for Orange and worse for the council is that Orange will cruise to victory for his November election. As for the council, many will question even more why Michael Brown was selected over VO as well as why they pushed so hard for a person who isnt "corrupt" to not come back to the council.

    Perhaps did the council WANTED Orange out of politics so they could hide everything from the citizens?

    Most of the corrupt stuff happened under the Fenty administration, years when Orange wasn't on the council.

    Why did the council push so hard for Sekou Biddle? He is not pound for pound a better politician than Orange, but could Biddle keep his mouth shut and operate under the leadership of Cheh & Brown?

    Why are councilmembers who were not in favor of Fenty now asking for Gray to resign? Are the councilmembers here for the betterment of the city or just for personal gain?

    I started to believe Orange was here for only personal gain, but it seems like we found out who truly was there for personal gain vs. helping the city out..

  • RealDC

    Wow, good for Orange. Not a fan but he is not corrupt as the Biddidle mob wanted you to believe. Shame on the folks and the Post for implying Orange was crooked. Apologize now!!

    DC is more divided than ever because of campaigns like Biddidle.

    Orange for Mayor in 2014!

  • Wait, What?

    @KeepinITReal: Too easy. By Chuck's logic, we would ignore Watergate because Nixon would have won anyway. Now who's myopic?

    Must be tough to have Thies and Courtland as the only defenders of One City's ruins.

    Too bad Courtland's lived in Ward 9 for the past 20 or so years - and I/we should listen to his opinion on the district why, again?

  • Frank Lee Mahdear

    So OCF hasn't cleared Orange yet. This is all from an Orange press release, based on draft audit reports being circulated (per DeBonis). And they only touch on the OCF stuff, not the Jeffrey Thompson stuff or any of the other stuff swirling around him.

    Orange and his band of internet warriors are thus officially Trying Too Hard.

  • Ward 3

    @Frank The only reason the OCF audited his campaign stuff is because he requested for it to be done. Orange was never under federal probe to my knowledge, perhaps if you know something we don't please share it.

    And what other stuff is swirling around about Orange? I do not want to make any assumptions if there is proof that proves otherwise

  • KeepInItReal
  • Frank Lee Mahdear

    Ward 3, don't be coy. LL and Patrick Madden at WAMU have been reporting on the links between Orange and Jeffrey Thompson. If the OCF probe is limited in its scope, and one would assume it is if Orange himself requested it, whatever exoneration he gets from them will be short-lived if it turns out that Thompson or someone else has been singing to Team Machen about our favorite citrus.

    Also, Orange's relationship with Pepco is at least as interesting as Mendo's relationship with Pepco, or Evans' relationship with Patton Boggs, or Catania's relationship with M.C. Dean. Inquiring minds want to know more.

    So, no, I don't have any scoops for you. Just ongoing reports of a foul stench on an ill wind.

  • noodlez

    @FLOPSY THE CLOWN - "and I/we should listen to his opinion on the district why, again?" BECAUSE MR MILLOY HAS LOST MORE WASHINGTONIAN CRED THAN YOU WILL EVER GAIN IN YOUR LIFETIME!




  • Dummies

    VO tells people that he has been cleared, now your going to say Mike DeBonis said its just a draft?

    This is the same Mike DeBonis that was fucking a campaign's spokeswoman during election season right?

    Oh....you seriously gonna believe him before Orange?

    BTW Orange used to work for Washington Post back in the day...So if your trying to say Orange has it good with Pepco, then why in the hell does he not have it good with WP. He worked there longer than he did Pepco back in the day.

  • KeepInItReal

    @Dummies, the statement from the Orange camp can easily be confirmed with the Office of Campaign Finance. I mean REALLY easily.

    I know truth is a hard pill to swallow when you have been suckling on a lie for so very long.

  • Wait, What?

    Uh Noodlez, I'm a native washingtonian, born and raised (W6). Mr. Milloy is not, and now lives in Ward 9. Glad you like him - perhaps you should be his neighbor?

  • Dummies

    Ahaha Suderman said on his twitter to the investigation isn't over yet hmmm.....you sir are sounding a lot like Mayor Gray lol

  • Hmmmmm

    Orange has not been cleared. Still many questions yet to be answered about the large amt of tainted monies he received. The investigation continues.
    Check OCF yourself

    I will say Orange has "The Best" PR team here on the blogs but he will need a better lawyer.

  • noodlez

    WARD SIX????



  • I.J.

    Jim Graham is a crook and why didn't the Post and City Paper ask him to resign regarding his role in the taxi cab scandal and felony conviction of his chief of staff and lover boy?