Loose Lips

Promises, Promises*

Remember when Bernard Demczuk, former aide to Marion Barry and longtime political fundraiser, said he'd had a road to Damascus moment and was swearing off big-money giving?

"Estimating conservatively, I have raised nearly a half a million dollars for D.C. mayors, D.C. Council members, members of Congress and nonprofits. My fundraising has given me good access to these officials, and I have enjoyed the process," Demczuk wrote in a Post op-ed outlining reforms he said were needed to clean up District government. Demczuk suggested that the city limit all donations to $25 for any individual, corporation or labor group.

"As much as I respect and support the politics and officials of this great city, I plan to no longer give more than $25 to any politician. After all, there is nothing stopping me from limiting myself to $25 even if the ideas I lay out here never see the light of legislative day," said Demczuk, who now liaises for George Washington University.

That op-ed was published in July 2011. Four months later, Demczuk donated $100 to Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans' re-election campaign. A month later, $250 went to Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander's campaign. This year, Demczuk's written $500 checks to Barry and Vincent Orange. He also gave $100 each to two Ward 5 special election candidates: Drew Hubbard and that contest's winner, Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie. The only person he's given $25 to since penning that op-ed is former at-large candidate Sekou Biddle. In total, Demczuk has given $2,175 to 10 different candidates since last July.

What's up the over-$25 giving? Demczuk says he left out a big disclaimer in his op-ed: the $25 rule only is for the next election cycle, not this one.

"I have promised several candidates that I would contribute during this election cycle and I have," Demczuk says, adding that come Nov. 6, it's $25 from here on out. For real this time!

  • Danielle

    I really hope the "I has promised" quote is a typo ...

  • BiPolar

    Bernie goes any which way the wind blows...for real.

  • joan

    For real for real, for real just another joker!

  • Sally

    That guy is beyond full of shit.

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    Alan Are you really not doing a detail story about David Catania? You are such a punk... who really cares about Bernie?

  • cutthecrap

    In political circles he is called Bernie Dumbphuck.

  • RUKiddingMe

    This dude is a real live JESTER. I'm rolling on the floor (in laughter and disgust).

    Bernie is certainly right that his fundraising has given him good political access...the access was good enough to secure a DC gov gig for the ex wife.

  • I.J.

    You cracker's kill me. Bernard is the coolest white guy around and he do not carry the racist bagage most crackers carry with them regarding race relations.