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Pep Rally For Gray Planned For Wednesday

If you're not busy this Wednesday and happen to be at the Wilson Building:

A faith-based pep rally for Mayor Vince Gray is being organized this week by the Rev. Graylan Hagler of Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ and the Rev. Willie Wilson, of Union Temple Baptist Church.

Hagler says the goal of the event is to highlight the need for a "sober and reflective mood" about the federal investigation into the mayor's 2010 campaign. He added that the calls for Gray to resign by three councilmembers were "premature" and an act of  "political grandstanding."

Asked if the mayor's office had any hand in this event, Hagler says no. His only recent contact with the mayor, he says, was an email he sent to Gray last week saying, "You better not resign." The mayor's response, Hagler says? "Thanks."

  • Mary-Austin

    So basically these "churches" are acting as political organizations. I'm sure they're tax exempt too...smh.

  • Frank Lee Mahdear

    Dead man walking,

  • DC5

    This is a "presumption of innocence" rally, not a political rally.

  • Drez

    Will it be a sober and reflective pep rally?

  • capitol hill

    Coverage of this will be priceless. Set your dvr.

  • RV

    11am on a Wednesday? So much for that protestant work ethic.

  • Truth hurts

    Right out of Barry's playbook. Race baiting circling of the wagons. That's what One City figures might save him. A sure sign the ship's going down.

  • Sally

    Can't wait to hear Willie Wilson blame all of this on the gays and whitey.

  • itsjustamess

    @Truth hurts - Well, I'm Black and I don't want Gray to resign. Oh no, I want him to dig his heels in below sea level with his smug, pretentious arrogance and wait for the Feds to drag his tired butt out of the Wilson Bldg. in silver accessory. All I need is a 15 minute grace period so I can front and center for the disgraced perp walk and it will be televised.

  • Truth hurts

    Why? There won't be a perp walk. Machen knows the rules.

  • John

    Too bad he cannot give courtesy and respect to the DC voters by running a legal campaign. Or by not paying someone to throw lies and dirt at an opponent.

  • Mark

    Gray may or may not be a criminal - we'll just have to wait and see on that one. However, it is no longer in doubt that a laundry list of campaign finance violations and other shady deals were undertaken in his name. Whether he knew or not doesn't change the fact that the election was corrupted to high heaven and his administration therefore has no legitimacy. It's not a matter of should he stay or should he go - he has no business being there in the first place.

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    A pep rally of two people!!! LOL Vince and his son... LAWD!!!

    Only in DC....

    I will NEVER forgive Vince for how he treated those that showed support and loyalty to him and the cause.

    I can forgive MB because up to a point he didn't intentionally hurt his base.

    Vince rotting in HELL he has created is too good for him...

  • Jimbo

    Both "reverends" are rapidly approaching irrelevance in the District. Their days have passed. Time to relocate to PG.

  • umis habit hummm

    @Susan: Aha so you're one of the sore losers. Maybe it was your poor attitude that got you treated so shabbily by the Mayor. And by the way, exactly what cause are you speaking of? Pipe down Suzie Q, your venom is showing. And Oh Yeah!! Only in DC?? If you don't like DC get da fuck outta town.

  • umis habit hummm

    Hey, NE John: Goin to bed now, but it'll be 4 down and 3 to go in about 27 minutes. Have you called U Haul or ordered your boxes?

  • tina

    Mayor Gray really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for support. Google Willie Wilson, Union Temple, Gasification, LGBT.

  • tina

    Email Comments (13) Print-Friendly Glossary Subscribe
    HIV/AIDS and the Black Church

    A Video Blog

    By Justin B. Terry-Smith

    December 2, 2009

    I've always wondered why my community of gay black men has been hit the hardest by HIV/AIDS, especially in the D.C. area. Then I thought, there are a number of reasons why this is the case.

    When HIV/AIDS first came out in the public eye, a lot of people of color automatically stigmatized HIV as a gay white disease. So they went around with this notion in their heads that they couldn't possibly contract HIV.

    As time went on, that notion was proven wrong. In the black community, HIV/AIDS grew and grew and grew. And now we are living in a modern epidemic in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. It is sad to say that as of early 2009, 3 percent of Washington, D.C.'s residents are living with HIV or AIDS. According to health officials, the 1 percent threshold constitutes a "generalized and severe" epidemic.


    Black male D.C. residents between the ages of 40 and 49 make up most of the residents that are infected, with nearly a 7 percent rate of infection. Why are we not getting the message to protect ourselves and each other?

    Let's try to start from the beginning. Back in the days of slavery, the church was a place of salvation for black people, because it was the only place we as black people could make the rules of our own place of worship. It was a place of sanctity for black people to let loose life's stresses and the stresses of working in the fields or homes of their owners.

    Even years after slavery has ended, that place of worship still has remained a place to call home, a place to let go of life's burdens and feel love and acceptance. But being gay quickly changes that love into hatred and that acceptance into rejection in the black church. Today many black gay men don't feel that the black church provides that love and acceptance they so long to have.

    If a black gay person is born and raised in a church and that church rejects him or her, there may be damage that has to be repaired. There may be some self-esteem issues that the individual needs to deal with.

    Think about it: The one institution that you held near and dear to your heart, mind and spirit has left you in the cold to suffer and die (spiritually). When that happens, sometimes people like to get their pleasures from other things like drinking, drugs or sex. Having your self-esteem diminished by an institution that you've trusted for so long can have powerful consequences -- it can obliterate you from the inside out.

    Unfortunately homophobic black churches abound. An example is a church in my area, in D.C., that is run by Reverend Willie Wilson. His church, Union Temple Baptist Church, even reportedly receives funding for HIV/AIDS prevention and even had initial involvement in the Million Man March movement. Yet, Rev. Wilson has said some nasty things about gay people.

    In a speech of his a few years ago (2005), he said,

    "...Any time somebody got to slap some grease on your behind, and stick something in you, it's something wrong with that. Your butt ain't made for that. [In the background, the church audience voices its approval.] You got blood vessels and membranes in your behind. And if you put something unnatural in there, it breaks them all up. ...Lesbianism is about to take over our community. ...We live in a time when our brothers have been so put down, can't get a job, lot of the sisters making more money than brothers. And it's creating problems in families. That's one of the reasons our families' breaking up. And that's one of the reasons many of our women are becoming lesbians ..."

    Rev. Willie Wilson from the pulpit, 2005

  • KeepInItReal

    Faith Based Community vs. Myopic Little Twits.

  • joe

    Where was this faith-based organization when numerous others directly in the chain of command of mayor, were being accused and persecuted before being dismissed, arrested or pushed out?

    I hate to say this, but some Christians are simply assholes and hypocrites... oh wait, I didn't mean to say that or did I?

  • capitol hill

    @keepingitreal I think this is more a case of Angry Homophobic Bigots with dwindling denominations of losers against reasonable citizens who DEMAND and shall get good governance. The lizard Vince Gray will be going down and we as a city will be better for it. This was the last gasp of the old Chocolate City guard. It failed. Go away now.

  • Terry Miller

    I am white, I campaigned for Gray and I did not get a job or anything else from the administration. I don't think Gray should resign, unless and until, he is indicted. He should keep on working, as he has been. I don't know who was running this shadow campaign, but the real campaign I was on followed all the rules.

  • southeast lady

    yes, dead man walking. Give up the ghost. I voted for you over Fenty (dog park man). I am disappointed. Please make a respectful and hasty retreat.


  • CantKnockTheHustle

    Wasn't the Gray campaign the main culprits to weed out ANYONE under his administration that was even SUSPECTED of any wrong doing? Basically, due to the lawyers trying to protect the image of his administration.. poor poor Gray now, look at you. How many re-assignments has their been, how many press releases, how many slanderous things thrown around, how many positions were fired the week he took office? How many cronies up under him to include most of the unqualified deputy mayors... ESPECIALLY Public Safety OMG. It's time for this guy to go.

    Karma is a B...

    From Color Purple... "Until you do right by me... everything you do gon' fail!"

  • CantKnockTheHustle

    Can someone help me recap the number of people that were pushed out by Gray since he took office? Those innocent until proven guilty as well! lol

  • Jimbo

    Terry Miller: Don't you feel played? Gray was slimy from the git-go. Ultimately, the buck stops with him. It was his organization and his cronies. Maybe he can pull a Mittney and do a retroactive campaign.

  • PoeticJustice

    @CantKnockTheHus -- I love it (The Color Purple quote)! You are so right though.

    I volunteered for Gray's legitimate campaign and knew something was going terribly awry especially when the powers that be were initially cordial but then suddenly became cold as Gray was nearer to the finish line of pummeling Fenty. Those in charge of his campaign was seemingly suspicious of everyone (for some strange reason). In hindsight, yes, they were engaging in improper activities that have come to light now.

    More, I cannot believe that Gray was not complicit in the shadow campaign. This man was seen chatting it up with Sulaimon Brown then later when the man was fired from his "promised" job, Gray declares that he didn't know Brown. This was not smart at all and Gray I thought you were an educated man. In light this, you had Lorraine Green who possesses no formal education running your house.

    Gray, you cannot blame anyone accept you. Those who actually had your best interest at heart sweated blood for you while those you trusted phucked you over and looked out for their own when it was all said and done. Those you TRUSTED have thrown you under an 18-wheeler. What IRONY!!!!

    I won't be at the Wilson Building supporting you on tomorrow. What for? In fact, I don't think anyone should be there supporting you. You've done too much damage. YOU HAVE BETRAYED THE TRUST OF THE PEOPLE.

    You know scores of folk who tirelessly worked that campaign are still out of work while your friends and family received DC Govt employment soon after you won.

    This is what you need to do: TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM (family and so-called friends) and get the phuck out of the Wilson Building. And I mean NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone you've phucked

  • PoeticJustice

    Gray, you cannot blame anyone *except you. Those who actually had your best interest at heart sweated blood for you while those you trusted phucked you over and looked out for their own when it was all said and done. Those you TRUSTED have thrown you under an 18-wheeler. What IRONY!!!!

  • Oprah

    @cantknock! You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT... he got rid of some good people his first week in office....

    Please continue to turn the lights on so the roaches can scurry.

  • George52

    But his campaign cheated, broke the law - how do I explain that to my nine-year-old son? Father: "Don't cheat, son, you won't amount to anything." Son: "I could be Mayor!" It doesn't have anything to do with due process - it's the example he set. Maybe he should resign this summer, and then run cleanly again in the Special Election in the fall, admit his mistakes and see if he can get elected fair and square. I might even support him again, but not until he admits his campaign cheated and it was wrong. Does he even have the capacity to be honest?

  • Neighbor

    It doesn't matter if Gray is innocent or guilty of a crime. He should resign for incompetence and poor judgment in hiring friends and idiots who undoubtedly engaged in criminal activity. If he can't run or hire people to operate an ethical campaign, he certainly cannot run the District Gov.

  • KeepInItReal
  • KeepInItReal

    It has not been proven that Gray, like Williams during his own illegal campaign petition issue, knew about the activities of those who were working on his behalf in his campaign. Nobody every suggested that Williams resign or withdraw from running for office. In fact, they ENCOURAGED him to run as a right in. No Council person called for him to resign. The impact of the false petitions could have had a far greater impact on the election outcome because they would have put a candidate that had not qualified to be on the ballet in the race.

    The twits attempt to compare this to Nixon is telling. Instead of accepting the obvious. That they have clear double standards and express outrage selectively. Where was the "Nixon" outrage during the Williams re-election campaign? Hmmm? Answer the damn question. LMFHO.

  • cutthecrap

    Rev. Willie Wilson and Rev. Graylin Hagler are two self-serving bastards headed straight to hell along with Mayor Gray. The rest of the faith base community does not support them.

  • cutthecrap

    @cantKnockTheHustle...don't start with the mayoral campaign; go back to him phucking over people in his first campaign as the Ward 7 Councilmember.

  • Typical DC BS

    HA, what a joke. A rally for Gray? He's doomed. All we're going to see out there are a bunch of sweaty losers.

  • Undeserving

    @Typical DC BS - you are absolutely right.



    GO MACHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KeepInItReal

    Machen has been reassigned by AG Holder to handle the national security leaks case. If he hasn't brought it by now, he isn't bring it. Gray will be removed if and when he, either is voted out in 2015 or he is recalled by the people that elected him.

  • KeepInItReal
  • Mr.Remember

    Uh Oh!, Ain't tomorrow supposed to be a hot time in the city? Just like old-school pimps...throwing a party at a drop of hat. I guess there's going to be shouting, stomping, praising and worshipping. The tourist might not have the Washington's Monument to go up inside but there will be a spectacle tomorrow I can assure you.

  • GotJokes

    I support you Gray. SIKE! If you believed that then you really are a stupid man....LOL

  • Ward 4 Voter

    This former Mayor Gray supporter will not be in attendance. Mayor Vincent Gray need to resign along with all the D.C. Councilmembers. Muriel Bowser will never become mayor.

    Ward 4 Resident

  • Ward 4 Voter

    Tina, please go back on your meds. No one is reading the long ass statement you wrote. Stay focus, no one is discussing gays in the black community or AIDS.

  • mizwillis

    GotJokes @42: Not stupid enough not to know the term is
    "PSYCHE", not 'SIKE!' He is a Psych major, you know. Clueless sometimes, maybe! Stupid?, not on yo life, baby!!!! And no, I doubt he even thinks about you much less believes you support him. Actually, thats your loss, not his.

  • KeepinItReal

    Unless/Until Gray is charged, indicted and convicted. All of this is for not. Gaydrian Fenty fans will be sent back to their filthy bathhouses.

  • southeast lady

    Capitol Hill Dude: This is for you. I am disappointed in Mayor Vince Gray. However, I feel and recognize your white racism. And I am fearful of you and people like you who want to get rid of ALL Afro-Americans out of DC, especially out of politics and other places of power. I have been in this city for 70 years and was in DC when houses, schools and everything else was segregated. I know your kind and smell you a mile away. You will be hearing from me on this blog.

  • GotJokes

    mizwillis -- I think you are one geriatric taking up for another -- you are definitely old school.

    well listen here: "pysche" or "psyched out" has morphed into the "slang" term of "sike."

    get yo facts straight old lady.

  • Bert

    Did they bus in Gray's "base": the teachers union hierarchy and longtime DC government workers?

  • mizwillis

    U R THE JOKE: Probably morphed in because you didn't know the difference. Live as long as a 'geriatric' first, and then decide whether or not it's old. What's the proper morphed slang for STUPID'SGOTJOKES? Careful youngun, your ignorance is really hanging out there for all to see.

    Not speaking for The Mayor but there is some support one does not want and glad one does not have it. Is your grandfather old? Does he love you? Did you ever have one or were you hatched?

  • GotJokes

    mizzwillis -- everyone can read that you are indeed "psyched out" but I would say "siked out."

    tell us please, how much are you being paid with dirty money to be a pro-blogster for Gray? why don't you give it up as this man is fish bait now.

    you are one pathetic being to continue to lash out on people becuz they do not support gray. you are one sick geriatric.

    oh, and about my living grandfathers, both told me that you are bitter becuz they declined your offer to blow them. Ha ha haaaaaaaaaa.

    oh yeah, you seem to know much about hatching mizzT-Rex. now now, you're arms are much too short to box with me.