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First thing's first: pure genius [Mayorgray]

Gray for Mayor's Ward 8 coordinator: "We knew there was another campaign." Also, Howard Brooks was called "envelop man" because of all the cash he was throwing around [Times]

Gray's campaign finance reports were total fiction. Plus, Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown was right: his was not the only campaign to pay people above the $50 cash legal limit. [AP, Post]

Bruce Johnson's sources: Gray didn't know anything about the shadow campaign until January, when Harris approached him with invoices. Also, feds looking to talk with shadow campaign field coordinator Vernon Hawkins [WUSA9]

Gray: You'll never take me alive, copper! [Examiner]

Jeff Thompson is out of the accounting business [Post]

Gray calls councilmembers for support, is very mad at Mary Cheh [Post, NBC4]

Suburban water utility gave no-bid contract to Thompson associate [Times]

"Don't leave us Fenty" [Post]

Irv Nathan's got Gray's back, Mendo says people should stop rocking the boat [WUSA9]

Problems at DYRS union shop [Times]

Based solely on this one segment, CNN's Erin Burnett is a horrible reporter [CNN]



  • james

    If you resign over this you were never man enough to hold the office. Grow a "pair!". The arrogance of these people to ask you to resign is impressive as well. Man up Mayor and call these hypocrites out!! These newspapers did not support you anyway!!!!

  • noodlez



  • arrogance

    Yeah, you tell them james.

    I mean, me and the 9th grade drop out ghetto contingent who voted for you don't care that you've been lying to us for 18 months, broke half a dozen federal campaign finance laws and was a huge hypocrite considering your entire platform against Fenty was one of "honesty".

    It don't matter that this has been the most embarrasing scandal to envelope the city since Barry was reelected after going to jail for crack, you keep your job because the last thing this city needs is yet another unemployed black man FELON.

  • Green Eyeshade

    Irv Nathan is on Kojo show right now (WAMU 88.5 FM) carrying barrels of water for our corrupt Mayor. A transcript of Nathan's mealy-mouthed defense of the Mayor could be Exhibit "A" for what a shitty job the Mayor has done. Appointing Irv Nathan to be Attorney General, by itself, is sufficient proof that Gray is a hack. Hacks appoint hacks. Nathan is a laughable hack. He talks out of both sides of his mouth on "campaign finance," contradicting his own February 2012 written opinion about a ban on corporate donations to politicians when he testified to Council in June 2012.

    He bloviated about a so-called "proposal" by the Mayor to reform campaign finance laws, but he did not even file an official bill (legislation) when he testified to Council in June. I doubt he has even written a real bill, yet. Just a hack. His own client, the Mayor, is the poster boy for how to run corrupt campaign financing. Give us a break, Irv.

  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/dc-council-wrestles-with-campaign-finance-ethics-reforms/2012/06/25/gJQAsx2s2V_print.html Green Eyeshade

    Here is WaPo coverage of the June 25 Council hearing (click my name):

    "Testifying before the council, Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan said he and Gray will soon be proposing sweeping campaign finance reform legislation, including banning lobbyists from bundling contributions and quicker disclosure of campaign donations."

    Check out that -- "soon be proposing" -- he didn't have a bill with him when he testified. The Mayor had not even "proposed" anything as of June 25. Can anyone find any evidence that AG Nathan or the Mayor has actually "proposed" a bill to reform campaign finance?

  • Green Eyeshade

    LL is very correct about the horrible job Erin Burnett did last night claiming on the air that "unions" were somehow responsible for the corruption of the Mayor's campaign. Astounding disinformation. She probably saw the Wall Street Journal article yesterday doing a hit job on union political spending and just followed what she thought was the pack. She's all alone out there with that false report. She did not once mention or quote the freaking prosecutor who proved (and said repeatedly) that an ocean of corporate money corrupted our election. I suspect CNN will be forced to run a correction, eventually.

  • http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1207/12/ebo.01.html Green Eyeshade

    Transcript of CNN's Erin Burnett show last night is at this link (or click my name):


  • http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1207/12/ebo.01.html Green Eyeshade

    Last night's Erin Burnett segment on DC Mayor's shadow campaign, from CNN's transcript:

    And now our fourth story OUTFRONT: worst mayor in America may happen to live in the nation's capital. We're talking about Vincent Gray. So, let's tell you about this guy, because it's still pretty amazing story. You know, he was running in 2010 against a young rising star in the Democratic Party, this guy Adrian Fenty, who was loved by a lot of people.

    You may remember him. He was telling the unions to go -- jump off a cliff in Washington, D.C. Vincent Gray said, "I'm going to come in. I've got character, integrity and leadership." That's a quote.

    But since taking office, his administration has been plagued by scandal.

    Just this week, a friend of Grays pleaded guilty to helping funnel $650,000 in campaign funds through a contractor to support Gray's election. That is on top of the three campaign aides who have pleaded guilty to felony charges.

    And others in the D.C. government are not looking as good either. Many of the city's top government officials are now under investigation by other city or federal officials. And now, three council members are calling on Gray to resign.

    John Avlon, this is just an amazing story, because this is a guy who came in as a knight in shining armor for the teachers unions, to fight back and say, I'm going to help you out and I'm going to stand up for the common man and here he is, involved in multiple, seemingly, corruption scandals.

    JOHN AVLON, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: That's right. This was the establishment striking back. This is the Democratic machine, teachers unions putting over $1 million in his campaign, to push back against Adrian Fenty's controversial education reforms, along with Michelle Rhee.

    Well, sometimes, careful what you wish for, because the clubhouse in many big cities is often corrupt and the allegations of corruption are unbelievable. I mean, it really is in epidemic proportions right now. Three members of the city council are calling on Mayor Gray to resign.

    The question is, when you've got this many distractions, and we now know he knew about the $650,000 shadow campaign infusion back in January, how long can you continue to govern in the city's best interest? That's one of the many questions being asked of Vincent Gray tonight.

    BURNETT: And let's talk about this. I mean, what does this mean for the unions? I mean, we talk about unions across America right now, and this battle. People like Chris Christie are taking them on. Wisconsin obviously.

    This guy goes, that could be a real blow to one place where the unions were seeming to gain power. AVLON: Look, we need to be careful to say that the unions so far are not directly implicated in these particular corruption scandals. But the broader point absolutely stands. When Adrian Fenty lost that closed Democratic partisan primary to Vincent Gray, it was seen as a brush back pitch by the unions.

    BURNETT: Right.

    AVLON: Saying that, look, if you live in a one-party town, we have the money and ability to take you out if you end up reforming too aggressively. That's one of the reasons this isn't a national story. Not just that it's our nation's capital.

    BURNETT: No.

    AVLON: There's also a cautionary tale for all campaigns. Sometimes when you want to win in the worst way, you win in the worst way and it stops your from being able to govern.

    BURNETT: Quickly, before we go. Vincent Gray in the Marion Barry ballpark yet? Everyone may remember the guy who went to jail, was doing crack or cocaine in a hotel room. He was getting visits from ladies in jail, which were not something we'll talk about on a family program.

    AVLON: Yes. You know, the Marion Barry ballpark is really specific. We have an illustrious history of sort of incompetent scumbags of big city mayors. I don't think he's yet hit Marion Barry levels. But watch out. There's still room to fall.

    The point is, though with this many levels of accusations of corruption and self-inflicted scandal, it really does distract from the people's business.

    BURNETT: All right. Thank you very much.

    AVLON: Thank you.

    BURNETT: Incompetent scumbags, not often said. I wish you say that more often.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    good god, can national reporters please shut the hell up and defer to the local reporters who actually know what's happening, please.