Loose Lips

Gray Shows His Fangs

Mayor Vince Gray continued his King-Kong-Ain't-Got-Shit-On-Me tour this morning with interview at Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt.

The short version of Gray's stance: it was impossible for to prevent all the shenanigans that went on during his $3 million campaign, but voters can rest assured that he's perfectly up to the task of running a $10 billion-a-year city government.

Far more interesting was the scorn Gray gave to the three councilmembers who have called for his resignation. He essentially called Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh a chicken for telling him of her plan via voicemail, instead of coming to tell him face to face. He said At-Large Councilmember David Catania is a bitter former Republican who is lashing out because Gray has curbed his influence over the city's health agencies. And Gray painted Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser as a shallow opportunist: "Bowser wants to be mayor, so I'm hardly surprised by that."

If only Gray was so candid about what happened on his campaign.

  • Frank Lee Mahdear

    Makes sense that a reverse vampire would have fangs.

  • Drez

    Shorter Gray:
    It's everyone else's fault but mine.
    What a joke.

  • BW

    Who did he blame that sweater on?

  • AllFallDown

    I'm so phucking glad this guy is GOING DOWN!

    Gray, Universal Justice is breathing down your neck, you phucking vampire.

    You sucked out the blood from so many of your campaign workers then SH*TTED on them when you won the primary.

    You took us for jokes, now tell us: How does it feel to be the BIG OL' YELLER JESTER?

    Machen, I hope you haven't forgotten about LORRAINE GREEN! I want to see that WITCH go down too...there is huge consensus on this...The only thing we want to see is Green's ankles emerging from her wicked house...this will tell us that the wicked witch is finally...........

    Machen, by the way, Lorraine's daughter, Leslie, is still working for the government although unqualified. Get her out of that good govt job just as they did Sulaimon Brown.

  • AllFallDown

    Oh and Ms. Bernadette Tolson...thank you so much for telling the truth about what you saw during the campaign. I knew that there was something genuine about you even though you are connected to Marion Barry. Barry needs to learn from you.

  • http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1207/12/ebo.01.html Green Eyeshade

    CNN aired the worst disinformation last night on the Erin Burnett show, smearing DC's unions for somehow being responsible for the Mayor's corrupt shadow campaign, even though they snuck in a weasely disclaimer. Click my name for transcript (segment starts halfway down).

  • http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1207/12/ebo.01.html Green Eyeshade

    Here is the transcript. Can anyone find the smug little disclaimer that CNN added to make it all "fair and balanced?"

    And now our fourth story OUTFRONT: worst mayor in America may happen to live in the nation's capital. We're talking about Vincent Gray. So, let's tell you about this guy, because it's still pretty amazing story. You know, he was running in 2010 against a young rising star in the Democratic Party, this guy Adrian Fenty, who was loved by a lot of people.

    You may remember him. He was telling the unions to go -- jump off a cliff in Washington, D.C. Vincent Gray said, "I'm going to come in. I've got character, integrity and leadership." That's a quote.

    But since taking office, his administration has been plagued by scandal.

    Just this week, a friend of Grays pleaded guilty to helping funnel $650,000 in campaign funds through a contractor to support Gray's election. That is on top of the three campaign aides who have pleaded guilty to felony charges.

    And others in the D.C. government are not looking as good either. Many of the city's top government officials are now under investigation by other city or federal officials. And now, three council members are calling on Gray to resign.

    John Avlon, this is just an amazing story, because this is a guy who came in as a knight in shining armor for the teachers unions, to fight back and say, I'm going to help you out and I'm going to stand up for the common man and here he is, involved in multiple, seemingly, corruption scandals.

    JOHN AVLON, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: That's right. This was the establishment striking back. This is the Democratic machine, teachers unions putting over $1 million in his campaign, to push back against Adrian Fenty's controversial education reforms, along with Michelle Rhee.

    Well, sometimes, careful what you wish for, because the clubhouse in many big cities is often corrupt and the allegations of corruption are unbelievable. I mean, it really is in epidemic proportions right now. Three members of the city council are calling on Mayor Gray to resign.

    The question is, when you've got this many distractions, and we now know he knew about the $650,000 shadow campaign infusion back in January, how long can you continue to govern in the city's best interest? That's one of the many questions being asked of Vincent Gray tonight.

    BURNETT: And let's talk about this. I mean, what does this mean for the unions? I mean, we talk about unions across America right now, and this battle. People like Chris Christie are taking them on. Wisconsin obviously.

    This guy goes, that could be a real blow to one place where the unions were seeming to gain power. AVLON: Look, we need to be careful to say that the unions so far are not directly implicated in these particular corruption scandals. But the broader point absolutely stands. When Adrian Fenty lost that closed Democratic partisan primary to Vincent Gray, it was seen as a brush back pitch by the unions.

    BURNETT: Right.

    AVLON: Saying that, look, if you live in a one-party town, we have the money and ability to take you out if you end up reforming too aggressively. That's one of the reasons this isn't a national story. Not just that it's our nation's capital.

    BURNETT: No.

    AVLON: There's also a cautionary tale for all campaigns. Sometimes when you want to win in the worst way, you win in the worst way and it stops your from being able to govern.

    BURNETT: Quickly, before we go. Vincent Gray in the Marion Barry ballpark yet? Everyone may remember the guy who went to jail, was doing crack or cocaine in a hotel room. He was getting visits from ladies in jail, which were not something we'll talk about on a family program.

    AVLON: Yes. You know, the Marion Barry ballpark is really specific. We have an illustrious history of sort of incompetent scumbags of big city mayors. I don't think he's yet hit Marion Barry levels. But watch out. There's still room to fall.

    The point is, though with this many levels of accusations of corruption and self-inflicted scandal, it really does distract from the people's business.

    BURNETT: All right. Thank you very much.

    AVLON: Thank you.

    BURNETT: Incompetent scumbags, not often said. I wish you say that more often.

  • Art

    In the Bruce Depuyt interview, you gotta love how Gray is very careful to never say that he did not know about the shadow campaign in real time.

  • truth hurts

    That's because he did know about it in real time.

  • Green Eyeshade

    @Art, I was hoping to avoid actually listening to the Depuyt interview. Can you say roughly what minute of the interview clip you are referring to?

  • http://www.tbd.com/blogs/news-talk/2012/07/1-on-1-with-mayor-gray-16143.html Green Eyeshade

    DeBonis has a link to the DePuyt interview, but the NewsTalk8 video is here (or click my name):


  • KeepinItReal

    Gray is right, no pun intended. Catania is a mean spirited angry Republican cocksucker (pun intended).

  • Name

    Vincent Gray's Administration: When keeping it real goes horribly wrong.


  • Mr.Remember

    Is he holding a pussy-cat? There's so many captions that can go with that picture. CityPaper, you know you're wrong pulling this picture out of the archives. The Bill Cosby-esque sweater is enough to say WTF. Thanks for starting the weekend off with a laugh.

  • KeepinItReal

    Gray was elected by the people of the District of Columbia. Considering he hasn't been charged, much less convicted, of a crime only the people can unseat him.

    My criticism of Catania is apart from this character Vincent Gray. Catania IS a mean,angry, surly Republican cocksucker.

  • AM Next

    "He said At-Large Councilmember David Catania is a bitter former Republican who is lashing out because Gray has curbed his influence over the city's health agencies."

    Right, Mayor. You curbed Catania's influence over the city's health agencies so that you could expand Jeffrey Thompson's influence. Got it.

  • Drez

    And Thompson illegally gave him Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to do this.

  • Ward 4 Voter

    LOL@Frank Lee Mahdear

    On point KeepItReal; Catania is a bitter human being. No wonder it's alleged, his boyfriend left him. Who in their right mind want to live with such a bitter person.

    Tick Tock, the Soap Opera continues in the Wilson Building and in the mayor's office.

  • KeepinItReal

    The Unites States Supreme Court has endorsed Shadow Campaigns in the Citizens United decision. I dont' understand the outrage with Thompson. Ohh, yes, he is a black millionairre and the bitter progressive liberals (read: cowardly rabid bigots) in the District can't tolerate an uppity negro.

    Gray hasn't been CHARGED with a crime, much less indicted and convicted. Mendo was right to remind his fellow collegues that: "The U.S. attorney has not accused the mayor of having broken the law and, absent that charge, the call for Vince Gray to resign is premature. Given the facts we know, the call for the mayor's resignation creates instability at a time when we need stability."

    So the imbittered Gaydrian kool aid drinkers can scurry back to your tawdry bathhouses until such time that a charge is dropped and there is a conviction.

  • Dean

    Bowser is still ridding on Adrian's coattails, she is not bright or experienced enough to be Mayor. She is a political opportunist, nothing more.

  • Ward 4 Voter

    @Dean; I wouldn't vote for Muriel to become mayor.

  • Anonymous, Too



    ...if any of you know-it-all soothsayers had any clout, you wouldn't be wasting your time on the WCP blog.

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    MURIEL would not be an effective MAYOR ... I do not think she thinks out of the boss at all...

  • Proscuitto in Petworth

    What I'm wondering is why didn't Jeff Thompson simply set up a PAC and donate his money there. He could run the ads to unseat Fenty and it would all have been perfectly legal.

  • Truth hurts

    The DePuyt interview is priceless. Thanks for posting the link, GES.

    Gray is asked TWICE if he knew about the shadow campaign BEFORE the election. Both times he rambled on without answering YES or NO. Was a simple straightforward question.

    Watch the segment. It's obvious he had two easy chances to say NO, BUT I CANT DISCUSS FURTHER DETAILS BASED ON MY ATTYS ADVICE.

    He didn't because he knows the USATTY has evidence he knew in 2010. Starting to act like dirty harry did .... hold out, deceive, act tough, etc as long as possible. Then go down in disgrace when it all comes out. Sad.

  • KeepinItReal

    @TH, when Gray's attorney won't aswer that question, it is not a stretch to expect that his client won't answer it either. If the U.S. Attorney had evidence that Gray knew about the extent of the shadow campaigns financing, one would think we'd know by now. That this hasn't been presented suggest there is no such evicence.

  • StrangeFruit


    Vince Gray - King Kong? I'm not surprised at you or city paper!

  • Truth hurts

    KIR, Lawyers advise pols not to answer media inquiries mainly when the pol has something to hide. And the U SATTY has the evidence. Count on it.

  • Art

    Green Eyeshade, starting at the 3:45 mark of the DePuyt 1-on-1, Gray evades the question of when he knew about the shadow campaign three times. You can find part 1 of the interview here:


  • KeepinItReal

    Gray's attorney won't answer any questions related to the open investigation. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that his client won't either. However, not many rocket scientists on the City Paper blogs.

  • I.J.

    Drunk ass David Catania and Jim Graham has been steering city contracts for years and they get a free pass from the racist Post and City Paper. The DC Attorney General must be having a love affair with David Catania and Jim Graham.