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Vince Gray Pulls a Fenty

When Adrian Fenty was seeking re-election in 2010, his main pitch to voters was something like this: Imagine D.C. is a corporation and Fenty is the CEO. Now look at how that corporation has performed in the last four years: the school system's better (maybe), homicides are down, city services are better, and life in D.C. has generally improved. Sure, getting to those results may have been ugly, and people's feeling may have been hurt, but don't focus on the process. In fact, ignore the process entirely and look only at the results.

That pitch, of course, was a dud. And Vince Gray, who insisted that process did matter—who was, in fact, Mr. Process—won that election easily on a platform of being more inclusive, a better listener, and an all-around mensch. His campaign slogan: "Character, Integrity, Leadership."

Now that prosecutors say Gray won that contest with an assist from a $650,000 shadow campaign paid for by one of the city's biggest healthcare contractors, the mayor is asking voters to ignore the process by which he got elected and instead focus on the good results he's achieved once in office.

"I wanted to make the distinction between the campaign, which we know there are issues with, and governing," Gray said at a news conference today. In other words, ignore the means by which he was elected to office and focus on what he's achieved once there. Sound familiar? Fenty, err, Gray also told reporters that he has no plans to resign, and that he still respects the man he sees in the mirror each morning.

LL wonders if he sees the picture above. Just kidding—LL in no way wonders that.

Photo illustration by Brooke Hatfield; photos by Darrow Montgomery

  • Typical DC BS

    HA. One City = One Term.

  • What?

    Taking bets on how long he lasts!

  • RT

    Oh my god, classsiccc pic!!!!

  • race is fun for the whole family

    The City Paper endorsed Fenty during the campaign you mention above, so Gray is becoming someone the City Paper would endorse? LOL. Can you all pick a side and stick to it?

  • JJ

    I'm glad to see that someone on the DC Council (read: Catania) is finally stepping up and stating the obvious: that is, that Grey should resign.

    The DC Council was nothing but a group of chicken littles when it was clear that HTJ and Kwame Brown had been involved in criminal conduct. Even after both of them were indicted, most of the City Council said nothing.

    How many more times do we need to see the same rodeo before the Council steps up and says enough is ENOUGH! Grow a backbone you so-called leaders!!!

  • noodlez
  • Ward 5 DC

    People - we were fooled - Gray used us like idiots for our votes , we need to realize we were wrong about this candidate for he is a criminal.

    Catania is just trying to make up for cursing out another official(yes Barry is an Official) - that is unacceptable and we will never forget- you never picked a side and are a coward like Wells

  • truth hurts

    This is LL's most ridiculous post ever. To compare Gray and his crew's corrupt criminal enterprise with Fenty's perceived arrogance is just plain stupid.

    The entire premise is absurd.

  • capitol hill

    Gray used you like idiots for your votes because you are idiots. Gray should resign and let Mendleson do his job already.

  • Bert

    Gray: One City. Two Campaigns. Three to Seven.

  • What?

    Truth hurts is right. And Ward 5? Please. Not all of us were fooled by Gray. Fenty had his issues (ie, being a crappy politician) but I never thought he was corrupt. I always felt that Gray was slimy and not just because he LOOKS slimy. And well, now we know. I hope all the Fenty haters are happy. And all the Fenty lovers, get over it. He's not coming back. So....who's next?

  • Mark

    ...and this is yet another shining example of why 'the people' lack confidence in news outlets!

  • Drez

    TH is right.
    If the premise of the comparison is "the ends justify the means" than this is quite a stretch.

  • John NE

    Mendo will be mayor within 60 days.

  • gitchafaxstr8


  • seDCdude

    this shit here is utterly ridiculous......

    the AGENDA is alive and well and natives are doing nothing about it!

    What amuses me though is the gall of this krakkka Cat(woman)ania calling someone a joke, when it's this tampon who works for MC Dean while sitting on council and NO ONE SAYS shit!!!!

  • KeepinItReal

    Catania has his nerve. Serving as VP of Corporate Development at MC Dean, that has been granted a 9 million dollar city contract, of which he never recuses himself of a vote when it comes before the Council.

  • Andrew

    Not that it makes either right, but you might remember that while this shadow campaign was buying mismatched t-shirts, Fenty was paying people to vote.

  • Frank

    The writer draws a comparison between Fenty and Gray. But Fenty was no crook. His only crime was to go against the teacher's unions. Michele Rhee was the reason he lost in a city that insanely puts teacher's unions ahead of children's education and their futures (way to go).

    Gray somehow didn't know about $650,000??? Haha, no way.

  • Frank

    secDude, you're just another racist in D.C. who doesn't stuff from shinola.

  • DC=DistrictofCorruption

    Councilmembers Mary Che has got some nerve calling for Gray to resign at this point. She and Tommy Wells should immediately resign their own seat. After all, both of them publicly supported Gray and his campaign, and both of them were insiders in this campaign, and both knew that the campaign financing was questionable from the start. They are now trying to distance themselves. But they are just as guilty because they sold their credibility when they aligned themselves with the campaign in exchange for favorable treatment and more power. It wasn't just Gray that mislead voters; it was you who helped him get elected, just as sure as the money from the shadow committee helped him get the voters out to vote. It's too late to distance yourself.

  • joe

    lol @ Statehood.. we can't even get our own house in order. Let the Feds take over.. please...

  • James

    Comparing "process" as it relates to Fenty's approach to executive branch governance to Gray's "process" as it relates to campaigning is a spurious comparison. Gray's "process" was overtly corrupt and illegal. Fenty's "process" was non-inclusive and inconsiderate. Gray has not achieved results; Fenty achieved results.

  • “Bring That Ball, Meat!”

    Fastball over the inside corner.. Strike Three...Gray is OUT!

  • Mary-Austin

    Guess what Cheh and Catania are not going to resign because they have not done anything illegal.
    Vince Gray will be in prison soon enough.

  • KeepInItReal

    @Mary-Austin, we'll never know, Machen is afraid to rattle the cage of white politicians. What is known is that David Catania takes in a salary of 240,000 as VP at M.C. Dean and does not recuse himself from voting on a 9 million dollar city contract each and every time it comes before the Council for approval.

  • NEer

    You're right @KeepInItReal...white politicians are never prosecuted for corruption. Who can ever forget that great African American leader, Rob Blagojevich? Or that other guy, John Edwards. Take of your blinders, man.

  • seDCdude

    Ayy Frank, that's VERY rich of you!!

    If I am a racist then you are MOTHER TERESA !!

    LLS at this clown and his sophomoric analysis! You must be new to the city, lemme bring you up to PAR, BLACK pols commit the same crimes and unfortunately have adopted the same ARROGANT, GREEDY strategies as their WHITE peers, but with more gravely consequences; WHITE agenda recognizes this and quickly, SYSTEMATICALLY and methodically have been witchhunting black pols from the start, while a geeky, twisted RAG like citypaper and it's ambitious, churlish and outright BIASED reporters such as SEWERboy caters to the likes of your DUMBASS FRANK!!

  • KeepInItReal

    NEer, none of those prosecutions has anything to do with Machan. They were prosecuted by Republican U.S. Attorneys. For sure.

  • NEer

    Your position is starting to become clearer. African American Democratic U.S. Attorneys are racist, and target black politicians, and white Republican ones just focus on actual corruption. Got it.