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Mary Cheh Says Vince Gray Should Step Down, Too

Mary Cheh: Vince Gray Should Resign

First David Catania, now Mary Cheh.

Two members of the D.C. Council called on Mayor Vince Gray to resign today, after federal prosecutors laid out details of the shadow campaign allegedly funded by city contractor Jeff Thompson that helped him win the 2010 election. Catania, who's clashed with Gray frequently, wasn't much of a surprise. Cheh, who endorsed Gray enthusiastically in 2010 over incumbent Adrian Fenty—even though Fenty was far more popular among her upper Northwest Ward 3 constituents—was.

“Whether or not he knew of the massive election fraud that was taking place in his name, he is responsible for it," Cheh said in a statement. "I believe that he would do a great public service if he would step aside now."

Meanwhile, two senior aides to Gray's official campaign, Mo Elleithee and Steve McMahon, wrote an op/ed for the Washington Post that calls the shadow campaign a "betrayal." Some excerpts:

For more than a year, we’ve watched — first with disbelief, then sadness and anger, and now, disgust — as revelations about an illegal shadow campaign in the District’s 2010 mayoral race have dominated headlines and contributed to a widening trust gap between city leaders and residents.

This was not at all what we signed up for. ...

The shadow campaign was at its core a betrayal. It was a betrayal of everything our campaign stood for. It was a betrayal of the candidate by some people he trusted. And it was a betrayal of the voters who put their trust in our promise to change the way local government conducted business.

And that may be the biggest crime of all.

Update, 6:44 p.m. Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser has now called on Gray to resign, as well.

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  • gitchafaxstr8

    Mary! Mary!! Quite Contrary NOW: How does your garden grow? Did you check to see where the Jeff Thompson money was going? Did you ask what he wanted from you for the donation?

    Can Mayor Gray have the same rights I understand you teach in your Law School classes? Not a Lawyer, THANK GOD, but doesn't it say something like: Innocent until proven guilty. For goodness sakes, the man has not even been charged, must less indicted and tried, but you flaky White want-the-city-back-assholes want the man to resign.
    FOR WHAT? So Phil can become Mayor until the Blacks wake up and smell the coffee (those that don't already know what's happening that is)and show you what the Barry Syndrome is all about. I always thought you two were closet racists, and now you're outing yourselves. Matter of fact, I always suspected you MRS Cheh were in another closet. Shame on you. As another blogger said, hold onto your panties Miss Thing. Gentrification is a foregone conclusion. You'll have your little city back soon enough. No need to tar and feather a decent guy who has done no more than you and all of your cohorts, except maybe Tommy Wells, who has his own skeletons in a closet.
    What are you guys planning? Will you go after Williams, Fenty and some national pols too. JEEESH

  • wardsixer

    @ gitchafaxstr8. How can you bring race into this? Vince Gray and Jeff Thompson brought this on themselves. You talk about sticking to the facts. If rhat is your mantra then do it.

    I can't stand it when black people bring up race on these types of issues. Yeah, blame whitey. And may I also point out that Ron Machen, the US Attorney going after all these guys....is black. Why don't you go complain about race to him too?


    (and btw, I'm black and was born and raised in Washington DC)

  • cutthecrap

    @gitchafaxstr8...don't get made at Mary Mary Quite Contrary. Get mad at cha boy Vince for giving these mofo's too much power. After all, Mary Mary did endorse him (and it got her in trouble in W3). White folks are only using the power that was handed to them by the likes of Vince Gray, Kwame Brown, and Harry Thomas. Had they truly looked out for the Black community they would not be in the pickle(or the jar)that they are in. Quit making excuses and talking all that bull jive about "innocent until proven guilty" and use your energy to find a true intelligent Black politician that can run this city and can stay out of trouble...nuff said!

  • noodlez




  • truth hurts

    Cheh stood by her man waaay too long. She also unforgivably accepted campaign $$ from Gray's felon frat bro Bereano. Fact: Bereano committed similar straw donor crimes in Md.

    As for Wells, he ain't saying nothing cause he doesn't want to alienate Gray's die-hard peeps. After Gray's gone, he'll be seeking their votes, reminding Gray's peeps: this white boy didn't go after one city when he was down.

    Btw, that's a slimy move on Wells' part.

  • Drez

    ... And Wells just alled on Gray to resign this makes makes 4.
    Who's next? Will it be Kenyan or Jack?

    He's done, folks. It's all about the details now.

  • Drez

    ^ mobile phone fail.

  • councilworker

    shut the f up bowser...your ass needs to resign tonight

  • cutthecrap

    @truth hurts...didn't you know that all politicians are slimy? You need to stay true to your moniker(the truth hurts).

  • capitol hill

    I would like to know what the future mayor Mendelson feels about Gray resigning immediately, before his conviction.

  • Old People

    it wouldn't be the summer if it wasn't for this hot mess.

  • Drez

    Wells is denying the news reports that he called on Gray to resign.

  • umis habit hummm

    Wait! Hold da fuck up!! I know some asshole didn't say forget about 'innocent until proven guilty.' When you start throwin those kinds of rights away we're in much more trouble than some take-the-city-back bullshit. Hell the city has always been run by White people. Just ask Jack Evans, Dave Catania, Jim Graham, Mary Cheh, Marion Barry, Tony Williams, Sharon Pratt Kelly, Vince Gray and Walter Washington himself. And if you don't know it, you better ask somebody. What are you going to do with the city when you get it back. It will be the same old soup warmed over in a different way. Probably as smooth as silk like Papa Nickles did for his puppet God-Son Adrian.

    The things Vince Gray is accused of doing by Machem's implication and anybody else is like the frying pan calling the kettle black. You White people run Machem too, or have you forgotten that. Vince is too cerebral for you and not the easy target Marion made himself. So you have to go after him tooth and nail on some bullshit your own people are guilty of and at the same time make some of those stupid Black assholes suck up to your nonsense. No more innocent until proven guilty????? HEAVEN HELP US ALL!!!!

  • capitol hill

    the city belongs to everybody. its not a case of white people getting it back because it belongs to all residents. shouldnt everyone want and demand good governance? white, people, black people, hispanic people...ALL people deserve it. you should be glad to see the crooks going to jail no matter what the color of their skin is. unless, of course, you are a silly racist loser.

  • councilworker

    @gitchafaxstr8 you got me crying laughing over here!!!
    but how is bowser going to call for anybody to step down cause of campaign issues and she had her very own campaign financed by Jeff Thompson the very same man who is supposed to be behind Gray's campaign issues...answer that Muriel Bowser??

  • Wonder Woman

    @councilworker - You better preach! I can't believe people are hyping her up to be Mayor. What has she done for the District of Columbia???

  • “Bring That Ball, Meat!”

    Fast ball high and tight. Looks like Gray has struck out.

  • RealDC

    Bowser is a FOOL! She waits til Catania and Cheh make a move and then she chimes in. LOL. Typical Bowser, leads in nothing but will "Co- Sign" when it is safe.

    Can Ward 4 find somebody to run against this "Accidental Councilmember". She is the worst! Bowser will lull you to sleep with her Happy Talk spiel but when you think about what she is saying, you realize what a fraud she is and always have been.


  • just sayin

    Bowser is a goldbricker who is selectively responsive to her constituents. Without question she was useless as an ANC in Riggs Park, and although I didn't vote for her, I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt when she was elected to the council. I wish I could reclaim the wasted moments in my life asking her for assistance with anything. While I hope to see her bounced from the Ward 4 council seat, I damn sure don't want her for mayor.

  • DCpoliguy

    @Wardsixer, Thank You. If DC sticks to these BS race politics that have held us back for years we will continue to get nowhere fast. There are unfortunately a sizable chunk of the DC electorate who will vote for the "blacker" candidate regardless of what he stands for. Gray ran ads in ward 8 that proudly proclaimed he was the son of two black parents, IE code for Fenty's half white. Fenty refused to play these race politic games by not kowtowing to the black political establishment of the city so they pulled this stuff to get rid of him.

    Tommy Wells is a good candidate for mayor and I think he would do an excellent job representing the city, But being white is a severe political handicap here. Vince "Pepco" Orange is notoriously corrupt, but if he chooses to run, he will almost certainly beat Wells unless the political climate changes significantly.

    And before anyone accuses me of being prejudiced against black politicians: I was a long term defender of Marion Barry, pointing out to anyone who would listen the number of good things he has done for the city, explaining how and why his drug arrest and conviction were crap, and explaining the hows and whys behind the institution of the DC financial control board.

  • DCpoliguy

    BTW I want to make it clear I'm not just pointing the finger at black politicians. I actually think Evans and Graham are worst offenders #1 & #2 in DC politics. Basically I think everyone on the council is corrupt or incompetent with the exceptions Wells and Catania.

  • Jane

    Post reporting that Gray wasn't just aware of the shadow campaign, but discussed it extensively with Harris. Geez.

  • KeepInItReal

    Bowser should have kept her damn mouth shut. Jeff Thompson has underwritten her campaign as well. She is pandering to the racist whites of Ward 4 who call themselves liberal progressives.

  • Bert

    @umis habit hummm

    "You White people run Machem too, or have you forgotten that."

    Let's see. The US Attorney for DC was chosen by the Attorney General (who is black), who was chosen by the Preident (also black).

    Hummm indeed.

  • SaveWard7

    Anyone who runs for Mayor for DC should not come from this Council. All of them have their "closet" issues, and spend far too much time tearing each other down instead of trying to lift DC Up and into One Ward. Race is not a factor with these most recent scandals - BEING STUPID is the problem. We should not lose focus on saving our city by allowing distracters to use Race as a divider. People with money are using our ignorance to look to the left or right, but not to what is standing in FRONT of us - Economic Empowerment!

  • Frank Lee Mahdear

    I would agree that the next mayor shouldn't come from the Council. We need a fresh face, someone with new ideas.

  • capitol hill

    next mayor should come from west of the potomac for a change.

  • KeepInItReal

    Tony Williams lives in NE

  • Southside

    All of y'all should put your money where your mouth is and donate to a campaign or run. Everyone knows it costs a lot of money to run a campaign, and the citizens complain about how candidates are getting money, but y'all are the first ones to complain when someone asks you to donate..

    Where the hell do you honestly think the money is going to come from?

    People like Bryan Weaver complain all day, dude your a fucking loser. People like him relied on citizens to raise money, and he was an embarrassment when he turned in his finance report.

    Rely on the people you will never win, rely on the machine and the people hate you.

    Thats Politics!

  • umis habit hummm

    @ Bert..... Who are all run by the really big power brokers who sit back and perpetually reap the ill-gotten profits garnered by thier decisions on who actually gets elected in this country.

    How about Fenty and Papa Nickles???

    Did you learn anythinhg from the 2000 Presidential election?

    Do you know anything about: The Daly machine in Chicago that handpicked Obama when he was a community activist in Chicago?

    Bebe Rebozo, Reagan/Regan and that infamous kitchen cabinet?

    The annointment of Walter Washington which led to the seat at the table for Jeanne Clarke-Harris when her husband died?

    Jeff Thompson managed to operate under the radar screen like a big power broker (for a minute) but from what JC-H said, he knew his number would be up if Fenty was re-elected. He is also not as wealthy as one would believe.
    JC-H and HR Crawford are probably more financially secure than Thompson is.

    Much to his great disappointment, Vince Gray allowed Reuben O. Charles and Jeanne Clarke-Harris to bring Thompson into his campaign and then watch them do their thing and alienate all of the people who worked hard to get him elected. Sad thing is, Gray probably would have won without the Harris/Thompson/Charles connection.