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Ward 6 Councilmarytr Saint Tommy Wells unofficially kicks off mayoral campaign Friday, says he supports Mayor Vince Gray's agenda 100 percent [Post]

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Barras: Mary Cheh has become "CEO of Grudge Centeral" [Examiner]

Anti-corporate donations initiative gets 30,000 sigs [DCPublicTrust]

Mark Segraves concerned that D.C. taxi riders will see too much of Tom Sherwood [Times]

D.C. looking to give huge tax brakes to super rich tech investors [Examiner]

D.C. Lotto thinks people are too lazy to scratch off scratch-offs [Examiner]

Test erasure investigation was bogus [Post]

Georgetown is the worst [Post]

Adrian Fenty, not running [Informer]

Why Pershing Parks blows [HC]

Mendo, the new education czar [Post]

  • Marie

    Who purchased all of the tshirts, etc that were used by the Initiative 70 signature gatherers? I just looked at their Office of Campaign Finance reports and saw virtually nothing in terms of reported expenditures. The group filed a Termination Report in March and transfered all the funds from DC Committee to Restore Public Trust to DC public Trust. I can't seem to find a report filed by this group.

  • Jimbo

    Council Martyr is joust going embarass himself.

  • BiteMe

    Im glad someone pointed out how corrupt Mary Cheh is, her allegiance to a crook and then saying she doesn't regret it. She should be in jail right along with him.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Marie: The DC Public Trust organization purchased all materials. Numbers should be available soon.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Also, what is "grudge centeral"?

    I am unfamiliar with that last word.

  • DcNative

    Wells has an infamous reputation in the Black community based on his disrespect for his Black, Ward 6 constituents and how he publicly and falsely accused a Black kid--during a council hearing--of participating in the SE massacre.

    The parents of the young man was so enraged that he forced Councilman Wells to apologize.

    The Black media has really exposed Wells' disdain and disregard for Blacks in DC.

  • BiteMe

    Wells put in his mayoral bid yet said he supported the mayor 100%....?

    Sounds like there Mayor is resigning soon, and we will get a white Mayor pretty soon....