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Someone handed Colby King more emails showing that people in a meeting thought Jim Graham was playing contract swap between the D.C. Lotto and Metro. [Post]

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District tax dollars going to shady for-profit colleges [Times]

Mary Cheh: There's no way in hell I could have endorsed Vincent Orange in 2010 [Examiner]

Sen. Rand Paul mucks up a local government's chance to get out from under the boot of the federal government for probably  another year [WAMU]

Jeff Thompson gets a few more months to sell Chartered [WBJ]

Gay libertarian takes on EHN [Metro Weekly]

  • drez

    "I really thought that he would be a divisive influence on the council, and I'm confirmed on that," Cheh said in a reference to Orange's widely criticized actions at a meeting earlier this month to select a new chairman.
    What a statement. In 2010 there was ample public domain knowledge of Kwame's financial misadventures and bank liens to give a reasonable person pause. Priorities, people!

  • Here’s hopin’

    Coming soon to a media outlet near you...

    JIM "Taxi Cash" "Nanny" GRAHAM, THE PERP WALK!

  • BiteMe

    ..... and there you have it. Cheh is an idiot for those remarks. You are clearly in favor of a corrupt and unethical government. The rhythm you all had was keep the crooks inside and everyone support each other so no one hears about it.

    The your friends got exposed!

  • KeepInItReal

    Vincent Orange never stole a dime from the city. Cheh was content with the status quo of the Council that, obviously, has led the city astray. Like Alan Satan-man one should look the other when when they take a liking to a politician.

  • John

    Cheh felt she could control Kwame Brown that is why she was for him. Brown would vote her way on her issues and that is what she wanted. She does not care about the overall actions of the city council or its intergrity. Ward 3 needs new representation.