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Catania Seeks Repayment from Nursing Home Operator

An update from an old column LL wrote last year about a VMT Long Term Care, a contractor that operates the city's J.B. Johnson nursing home: Councilmember David Catania said today that he'll introduce legislation if necessary to recoup $1.8 million in city funds VMT spent to settle a dispute with the federal Department of [...]

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Mayor Vince Gray not happy when reporter asks if he's going to resign because of health concerns. (Gray said no, btw) [WUSA9]
Ron Machen is not a cuddly boss, say some of his subordinates [Post]
Adrian Fenty, not coming back [Washingtonian]
Harry Thomas Jr., now in prison [BoP]

Smooth Operator

Well, that was fast.
Last week, LL had his hopes up for an epic political punch-off between the boring but likeable Phil Mendelson and the loud, proud, acquired taste of Vincent Orange for the D.C. Council chairman’s seat. Now it looks like Mendo will win it easy in November. God of exciting political campaigns, why has [...]

Barry The Strong Democrat, When the Situation Calls

Last week, Councilmember Vincent Orange pleaded with his fellow Democrats on the D.C. Council to pick him as the ceremonial No. 2 pro tempore council chairman over Councilmember Michael A. Brown, a registered independent.
Orange said he would be made to look like an "idiot," especially when he traveled to the Democratic Party's national convention in Charlotte, [...]

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Mayor Vince Gray standing by his new housing man, Michael Kelly, who quit his last job after shtupping one of his employees. But says he never gave her a raise! [Post]
Non-Democrats want Michael Brown's seat [Times]
Marion Barry hates streetcars [Examiner]

Gray Official: New Housing Pick Was Up Front About Affair

The news from Philly is not good for Michael Kelly, the mayor's new pick to head the Department of Housing and Community Development.
The local ABC station is reporting that Kelly left his post as acting director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority "amid scandal" because he was having an affair with an underling while also approving [...]

HTJ Says Goodbye to Times

The Washington Times' Deborah Simmons gets the exclusive goodbye interview with disgraced former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., who Simmons says will be on a noontime flight today en route to his final destination at a federal prison in Alabama.
Thomas pleaded guilty earlier this year to stealing more than $350,000 in city funds. He's [...]

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VO out of chairman's race [Post]
Mayor excused from jury duty [Times]
White House agrees to fund school voucher program [Times]

Ward 8 Dems Displeased With Pro Tem Pick

In case you were wondering which ward had the most die-hard partisans, the Ward 8 Democrats appear to have settled that question over the the weekend.
The Ward 8 Dems approved a resolution rebuking the D.C. Council for picking Councilmember Michael Brown, an independent-in-name-only who changed his registration from Democratic in order to get elected to [...]

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Union heads, colleagues, his legal team and supporters turn out to say goodbye to Harry Thomas Jr., who says he was "humbled" by his prosecution [Post]
Other prisoners may think Thomas is "soft" [Examiner]
Serial complainer Jim Graham takes his claims of character assassination to the Post ombudsman and may have compared Post opinion writers to Hitler [...]