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Some council heartburn over putting Rod Woodson, of Mayor Vince Gray's favorite lobbyists, on the D.C. Water board [Post]
OCF audit of Gray campaign is nearly done. [Examiner]
D.C., a developer's kind of town. [NBC4]
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul tries to tinker with District gun, abortion and hiring laws. [Post]

Oh The Places You’ll Go

From the mayor's office:  "Mayor Vincent C. Gray and Beijing Mayor Guo Jinlong today announced the reaffirmation of the Sister City Agreement between the two capital cities. D.C.’s special relationship with Beijing spans 28 years, and today’s signing of the renewed agreement reflects a continued commitment to cooperative engagement while symbolizing [...]

Council Gaga for LivingSocial


How embarrassing would it be if the District's biggest homegrown tech company hopped over to Virginia or moved to some other more  "business friendly" locale? We'll probably never know, as the D.C. Council just gave preliminary approval to granting online couponer LivingSocial $32.5 million worth of tax breaks.
At a legislative session this morning, councilmembers were [...]

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Small world: Jeff Thompson's network includes Marion Barry's former drug supplier [WAMU]
Robert Spagnoletti, Gray's ethical board pick says he's won't be conflicted, not trying to position himself for 2014 AG's race [Times]
Irv Nathan calling out "pay to play" culture [Post]

Vince Gray Wants to Change D.C. Campaign Finance Laws

Mayor Vince Gray is seeking changes to the District's campaign finance law that would, if enacted, dramatically change the way D.C. pols raise money for their campaigns.
At a D.C. Council committee hearing going on right now, Attorney General Irv Nathan outlined new proposals from the mayor that Nathan said will be part of legislation introduced [...]

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Mayor Vince Gray heads to China, says he's not worried one bit about investigation [AP]
What about the rumor that he's going to resign? "No truth to that, unless something’s going on in my head that I don’t know about.” [Post]
David Catania gives an extended poker metaphor [Examiner]
"As residents finally get the city they have always [...]

Gray To Be Unprotected In China

When Mayor Vince Gray hits the mean streets of Beijing next week, he'll be doing so without the protection of his security detail.
This information was shared with LL yesterday after LL brought up the mayor's costly Navigator. A little bird at the Wilson Building let LL know that Gray travels sans bodyguards when he leaves [...]

D.C. Dems Exchange Money, Awards

Last night the D.C. Democratic State Committee had its big Kennedys-King fundraising dinner at the Hinckley Hilton. The at $175-a-ticket event is a chance for D.C. pols and the party faithful to rub shoulders with random bigwigs like South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn and former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young, as well as to eat, drink, [...]

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"A city without prayer will never be One City," says Mayor Vince Gray [Informer]
District Yacht Club wonders what will happen to "Bullet Proof" [Hillsishome]
Feds want to sell federal inmate Harry Thomas Jr.'s Tahoe and motorcycle, which is now worth less than half of what he, er, taxpayers paid for it (Lesson: buy a Harley!) [Legaltimes]
Jeff [...]

Cost of Mayoral Navigator Up 265 percent in 10 years?

LL's soon-to-be-ex-boss is cleaning out his office and found a dead tree edition of a 2002 City Paper article on then-Mayor Anthony Williams' use of a Lincoln Navigator, the same pricey SUV that will forever be a part of a certain former politician's public biography and D.C. political lore.
The article says that Williams' SUV cost [...]