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ICYMI: Michael Brown asks for campaign probe, MPD searches ex-treasurer's home. [LL]

Post keen on Robert Spagnoletti for ethics board. [Post]

"There is little wrong with the city's panoply of existing campaign finance laws that greater disclosure and muscular enforcement can't cure." [Examiner]

Nightclubs near a Walmart? NEVER! [Heartbeat]

UMC looking at big cuts, needs more city cash. [WBJ]

DeBonis thinks Supreme Court could take up bans on corporate campaign giving. [Post]

Young people moving to cities, not suburbs. [DCist]

  • DC Stands for Don’t Come

    If I were a councilmember, I would just get a corporate job and the hell with corporate bans. DC is stupid and they dont understand the only way to stop corporate influence is by preventing pols to work for them.

    I wouldnt mind making 125,000 from the council and 300,000 from another job. The people dont care, the media doesnt care, and the votes dont care, so why should I care