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Michael Brown: SOL?

Yesterday came the news that At-Large D.C. Councilmember Michael Brown had parted ways with his campaign treasurer, Hakim Sutton, whose home was searched by the police. Brown says a bunch of campaign moula was stolen, but won't say who took it or how much.

LL hears that it's no small amount that's disappeared, and indeed, Brown told reporters today that it was a large enough amount for him to call the police and consider a civil suit to try and recoup the cash.

Brown's up for re-election in a city-wide race this November against multiple candidates vying for the coveted non-majority-party-second-place slot. One opponent, David Grosso, has raised a respectable $75,000 so far.

Brown's last filing put his total at $150,000, with about $115,000 cash on hand. Let's say for argument's sake that almost all of that money is gone. How big a blow is the alleged theft? Well, it could be a lot worse.

Brown, the son of former Democratic National Committee head and Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, has contacts throughout the country and has not had problems raising money in the past. In his successful 2008 bid, he raised more than $420,000. In 2006, in a no-chance mayoral run, he raised more than $315,000. So the dude can raise some money. (Though do note that Brown is not allowed a mulligan and can't go back for more money to donors who have already maxed out with $1,000 donations, even if their donations were later stolen.)

Also consider that Brown is now head of the D.C. Council's economic development committee, which tends to help a pol's fundraising prowess. When Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown was head of the committee in 2008, he raised more than $825,000. Sure, he only reported $690,000, but you get the idea: economic development also means campaign war chest development.

In certain regards, Brown's fortunate that this alleged theft occurred in June, and not closer to the November election. There's still plenty of time to recover. And LL's not heard any political prognosticators predict that Brown will have much trouble winning re-election. This is a man whose name alone, after all, put a scare into Council Chairman Phil Mendelson two years ago.

The only pain Brown might feel is if he wanted not only to win, but to win big enough to send a message to potential competitors in a future mayor's race. Winning may be easy, but winning big takes some cash.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DC Guy

    I like they way all of these politicians think that term on the Council is sufficient to be Mayor.

    What has Brown, or Mendelson, or Orange done to warrant the executive experience needed to be an effective mayor?

  • jennifer

    Michael Brown has no record. At all. Other than showing up to events and smiling, he has done nothing or accomplished anything that would merit him becoming Mayor. He is the sone of Ron Brown and that in itself should be questionable. Ron Brown had his own baggage.

  • gitchafaxstr8

    @Jennifer: He shows up at events for a hot 5 minutes before easing on down the road......Watch him the next time you see him at a political/job related event. Heaven Help Us!!!!!

  • Ward 2 Maven

    Brown would be a good candidate to be like a greeter at a second rate power dive (think a low rent Palm, maybe like a Bobby Van's). Mayor, pulleeze!!

    The downtown money crowd will tire of Brown very quickly. Sure, he is an easy patsy, but he is so obvious that every move he makes will have its own spotlight. Show Brown the door because like Brazill, Chavous, Lightfoot, etc. and all the other show ponies before him, he is out of here.

  • Meadows


    In 3.5 years on the Council, Freshman Councilmember Michael A. Brown has...

    Authored Anti-Bullying legislation, which is now law, protecting our students.
    Restored the tax rate on earners who make over 300K to previous rates of 9.6%, lessening the burden on our middle class.

    Fought for and restored 18 mil cut from the Housing Production Trust Fund this year.

    Fought for and restored the 2.5 mil cut from the Local Rent Supplement Program this year.

    Fought back proposed Theater Tax. Supported Arts initiatives.

    Authored and passed law establishing the Workforce investment Council, which is developing initiatives to combat chronic unemployment.

    Authored and passed law giving ex-offenders greater opportunities at employment.

    Authored and passed 51st State Commission.

    Authored and passed the Community Schools initiative allowing our schools to become neighborhood hubs for social services such as dental clinics, child care and adult job training.

    Introduced and passed Secure Communities Act which prevents federal agencies from deporting victims of violence.

    Authored and passed law providing increased funds for workforce and job training programs.

    Authored and passed law extending the Rental Housing Act.

    Authored and passed law allowing service members to share in child custody.

    Authored law allowing veterans to qualify for preference as certified business enterprises for small businesses.

    Authored and passed law repealing mandatory monthly retirement deductions, allowing seniors greater flexibility in their monthly finances.

    Introduced and passed the Marriage Equality legislation, allowing same sex couples to have equal rights.

    Introduced and passed DC's medical marijuana law.

    Authored and passed a bill requiring the University of the District of Columbia to right size and live within their means.

    Was instrumental in the creation of the UDC Community College.

    Authored and passed the First Source law, which requires contractors to hire DC residents if they use DC dollars.

    Co-chaired the redistricting committee.

    Along with many introduced bills to benefit small businesses, regulatory reform and safety net programs.

    For further information please visit http://dcclims1.dccouncil.us/lims/searchbymember.aspx

  • um hummm

    @Meadows (probably Brown): Who da fuck cares? I worked hard for MiBr because of his father, then somebody pulled my coat about some stuff I refuse to repeat and now I can just sit back and observe him and see the stories are more likely true than not.

  • Sally

    Oh please! How many of those bills did Mikey actually research and write himself, rather than just copying and pasting what various lobbyists gave him?

    The man is as deep as Gray's hair is normal.

  • Drez

    Other people's work.
    He named a street after his dad and slipped gambling into the budget bill.
    Not much else.

  • seDCdude

    And Sally ur twat may be as deep as luray caverns, but that doesn't mean you are credible or have a VALID opinion, RATCHET AZZ HATER YOU!!!

  • seDCdude


  • dcbroker1

    Lets wipe the dc council clean and start fresh with some new folks. Mr. clean and his counterparts are all on the take. "Cash rules everything around me"

  • Lies

    @Meadows.... Michael Brown "authored First Source Legislation"....no he did not. There are 12 pieces of First Law legislation and Michael Brown did not author a single one, check for yourself here: http://dcclims1.dccouncil.us/lims/search.aspx

    At best he co-introduced the latest amendment to first source law but even that bill was authored by then chairman Brown.

    Michael Brown was also not instrumental in establishing the UDCC, are you crazy? UDCC was already in place before him, he did nothing of the sort.

    In fact most of your list if not all of it is absolute bs or so overly broad and vague that anybody could claim that hype.

    Stop the lies

  • Ward 2 Maven

    Oh, sorry, I forgot Brown's actual accomplishment, giving David Meadows a real paying job making up specious lists and foisting unsolicited "newletters" on the innocent.

    Such are the rewards for loyal service to the hacks on the state committee. Next up for Meadows is a Blade column (a la Peter Rosensweig).

    As for Brown's career moving forward its too bad Meatball has closed. Perhaps Meadows can use his influence at the Demmy Club and get Brown the lunch host gig.

  • ForRealDC

    @meadows- LOL!This dude is a buster. Low IQ, Low ethics, empty suit, selfish, insincere, lousy husband, a do nothing that has used his father's name to jump start a career that to be quite honest, stinks. He is exactly what is wrong with black politicians in this town, all show no substance. These bullshit, bama suit wearing politicians need to go. Driving around in hot bama a$$ vehicles like Range Rovers and Lexus SUVs but can't keep the tax man off your a$$ or your constituents are suffering. Look at me, look at me is their mind set but they are as real as $3 bill. All of these clowns need to go, Brown, Bowser are a bunch of self serving do nothings. We have better people to represent us on the council. Yes, their are some very well qualified black people that would do much better than the current elected Bozos! For REAL!!

  • TM

    "Restored the tax rate on earners who make over 300K to previous rates of 9.6%, lessening the burden on our middle class."


  • City Dude

    ForRealDC is on the money!!

  • http://www.torchblazers.blogspot.com lioneagle

    Greetings -

    Dig deeper...

  • danny o.

    please, not grosso.