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Police Search Home of Michael Brown’s Former Treasurer

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Department executed a search warrant this afternoon at the home of Hakim Sutton, who up until very recently was At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown's campaign treasurer, according to sources familiar with the ongoing law enforcement investigation.

Brown released a statement today saying that he'd discovered an unnamed aide had been stealing from his campaign account. Brown also said he would be taking over as his campaign's treasurer.

Sutton has not returned calls seeking comment. An MPD spokeswoman said only that police are conducting an investigation.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery


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    Sutton= Suliamon more than alliteratively?
    Dc residents (Drez) can only dream of this.

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    Sounds like Brown ratted his treasurer out before they could investigate his campaign finances. What a loser, the council should be ashamed of themselves for appointing that low-life.

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    @ Hmmmm.... appointed what the hell are you talking about Micheal Brown was elected. And why in the world would you think that CM Brown ratted his treasurer out? If all proves to be true (which I will bet is true) then he did the right thing. It's attitudes like yours about snitches and rats that has DC in the terrible crime ridden condition that it is in. Turning in your brother for doing something criminal is the right thing to do. So do us all a favor and take your complacent attitude and move somewhere else, we have enough do nothing people in DC!

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    @Barrie Daneker, I'm taking a wait-and-see attitude on this whole issue myself, but I'm guessing Hmmmm.... was referring to Brown's recent appointment as the Council's president pro tem, not his election to the Council itself.

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    @cminus thats exactly what I was talking about. Barrie is a got damn retard so I dont pay that person any mind. It's just interesting because Brown asks for an investigation and he gets a pass but how in the hell do you not know if your treasurer is taking money?

    Seems like since he was promoted he stopped all the criminal acts, but your going to jail for the lotto contracts BOY!

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    This guy is always finding out bad stuff about his own office. There is something very fishy about this guy.

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    This same Treasurer, Sutton took $1000 for a non-profit organization, and he was informed about it.

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    If the treasurer is not guilty he should compile all documents in his possession and run to the FBI on 4th street nw. Otherwise the truth will not see the light of day.

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    OCF should do the audit. Not anyone his campaign hires.

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    Poor BARRIE DANEKER...you just don't get it...you probably just moved here...to think that MB's move is sincere...Barrie, the man is trying to cover up his own criminal activity by calling out his OWN treasurer.

    You know the common thinking: Whoever speaks up first...LOL...

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    LMAO at MB's spokesperson's comment in yesterday's DeBonis column: "We believe that the fact that the alleged theft was discovered by the candidate reflects well on Michael Brown's financial oversight."

    That's a good job reading of your own press, MB.

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    I am the eggman, I am the Walrus
    goo goo ga choob

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    These two have been in involved with many scams, I have been printing for them for a while and they never pay and have been using union bugs when they are not using union labor.

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    to all who made comments on this story...seems you all have egg on your face. Sutton on 14 counts. So smoke that now!

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