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Michael Brown: Someone Stole From Me!

At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown has just put out a release saying one of his longtime campaign aides has been stealing from his campaign funds and the police are investigating at his request.

Brown wouldn't say who the aide was, but he did say that he's taken over as his campaign's treasurer, since he was the one who discovered the matter. Up until now, Brown's campaign treasurer was Hakim Sutton, who has also worked on the campaigns of Mayor-for-Life-turned-Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry and Ward 3 Councilmember Kathy Patterson when she ran unsuccessfully for the chairman's seat in 2006. Sutton did not immediately return a phone call from LL.

More as LL gets it. Brown's statement after the jump:

"While personally reviewing my campaign finance records on June 22nd, I discovered information which indicated that unauthorized disbursements had been made from the campaign bank account by an individual who has assisted my campaigns for over five years. Upon discovering this disturbing fact, I immediately contacted the Metropolitan Police Department and have since been working in cooperation with the MPD investigation of this matter.

As the one who discovered the alleged theft, I have decided to personally take over as the treasurer of my re-election campaign. To demonstrate my commitment to operate the campaign books transparently and ethically, I will bring in an independent auditor to ensure that all campaign finance activities meet the strictest fiduciary standards.

At this time, neither I, nor my campaign will have any further comment on the ongoing criminal investigation. However, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our hardworking and talented Metropolitan Police Department.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • rezOfward4

    Poor ole' fox now has to guard the hen house.

  • w3er

    I'm seriously impressed a candidate/elected official was actually reviewing their own records... More "ole' foxes" should be "guarding the hen house" like him.

  • rezOfward4

    I'd be impressed if I considered him credible. However, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a preemptive action to deflect from some of his shenanigans.

  • wonder

    Wonder if $ was taken from KPat or MBarry too? If I were them, I'd check for valid invoices.

  • DCGovcorruption

    I think that some of you good reporters need to get the MPD report that has been filed by Councilmember Brown regarding the substantial amount of money that was taken.
    Since MPD does not audit financial reports and will go on what the Councilmember is alleging, the US Attorney should have his staff review the contributions and expenditures by his campaign committee to determine what came in and what went out since it involves a public official who is not a sparkling example for ethics among the elected officials at the Wilson Building. Also, the treasurer may have an alibi for what he did with the funds and whether any of the funds went to Councilmember Brown.

  • Sally

    A brilliant day for a news dump!

  • Jes’ sayin’

    Is there no honor among thieves?

  • Mr.Remember

    Follow the money trail.

  • Shucks

    You KNOW the common thinking: Whoever speaks up first, right?

    This dude is trying to bury his own sh*t! Wow, and people refuse to acknowledge this fact.

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