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VO’s Son Caught Double Dipping Unemployment Bennies

At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange’s son was improperly paid about $8,000 in D.C. unemployment benefits while working for a city contractor last year, according to several officials.

For most of the second half of 2011, Vincent Orange Jr. received regular unemployment checks from the D.C. Department of Employment Services, officials say. At the same time, he was working full time at Unity Health Care, a city contractor that provides healthcare services to the poor. The city paid Unity $33 million last year. Orange Jr. works as an assistant health center director at Unity’s clinic on Minnesota Avenue NE. His LinkedIn page indicates he began working there in June 2011 and does not show any period of unemployment for last year. By press time, Orange Jr. had not responded to a request for comment.

When D.C. residents receive unemployment benefits, they have to certify on a regular basis that they are seeking full-time employment—and are not actually employed—in order to continue receiving payments.

One official, who was not authorized to speak on the record, says the city routinely checks a national database of new hires against its unemployment rolls, which is how Orange Jr.’s name would have come up. Attorney General Irv Nathan has filed civil fraud lawsuits against 13 current or former city employees who officials say were improperly receiving unemployment benefits.

Once aware that Orange Jr. was receiving unemployment benefits, DOES requested its money back. A check was received a few days after the request, officials say.

In a statement to LL, Councilmember Orange said: “This matter was completely resolved in calendar year 2011 pursuant to normal District of Columbia policy. I am not privy to the internal affairs of my son’s household. However, I am relieved he accepted responsibility and resolved this matter promptly in 2011.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • jennifer

    The apple does not fall to far from the tree. Like father, like son.

  • MadMark@WHC

    Washington Hospital Center laid of 200 employees in April 2011, Vince was one of them as was I, so it seems to me he was eligible for unemployment, this is an issue of overpayment, which means if u get more than you are supposed too....u have 20 days to pay it back without penalty.....non story to me.....funny how this came out after VO Sr. bashed Michael Brown...is this payback....i'm just saying?

  • RealDC

    This is some bull shit! So, lets start looking at all council members family members affairs, I willing to bet it will get UGLY real fast for all of them.

    Have we identified the "double-dipper" in Bowser's office? How about Catania's employer getting that street car contract? Did Catania deliver that contract? Catania is a skin head troll with a legal bribe job and nobody even questions his actions!! If Barry was working for MC Dean at $240k per year, people would lose their minds. Where is the media on this contract? Nobody even questions the Pilgrim politicians in this town.

    Wake up DC!

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    Just write that you have nothing to report Alan instead of bullshit... who cares? Take us to Florida, Let us visit where Lorraine Green lives...

    Write about Vernon Hawkins, David Catania...

  • TM

    To be fair, Vincent Orange Sr. made it very clear that Vincent Orange Sr. is the best. He made no warranties on the bestness of Vincent Orange Jr.

  • Ward One Resident

    Isn't Unity Health Care a member of the Jeffrey Thompson network?

  • Rhymes With Orange

    Son of the Best, eh?

  • NC

    What is with crappy DC pols and men with egos who name their sons after themselves?

  • No Juice

    Clearly VO Jr lied every 2 weeks when he took the bennies or he would not have paid the money back when caught!
    But these criminal actions should not reflect on his father

  • KeepInItReal

    I am not aware of the financial comings and goings of my son's household either. It ain't none of my business but if he decided to break the law he knows he will be facing the music by himself.

  • Truth hurts

    VO jr knew he wasn't eligible for unemployment the moment he got a new job. Yet he continued cashing city checks until he got caught. Common low life crook.

  • Employment Facts

    @TruthHurts the moment you get a new job that does not mean your a full-time employee. I recently got a job and are still under probation in terms of being a temp until September 20. I sent the letter to DOES and they said once I receive my permanent status they will take me off unemployment benefits.

    Probation Period does not mean your a Full-Time Employee so I dont think VO Jr was wrong in this situation.

    Atleast if any bill collectors call VO Jr he will pay them back immediately. Can't say the same for Kwame Brown, Michael Brown, or Harry Thomas.

    Atleast VO Sr was responsible enough to teach the kids that if you owe, pay it!

  • http://letschange.org Respected Citizens

    The issue of perception against VO, does not look good when the son commits a crime of this kind. Even though the amount of unemployment benefits found taken w/o authority was immediately returned.

    As parents, when our children become adults, outside of our households, we do not have control over their "poor and unacceptable decisions."

    Therefore, his son needs to reflect on his actions, and the impact it's bringing on his innocent father.

    Further, his son should also know that he has just placed a scare on himself, if he has political goals and objectives.

  • Wake-Up, People

    One can not legally collect UI once one has starting working. Probationary Status is irrelevant. Nor does Full-Time or Part-Time status. In some jurisdictions, a determination may be made to pay partial benefits for those working Part-Time. No jurisdiction pays benefits once one begins working Full-Time.
    Vincent Orange, Jr was unlawfully claiming benefits. And he did so knowing that by signing the claim form he was submitting himself to the penalties for perjury.
    Regardless, this matter has nothing to do with Vincent Orange, Sr.

  • Sleepy Hollow

    @wake-up,people So why is it that DOES states that you stop receiving unemployment benefits once you become a full-time employee?

    And if it were unlawfully wouldnt he be in jail or pay a hefty fine?

    Dont get sucked into Alan's article, unlike your favorite people, VO Jr is not prison bound. And I highly doubt most of yall will even live in DC, be alive, or remember any of this in a couple years anyway.

  • More Haters

    Alan.... this was worthless

    The kid received unemployment and paid it back immediately..

    Michael Browns kids ditched school and hang out up Friendship Heights

    Harry's son plays baseball and didnt get the best grades on his 4th quarter of school

    Jack Evans kids act up during summer camp

    and Marrion Barry's son still smokes weed

    Im sure thats enough information to do a ton of articles now!!

  • blkwrestl

    In the early 1980's you could collect unemployment in DC if you were unemployed (and worked the requisite quarters) and then subsequently obtained another job. At that time, your unemployment was considered a fund that was to be exhausted once you began to use it. Once the fund was exhausted the benfits ended. I personally know a person who did this, filled out their papers and submitted to DC Employment Services on the bi-weekly basis. They noted that they had another job and how much they made. They never were required to repay anything. The process may be different now, but it was not illegal.

  • KeepInItReal

    Don't those checks keep coming unless you actively request that they stop sending them. How are DOES notified once you have found a new job?

  • 20011

    I love all the apologists up in this thread trying to pass this story off as worthless. Then they drop examples of Michael Brown's kids skipping school, as if someone's son skipping school is on par with stealing thousands of taxpayer dollars.

    No wonder this city was so deep in the shitter. I can't wait for you turds to be flushed out of it.

  • 20011

    Although I do love VO's tie in that photo.

  • cutthecrap

    He who is without sin cast the first stone...

    @I.J. love the cracker comment...lol

  • OhBOY

    C'mon ORANGE PEEL face...your son was STEALING...it is as simple as that...Orange Jr. had to recertify in order to continue to receive benefits...the benefits kept coming which logic dictates that Orange Jr. was going to DOES and telling those people that he was unemployed.

    ORANGE SR. YOU GOT TO GO...The council did RIGHT by not choosing you for that lame azz pro tem seat. Now crybaby, you have something to really cry about.


    I.J you are on target, their white buddies doing wrong and nothing happen Mr. Barry can blow his nose and they ready to investigate Grham lover took the rap for him in the Taxie cab cover up he should be in jail, and right about the Cat guy investigate that contract that his company got it stink all the way up his behind.Yes the KKK is living here in DC to. They are trying to knock out all Black elected Offical.

  • Honest Abe

    Where on earth is the investigation of that arrogant S.O.B David Catania. How he remains a member of the city council is mind boggling. I never see or have ever seen him active in the community. This guy is getting by super easy. Other than push for gay rights, what has this man done?

  • Charlie

    It is curious that so many commenters say that DOES staff told them they are eligible for unemployment compensation until they get permanen status. I doubt that is true, but it may be true that someone at the agency is providing wrong information.

    Perhaps they should test their staff knowledge of what the regulations say. I wonder what that would turn up. Or perhaps some enterprising reporter should quiz them by asking some benefit questions and see what they say.

  • tony

    @Honest Abe, it's amazing that you just don't get it, brother.

    David Catania is a cracker. Jim Graham and Jack Evans are crackers. And they can get away with almost anything. Just look, David Catania secures a job with one of the biggest D.C. contractors in the city who pays him $250,000.00. What is Catania doing for that company to be paid such monies? Well, I will tell you what he is doing. He is peddling influence so that his employer can keep the dough rolling in.

    So where is the 24 hours new coverage on this? Where are all the commenter’s calling for investigations? We are all the calls for justice. Where are the Washington Post editorials calling for a federal investigation? The same story is true for Jim Graham and Jack Evans.

    If black folks in this city can't see what’s going on, then we are in trouble. Man, white folks simply don't trust black folks with their affairs. As much as black folks want to believe that white folks like us, the hard reality is that they don't. They want this city back, period.

    However, I believe that there are some very talented black professionals all over this city who will emerge as a force to be reckon with. I know that the black professionals in this city could run circles around catania, evans, and graham all at the same time.

  • 20011

    "I know that the black professionals in this city could run circles around catania, evans, and graham all at the same time."

    Unfortunately, for everyone, those talented professionals have better things to do with their time and talents than participate in the Clown College known as the Wilson Bldg.

  • StrangeFruit

    DC's Black politicians--and family--cannot sit or shit without a media induced investigation.

    As Tony and several other commenters pointed out, DC’s White politicians, especially Catania and Evans, have funneled hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars to clients of their full-time employers.

    Case in point, just last week the council approved a $50 million streetcar contract for MC Dean--Catania is a VP at MC Dean--and not one media outlet reported on this open and notorious conflict of interest by a sitting councilmember. Instead, the media focused on Barry efforts to stop such a blatant abuse of power.

    But, when Councilmember Michael Brown forgot his Blackness and tried to emulate his White colleagues, he was crucified. Every media outlet, especially this rag and the Wash Post, repeatedly reported on Councilmember M. Brown's on-line gambling bill and his conflict of interest.

    The bottomline is, the media can and will continuously play the racist card against DC's Black politicians because these politicians have absolutely ZERO connection or loyalty to their base.

  • N.E. John

    All this talk about crackers is making me hungry

  • seDCdude


    EXACTLY....but these bleeding heart racists post day in and day out calling for black heads to roll, these krakkka reporters facilitate the guillotine amputations and dumb self hating blacks further the facilitation by either thinking they have arrived, are going to arrive or will be accepted if I work with the amputators......either way you cut this crap, it's still CRAP!

  • seDCdude

    "But, when Councilmember Michael Brown forgot his Blackness and tried to emulate his White colleagues, he was crucified"


    2011......you are a bitch!