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ANC wants to ban two- and three-packs o' beer [HuffingtonPost]

Michael Kelly returns to lead affordable housing efforts [Post]

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Musical chairs in school board races [Post]

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  • um hummm

    Bob Bobb should bobble on back to the mess he contributed to making in Detroit. Before that, he helped to make a big mess in DCPR influencing the appointments of his closer than close friend and her friends from Baltimore. After DC voters rejected him for some office or another, he ran off to Detroit and now he's back again?

  • Doomsday

    DC Council is a body of soft individuals scared to take a stand and dismantle the ongoing cloud of wrecklessness they have displayed in the past couple of months.

    I hope the residents respond accordingly in November and vote to get these low-lives out of office.

    Any councilmember that has an outside job should be penalized!!


  • Please Explain?

    I don't understand the ANCs push to ban two or three pack beers? That wont stop people from drinking nor buying a pack and tearing off two or three beers to drink!

  • RealDC

    And Catania is employed by MC Dean for $240K per year!! A city contractor has a sitting council member on the payroll! That is called a bribe. Pay to play. Payola, whatever you want to call it. THAT STINKS!!

    Now, imagine if Barry had that position, every "progressive" citizen would cry foul! The WP would blow Barry up. People would probably would stop obeying stop lights..... This council is the worse, the smell from from the Wilson Building is putrid. Racists, hypocrits, thieves, drunks, incompetents, liars, do nothings, blow hards, pious fools, cheats, etc.....

  • More Haters

    @RealDC Orange tried to make a law banning outside employment and the council voted it no...

    It was on DC Wire

  • RealDC

    @More Hatesr-Yeah he did, but the rest of the weasels voted it down. Just like term limits did not pass 12 years ago.

    Orange is a slickster but not a crook. Orange got money from Jeff Thompson but all the rest got it as well. Bowser, Catania, Brown etc.

  • More Haters

    @RealDC smh people think Orange is apart of the old Machine, what old Machine? And what Establishment? seems like there is a DC Council and then there is Orange. Cant be apart of something if no one includes you nor respects you...