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Gray Official: New Housing Pick Was Up Front About Affair

The news from Philly is not good for Michael Kelly, the mayor's new pick to head the Department of Housing and Community Development.

The local ABC station is reporting that Kelly left his post as acting director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority "amid scandal" because he was having an affair with an underling while also approving her undeserved "large pay increases." PHA staffers have complained, the station said, to the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

But only half of that story is correct, says a senior Gray official (who asked not to be named while discussing a sensitive matter). While being courted for the D.C. job, Kelly, who is currently married, told the Gray administration of the affair but said he'd not given the woman in question any raises or promotions, according to the official. The official added that the administration checked with HUD to verify Kelly's version of events before making him an offer.

"For us, it's a private matter," the official says.

Kelly's sex life sure is, but it's also fair to question the judgement of any boss who has an affair with an underling, no? Especially one that winds up being referred to a federal agency.

Prior to the gig in Philly, Kelly, who could not immediately be reached for comment, served as director of the D.C. Housing Authority for nine years. LL is going to guess this probably isn't how he imagined his big return.

  • Hillrat

    Because THIS is how we roll in DC.

  • http://twitter.com/monkeyrotica monkeyrotica

    OneCity, b*tches!

    [drops mike, walks away]

  • Hopefully Gray is out in 2012

    lol @ monkeyrotica. Just amazing. When it rains for Mayor Grey it just pours. Anybody building an Ark.

  • Hooly Cr**

    So wait, Gray *knew* that a person in public service was not only f*ing a subordinate, but was paying her a nearly 6 figure city wage AND HE HIRED HER?

    Is this really what Gray stands for? Because, now he can't hide behind his CoS or some other unlucky underling.

    Of course Kelly was popular with DC housing groups, he has no morals to speak of and will gladly lie and steal to get what he wants.

  • Typical DC BS

    @Hillrat: LOL. You know he'll have Mr. Barry's okeydoke.

  • Sammy

    OMG - Let's get in our "One City" time machine and set the dial back to the late 1980s in DC. The Gray era sures feels like "Barry Time." Deja vu, all over again.

  • Joe

    Vincent Gray won't nomnate you for dogcatcher unless you have some problems. Mr. Gray has strayed into Adrian Fenty territory.

  • More Haters

    ....more crooks, what else is new?

    No integrity whatsoever

    No ethics....

  • Mr.Remember

    That is what a pimp does but recognizes another pimp. Remember Gray had his harem of women, so what does he do but hires another Sheik who likes to ride a camel-toe or two too. Get it!!!

  • Truth hurts

    Hillrat took the words out of my mouth. Dude's perfect for dc aka one city.

  • get it straight

    I'm sure everyone was just as horrified when the President of the United States had sex with an intern and then committed a crime to cover it up.

  • Drez

    Why is this being reported as a sex scandal rather than as a misappropriation/theft of public dollars for goods/services (that just happened to be sex)?
    Oh, right. Because the EOM is spinning this as a personal rather than a public failing.
    Look! Sex!!!

  • RealDC

    Damn, Gray, you need a head-hunter to pre-screen your picks. WTF? You can't get a simple appointment right.

  • jeni

    Beyond tacky. I've worked in the affordable housing industry in this area--there are certainly many other talented people to choose from to fill that spot. The move reeks of the very "old DC" cronyism of which Gray keeps being accused. He obviously didn't give a crap about how this would be perceived or if Kelly would be up to similar shenanigans at DHCD.
    Recall! One scandal too many...

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    Vince will either resign or be indicted before Kelly is confirmed by Council. Vince could have selected Stan Jackson if Hill had to go. I am SO tired of Vinc'es inability to think outside of his tiny little bubble.

    Hey where is Reuben Charles? Hey City Paper- How about a snapshot of where he landed!!

  • watchingtoo

    I remember this guy on TV a lot!!! He closed down much low cost housing in many ways for the disabled and those to come first for housing. He gave housing to people who could afford it on their own. A sick sick black man.

  • Mr.Remember

    This is the year for the light-skin brother.

  • tony

    Mayor Gray is the man. Sure, he has had his problems but what Mayor of a major city has not had some setbacks. He has this city on the right track and he continues to do a great job. Unfortunately, there are people who will never support the man no matter what he does. So Gray must stay focus and intensify his community outreach efforts as a means of solidifying his base.
    As long as Mayor Gray can retain his support amongst his base he will survive these setbacks.
    I predict that the black community, in general, will stand behind the Mayor. And the more he is attacked by the white Media and establishment while people like David Catania, Jack Evans, and Jim Graham get a free pass concerning their blatant public corruption activities, the more Mayor Gray will be supported by his base.
    Also, I believe that his foes are making a serious miscalculation in assuming that he is going to resign if he is charged. I don’t believe that Mayor Gray will resign. If he is indicted, I predict that he will fight the charge(s) and go to trial. And, when or if this occurs, the racial tension in this city will probably become unbearable and such will have a chilling effect on the way of life for many of the players and citizens in this city.
    Good luck to any white candidate who tries to get the black vote in such a hostile and racially polarized environment. Phil Mendleson included.

  • Sammy


    Methinks you've been smoking some of the ex-Mayor-for-Life's private stash. Better stick to your day job, not punditry.

    Just as some say that national demographic trends favor the Democrats in the long term, DC is changing demographically. (And I am not speaking of race, but I am speaking new and younger residents who are not tied to the past.) These local trends aren't friendly to Vince Gray's "base", which is shrinking. More and more residents of all racial backgrounds are tired of the old "DC way" -- crony, dynastic klepto-politics. They look to the DC government as a provider of (hopefully quality) municipal services, not as the employer of first and last resort for the politically connected and their extended networks.

    Gray and the One City crowd are probably the last gasp of the old DC nomenklatura. At least I hope so!

    Speaking of "tony," I wish Mayor Tony Williams would come back.

  • More Haters

    @Sammy I hope you know Tony Williams right hand man back in the day was Vincent Orange, they were the financial experts on the council during that time along with Jack Evans

  • atty2d

    An almost sexagenarian has an affair, and this is news? Really? The fact that none if the anonymous "PHA employees" making serious charges against him is willing to give his/her name puts this in the watercooler gossip category.

  • Sammy

    Tony Williams never served on the council. He was drafted to run from his CFO position.

  • http://washingtoncitypaper.com southeast lady

    Sammy - At least Tony Williams did not have any known sex scandals or money scandals either. And neither did the late Walter Washington. Oh my God. I long for those days.

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    Well its been confirmed by several at DCHA- During Michael Kelly's tenure there he was having an affair with the now current Director of DCHA.

    What a mess.. Vince ought to be ashame of himself. Was Michael Kelly upfront about that?

  • cutthecrap

    @Susan...Her name is Adrienne Todman, and yes it has always been rumored that Michael Kelly and Ms. Todman were having an affair. This should be no surprise coming from an adminitration that has no ethics or morals. As a matter of fact, Vince Gray was in a relationship with a COS at HUD once upon a time...check it out. I heard she kicked his punk azz once too. LOL!

  • isabella bridges

    Yes...ADrianne todman was mad about kelly drove him crazy they say at dcha

  • Sammy

    She (Todman) is now dating another Federal worker who is high yellow & has no m