Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Union heads, colleagues, his legal team and supporters turn out to say goodbye to Harry Thomas Jr., who says he was "humbled" by his prosecution [Post]

Other prisoners may think Thomas is "soft" [Examiner]

Serial complainer Jim Graham takes his claims of character assassination to the Post ombudsman and may have compared Post opinion writers to Hitler [Post]

VO's prediction comes true, Jonetta Rose Barras not happy with Michael Brown pro tem pick [Examiner]

Neither is Colby King, who compares councilmembers and their "lust" for free sporting tickets to pigeons [Post]

Did Brown pull a fast one on his colleagues? [Post]

Mary Cheh on Brown selection: "you have to play the cards you're dealt." [WAMU]

No Jeff Thompson money this campaign [Examiner]

Vince Gray makes it official with Nat Gandhi [Post]

Unbribeable Leon Swain making a run at at-large seat [Post]

You can tell a lot about a publication by which gadfly they choose to overexpose [Post]

Frederick Douglass statue to the Capitol [Post]

Free shuttle to Ward 8 farmer's market [Post]

  • Money Talks

    Did Jeff Thompson contribute to any campaigns in the most recent election? I would like to see if Orange raised the most money since his cash cow could not help him out.

    I also think Michael Brown was a terrible choice for pro temp and he will lose to David Grosso in November

  • John

    Michael Brown for pro tem means the council thinks paying DC and Federal taxes is optional for councilmembers and campaign fraud doesn't bother them either. Mary Cheh should have split the vote between the council chairman and pro tem on the interim basis and let each councilmember stand up and vote so the public knew where they stood. By putting together an acceptable and an unacceptable candidate the vote does not really reflect a councilpersons values. That also includes Cheh herself who evidently stood up for the unacceptable Brown, but she also campaigned with Mayor Gray and Kwame Brown. Time to clean house.

  • Typical DC BS

    Glad to know that members of the DC Council don't see the hypocrisy of giving HTJ best wishes at his "gathering" before he wanders off to the federal pen. No wonder there is no shame in DC regarding this type of theft.

  • Marie

    John -- If you were paying attention, you would know that Mary Cheh DID split the vote and allow the others councilmembers to vote for each position separately. Also -- there is a distinction between FILING and PAYING your taxes (albeit late) and NOT FILING and NOT PAYING taxes (Marion Barry). Lot of people are on payment plans with the IRS...why is this such a big deal?

  • Drez

    Brown's a duplicitous a bum and has had multiple filings against him.
    This is the sort of person our DC council feels more comfortable elevating:

  • Truth hurts

    Neither Brown nor Orange called on thomas to resign.

  • Drez

    Nope. Thomas was too popular. No one wanted to risk alienating his base- except someone who never had a chance of that base supporting him in the first place.

  • The Java Master

    Just imagine. Th eguy who steals money from kids rec programs (Thomas) is so just darn "popular" they throw him a going away party. Shame on everyone involved.