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CFO Nat Gandhi to continue being CFO; David Catania displeased [Times]

Did you improperly cash unemployment checks while working for city government? The city may be suing you [Post]

Office of Administrative Hearings judges want their Fenty-appointed, alleged no account boss off the job [ABC7]

Michael Brown's tax problems aren't behind him [Times]

Time to retool Home Fool? [Examiner]

Today at noon, Kojo's got a new mixtape, which he says is better than the Sulaimon Brown mixtape [@kojoshow]

Mendo gets some love from the DCDSC, will replace Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown as delegate in Charlotte [@KinlowDC]

Jeff Thompson is selling his FBI-raided Crestwood house [Long & Foster]

  • Cat Like

    The one thing I agree with Catania on. The Tax office is a mess, several scandals on his watch and he keeps losing money in the cushions to find it later.

  • Throw The Book

    So....Todays news suggest

    1.DC Council made a bad mistake by selecting Michael Brown instead of Orange.

    2. Kenyan McDuffie vowed to curtail deals with Lobbyists yet he had two big fundraisers hosted by big time Lobbyists.

    3. Mendelson will replace Brown as the 2nd Democratic Delegate on the Dems conference..But you knew Brown being an independant should have never been selected anyway. This was a sneak attack by Mendelson to get in good graces with Dems before November election..

    This is the council you voted for, these are the results you get ahahaha

  • Throw The Book

    Not to mention Mayor Gray extended Ghandi's deal 5 years and he is labeled the driving force behind DC losing out on millions of dollars

    Thanks vince Gray, I hope residents continue to support you so you can shit on us. We as DC residents support only those who treat us like shit. We will select a DC Native crook over someone who feels his leadership can make DC a better place.

    We also beg for Mayor Fenty to come back when most of the scandals and crooked contracts were done during his administration.

    We also do not care if we as tax payers have to foot the bill. WE WILL VOTE FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT.

    Sulaimon said "Vote any color except Fenty"

    DC Council believes "Elect any color but Orange"

    wow.... DC at its finest!!!!

    P.S. We dont really want representation at the House, we just pull that stunt before election season so we can mask all the things we fucked up on over the years.

  • Ward 5

    And yet we STILL don't want anything to do with VO.

  • cutthecrap

    @Throw The Book...the delegate that Medelson is replacing is Kwame Brown, not Michael Brown. Please get your facts together before posting. You make yourself look dumper than the politicians...we're suppose to be smarter than tem.

  • Throw The Book

    @cutthecrap you said "tem" instead of "them". I'd rather get the names mixed up than to post with grammatical error as simple as adding an "h" to a word.

    So please get your GRAMMAR together before posting. You ARE dumber than the politicians ahahahah

  • cminus

    The first rule of nitpicking on the web: if you criticize someone else's spelling or grammar, you are almost certainly guaranteed to make a mistake of your own while doing so, no matter how excellent your spelling and grammar normally are.

    For example, that should have been "to post with *a* grammatical error", grammatically speaking. (What's more, content-wise it wasn't a grammatical error at all, but rather a spelling error.)

  • Coffee The Smell & Up Wake

    @cminus yes I peeped your drift, the article "an" should only follow a word leading with a vowel and not a consonant. I was poking fun of what cutthecrap talking about.

  • Coffee The Smell & Up Wake

    lol wow I need more sleep, im sure thats what "Throw The Book" was implying sorry folks! Carry On!

  • cutthecrap

    It's all good...if we can't poke fun at ourselves, oh well. All of you guys who post comments make me laugh just as much as the elected officials do. Keep it coming. If you can dish it then you should be able to take it.

    @Throw The Book...you're still a bonehead for not knowing that Kwame was the delegate. Maybe you are a "REPUGLICAN" and didm't know anything about Democratic Party politics.

  • gitchafaxstr8


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