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Mendo: I Don’t Want To Be Mayor!

D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson was just on The Kojo Nnamdi Show, where he was just asked by Tom Sherwood whether he's ready to take over as the city's first white mayor should the feds pop Mayor Vince Gray.

"I don't know what to say, Tom, I hope that does not happen," said Mendo. "It's not a position to which I want to rise and hold on to."

Mendelson added that if he did have to take over as mayor, he'd see his role as a placeholder until an election could be held for someone who actually wanted the gig. No big surprise in that answer, as Mendelson's lack of mayoral ambition is what, at least in part, made him the council's pick to be chairman.

But LL still wanted to get a post up as an excuse to put up the awesome YouTube clip of Wednesday's D.C. Council session that the Kojo Show put together.

  • Cat Like

    I have been a press flack for years, and would now never return your call. You should have a little bit more pride in your profession than to post this.

    What was keyboard cat busy?

  • Drez

    It's hilarious.
    Then again, that "Sunglasses at night" video of Sulaimon was also hilarious. And Sulaimon turned out to be right.

  • DC5

    Tom Sherwood is an idiot. Victor Ramirez, MD state senator from PG County was on to discuss the MD DREAM Act, and Sherwood concludes by asking him how he feels about the 2 DC felons, instead of asking about a PG County state delegate convicted THIS WEEK of misconduct in office and felony theft of GOVERNMENT $$$ (and not after a guilty plea, either).

  • Cat Like Dislike

    Please. This was genius. Thank you Kojo Show and LL.

    Now I have something to smile about when I hear the name Vincent Orange.

  • DC Native Part II

    this is fantastic! Thank you KOJO. I wish more people would take the time to mock the DC Council and all of their antics. Can you even imagine Marion Barry lecturing people about ethics?

  • RealDC

    Mendo as Mayor, not only does he lack the ambition for it but what about the lack of skills and talent. Imagine Mayor Mendelson "nitpicking" his way through the city. Channel 16 would become the best sleep therapy in the city.

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    Mendelson does not show enough compassion to be Mayor. If we had better choices I prolly would not have voted for him on to be a council member. He is dry, slow and does not have the ability to think outside of the box.

  • KeepInItReal

    Natives lack the ethics, pioneers lack the compassion. DC is in a pickle.

  • Terry Miller

    I have never cared for VO and now I know why. He cares too much about holding on to his career in politics. People who care that much will do ANYTHING to stay in power. AS for Phil Mendelson, he is probably just as dry and nitpicking as Mayor Williams was. Remember when everyone referred to Williams as a "bean counter." Maybe we need a nitpicker right about now.

  • Money Talks

    @TerryMiller the reason the administration under Mayor Williams was successful was because of politicians like Orange. Back then the council was highly professional, several Finance Experts, Lawyers, and politicians with Masters.

    Now the council is full of people without industry experience to carryout those duties.Kwame was a marketing major, hence why people loved him because he could market himself rather well. Marketing majors are up & down with their finances because most classes dont teach that.

    If Orange is holding onto his career in politics, what is Jim Graham, Jack Evans, Tommy Wells, Phil Mendelson, Vince Gray and Marion Barry doing as well? They have all been involved in politics for quite some time, so why single out Orange?

    I do not think Orange's remarks were that bad because the council obviously had it coming for Orange. When he ran against Kwame, I could remember on Fox 5 them saying Orange got about 47,000 votes for Chairman. So why would they choose someone else for that position? Mendelson has not even ran for that spot, but he received all the support and Orange received very little?

    Everytime they neglect Orange of a position, their token guy loses and then a politician commits a crime....

    I think its time to let the crazy guy do his job, and if he doesnt boot him to that most isolated place in the world. But making it hard for him to get chairman will wind up being tougher on the council than it actually is for Orange.

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