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Meet Mendo, the nitpicking new council boss [Post]

Barras: Internet gambling advocacy and conviction related to straw donor scheme should bar Michael Brown from the pro tem spot [Examiner]

VO agrees [LL]

But VO has an alleged straw donor scheme of his own to worry about [Examiner]

CFO Nat Gandhi doesn't like Colby King's latest column, lets the whole world know it [Times]

Fired DCHC official says she's being set up [Post]

One more convicted pol and the city falls apart, says Mary Cheh [Businessweek]

Picking Mendo is "the right thing to do," says Cheh [FOX5]

Senate spending bill abortion free [Post]

If would be bad if you left, LivingSocial [HC]

Liquor store owners not really into Sunday sales [DCist]

PBS lumps all of Africa together then talking about AIDS, which is dumb [Newshour]

Problems at the Ballou graduation [FOX5]

  • watchingtoo

    The black politicians did nothing for the poor black people. So the city got rid of those people by any illegal and criminal means necessary.
    What made those black politicians think they were not next!!! Carma is a bitch!!!

  • truth hurts

    Cheh will be walking back her comment to Businessweek ... because it's gonna happen.

  • Drez

    The government will not fail or fall.
    Those who take advantage of it and the people will, and for the betterment of the rest of us.

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